WWE Addiction: Another 20 Ways to Tell You're Addicted to Wrestling

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WWE Addiction: Another 20 Ways to Tell You're Addicted to Wrestling

Let me ask you all a question...

How did you stumble upon this article?

A. You were already trolling through Bleacher Report's WWE section.

B. You actually typed "Addicted to Wrestling" into Google. 

C. Someone sent you a link to this article after saying, "Hey, this reminds me of you?"

D. All of the above.

Being addicted to professional wrestling isn't a bad thing. It's actually the complete opposite. It shows that you have the dedication, commitment, passion, knowledge and the will to digest (and enjoy) over four hours of weekly programming, pay-per-views, online articles, videos and thousands of archived matches that are available to consume. Some might say your time is spent better elsewhere, but while those people watch dumb "reality" shows, read about wizards, vampires and hunger games, play golf or are to conceited to enjoy anything, we, the wrestling addicted, invest our time into our own passions, hobbies and dreams.  

It's not like you needed reasons to know you were already addicted to wrestling in the first place, but just in case you needed a road map to show you how addicted you are, I have devised a handy guide to show you the light.

If you haven't seen the first two parts of this series, you might want to check them out first before diving into the latest addition. 

Part 1

Part 2

So without further ado, I present to you 20 More Ways to Tell You're Addicted to Wrestling...

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