TNA Lockdown 2012 Prediction: A Match-by-Match View of the Card

Cory CoolsonCorrespondent IApril 14, 2012

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Who would have guessed? Cory Coolson watches Impact Wrestling.

I'm not the biggest Impact fan in the world, but I have enough respect for the company to tune in every week. With Lockdown being tomorrow, it's only a given I offer my predictions to the Bleacher Report world.

Last time I predicted an Impact pay-per-view, I ended up predicting every match correctly—No Surrender 2011.

When most wrestling fans predict a pay-per-view, they tend to make "logical reasoning" a crucial factor in their predictions. They end up writing long essays on why that wrestler has to win—and they get the prediction wrong.

They seem to brush off the best way to predict a match: going with your gut. Of course, I will take logical reasoning as a factor in my predictions, but some of them will be from simple instinct.

Anyway, here are my match-by-match predictions of tomorrow's steel cage event:


Bobby Roode vs. James Storm for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

This feud has been surprisingly well-booked; it has stemmed back many months.

Since this match was announced, I was pretty much absolute on my prediction of Roode retaining. But as the storyline progressed, I've really been leaning towards a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Look for James Storm to triumphantly win the title over Roode in a pretty storied match-up. 


Team Eric Bischoff vs. Team Garett Bischoff

In my opinion, Impact Wrestling has been an awesome show over the past eight months, with just one cancer that really negatively affects the show—whatever this angle is.

I would really like to see Garett Bischoff and his team defeat Eric Bischoff's team, giving us a "happily ever after"—with the happiest part being this program concluding. But that's not going to happen.

Unfortunately, Eric's team will reign supreme over Garett's team, and this will drag on until both parties move on to different things.


Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy

With this match being advertised as Triple H vs. The Undertaker 3.0, we're obviously in for a great match.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Jeff Jarrett return and cost Hardy the match, but I'm going to take the safe bet and pick Jeff Hardy to defeat Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle.



Robbie E. vs. Devon for the TNA Television Championship

If Vince Russo was still booking Impact Wrestling, we could assure ourselves that Robbie E. would regain the title.

I think, though, TNA's going to go with the pretty logical choice with Devon retaining his television title.


Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim for the TNA Knockout Championship

This could definitely be the night where this title reign ends exactly where it started: with Velvet Sky as champion. I could definitely envision Madison Rayne costing Gail Kim the championship.

However, it seems to me like TNA has too much faith in Kim to have her drop the title. Look for Kim to have another impressive victory over the challenger.


The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Magnus and Samoa Joe for the TNA Tag Team Championships

If Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley don't regain the titles, I'll be both surprised and a bit disappointed.