Rex Ryan to Make The Jets a Yearly Contender

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IJanuary 20, 2009

In an offseason that has been disheartening for all of the Jets faithful out there so far, there is finally some good coming out of New York. 

In an announcement that shocked few, Rex Ryan was named as the next coach of the New York Jets. 

For weeks now, he has seemed to be the obvious choice, considering that both the Jets wanted Ryan, and that Ryan wanted the Jets. 

The honeymoon period will be short though for Ryan.  After getting announced on Wednesday in a press conference as the head coach, Ryan will have to get to work right away to right the ship of the Jets. 

Will he be up to the task? 

He will without any shade of doubt at all. 

First, Ryan has one of the best defensive minds in all of the game. 

Leading the terrifying Ravens unit for years, he has made their defense one of the best that the game has ever seen over the years.  Even with an offense that could not score half of the time, he had his team in games. 

This will help the Jets in every possible way. 

Yes, the Jets have a better offense, but as many know, they can go through periods where they cannot find the end zone with a compass and a map. 

Ryan, having gone through what he has for all of his time in Baltimore, knows how to win games without a great offense. 

With the Jets offense though, and his defensive mind, which should improve the play of the defense ten fold, this is a match made in heaven. 

With the defense probably making the stops in the future that they have not been able to make in the past, which has hurt them, a lot of pressure will be taken off of the Jets offense. 

Instead of having to win games, they will only have to play decent football with Ryan at the helm, and with the talent the Jets have on offense, the sky could very well be the limit. 

Secondly, Ryan does not take any garbage from any of his players.  He expects nothing but the best from every single player under his watch. 

Instead of getting away with lackluster play, as the Jets did for most of the three years Eric Mangini ran the show with his barely uttering a word most of the time, Ryan will be in the faces of the Jets players.

This is what most of the players on the team need.  Instead of going to the sideline and  back-talking their coach, the Jets will now, for a change, probably fear their head coach. 

Yes, fear can sometimes undermine what a team is trying to do week in and week out, but Ryan knows what buttons to push.  As a result, the Jets will, in time, become a very stout team with a never-say-die mindset. 

This has been an issue for the team over the last few seasons. 

Unless the unlikely happens and Ryan loses his players, this team will finally execute like the well-oiled machine that can be.  With the skill that the Jets have across the team, they should become a force to be reckoned with sooner rather than later. 

At the same time, they will probably quit losing the games that they should win.  With Ryan under the helm, do not expect losses to the Raiders, the Seahawks, and other near jokes of the league anymore. 

Instead, expect a team that comes out and punishes these teams for four quarters, and expect a team that will make the opposing team wish that they never stepped foot out onto the field in the first place. 

Lastly, Ryan is a fighter and he will establish that same mindset in the locker room. 

After the awful season the Ravens had last year, they cleaned house, and Ryan was not given the slack that he probably earned with all of his great defensive coaching over the years.  He was let go, and after John Harbaugh was hired, he had to interview for his job back. 

He got Harbaugh to believe in him, Harbaugh hired him, and look what happened.  They almost got to the Super Bowl while playing a much better team that probably should have beaten them big time. 

He proved this year that he will be a great coach in the NFL.  Luckily for the Jets, he is now their head coach, and sooner rather than later, Ryan will have the Jets contending year in and year out, no matter what personnel comes in, and no matter what personnel may leave. 

The Jets made the right move, and soon enough, they will be a force in the NFL again because of this. 


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