WWE: Why Brock Lesnar Is the Best Thing That Happened to John Cena

The EndAnalyst IApril 10, 2012

If you sincerely believe that John Cena's character doesn't need to change, you are probably in a minority.

Or perhaps just too young to remember the better days of the WWE.

But if you believe that the face of the company needs a change in gimmick, character or even orientation (as in being "face" or "heel"), you might agree with me in saying that Brock Lesnar is the best thing for John Cena's character at the moment.

Here, I enumerate why the feud with "The Next Big Thing" might the the best thing for Cena.


1. History

It was his feud with Lesnar that initially brought Cena into the main-event scene. As the "Doctor of Thuganomics," a rapper whose "career was nearly ended by an F-5," Cena was the underdog against a monster Lesnar.


2. Cena Filled the Vacuum Created by Lesnar's Exit

Lesnar, tired out by a heavy schedule and, looking for other things to do, quit the WWE when he was supposed to carry the company. With many other big superstars leaving due to injury and a few very tragic deaths, Cena received a monster push that made him the biggest superstar in the company.


3. It Is a Non-Title Feud

Let's face it, if he didn't have someone "big" to feud with, Cena would return to the title scene. John Cena is already accused by many fans of having too many title runs in a short time. A feud with Lesnar, possibly lasting till SummerSlam, can keep Cena from the title picture so that other superstars can be built up.


4. Less Talk, More Action

While the Rock/Cena program at WrestleMania 28 was very good, the build was scarce what wrestling fans want to see—physical action. In two weeks, Lesnar has shown that he is not hesitant to be physical. Do not expect to hear "trending worldwide" or "hashtag"  being thrown around in this feud. Instead, we are going to get power moves and submission holds.

5. No 'SuperCena'

The worst thing, to many fans, about Cena's current gimmick is the way he is often booked to be a Superman-like character who (almost) never loses cleanly. With Lesnar, who is a legitimate athlete in multiple disciplines, this character will not work. In two weeks, Lesnar has already physically dominated Cena on multiple occasions, which should probably lead to some change in Cena's character.


6. Lesnar Is Here For a Year

What does this have to do with Cena's character? Well, if Lesnar was only here for a month or two, we could expect Cena's character to change back to the same stuff once Lesnar left. But with the person who helps tweak Cena's character still in the company—even if he is feuding with somebody else—it will probably ensure that Cena retains most of the changes for a longer period.

So I think this feud with Lesnar might herald a significant change in Cena's character and help keep it that way.


Please leave your comments and opinions below. Also, my article on Lesnar's possible opponents for WrestleMania is here.