WWE WrestleMania 28: 10 Things You Need to Know About Team Teddy/Team Johnny

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMarch 27, 2012

WWE WrestleMania 28: 10 Things You Need to Know About Team Teddy/Team Johnny

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    This Sunday at WrestleMania 28, the long-running power struggle program between SmackDown GM Teddy Long and Raw GM John Laurinaitis will culminate in a 12-man tag match, with each man captaining a team of six.

    Per the orders of the all-mysterious WWE Board of Directors, whatever man's team manages to snatch the victory will gain control over both Raw and SmackDown—and send their rival packing.

    One of the most heavily hyped matches on the show, we can expect big things out of what is sure to be a gripping, action-packed bout. The major ramifications of the match for WWE TV also make it one of the most must-see parts of on the entire WM card.

    With this mind, here are 10 things every fan needs to know about Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny...

We Can Expect a Cat Fight or 2

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    Teddy Long's stunningly beautiful girlfriend, Aksana, can be fully expected to be at ringside during the match to cheer on her man and his team.

    Of course, heel manager Vickie Guerrero will also be at ringside—assisting her clients, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler, who are members of John Laurinaitis' team. She was also announced as the group's official flag bearer on last night's episode of Raw.

    Unsurprisingly, these two feisty women have clashed in recent weeks, coming to violent blows on more than one occasion and having to be pulled apart. No doubt the two divas will collide again at WrestleMania, as they both seek to gain their team the advantage.

    Not only that, but the Bella Twins are also on opposing sides for the match (Nikki has declared herself to be supporting Team Teddy; Brie is staunchly behind Team Johnny). Unquestionably, those two girls can be expected to engage in some ringside brawling as well.

    To borrow a memorable phrase from Joey Styles: "CAT FIGHT!!!!!!"

Teddy Long Has Been Around for a While

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    Believe it or not, Long was promoted to the position of SmackDown GM in July 2005. Give or take a few sabbaticals here and there (he also switched to the ECW brand and became their GM for a brief, forgettable period), that means he has been a regular on-screen character for WWE for almost eight years.

    In the fast-paced, constantly changing world of WWE storylines, this is quite the accomplishment.

The Miz Finally Has His WrestleMania Match

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    In case you missed Raw last night, it was announced that former WWE Champion The Miz will be a member of Team Johnny. After weeks of complaining that he was not booked for the show (despite main-eventing last year's WrestleMania with John Cena and The Rock), it seems John Laurinaitis finally relented and gave him a spot on his team.

    This ends weeks of speculation about what Miz's role at WM would be, including the much-rumoured story that he would be involved in some manner in The Rock-Cena match. 

Eve Could Be a Factor

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    Let's face it: Heel diva Eve Torres has Team Teddy member Zack Ryder wrapped around her little finger. The man is completely smitten with her despite her shoddy and classless treatment of him in recent times.

    With this in mind, is it possible the villainous female, under orders from John Laurinaitis, could convince Ryder to turn heel and throw the match? Possibly promising him a full-blown romantic relationship if he acquiesces? Certainly it would be a twist few expected.

Drew McIntyre Makes Perfect Sense for Team Johnny

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    Many rolled their eyes when it was announced on Raw that Drew McIntyre would be replacing the injured Christian on Team Johnny.

    You see, McIntyre has become a joke on WWE TV in recent times, losing to virtually everyone in short matches and becoming a glorified jobber. Surely, Laurinaitis, when picking members for him team, would have picked someone with a better, more impressive track record than McIntyre's abysmal one?

    However, on further reflection, the pick makes perfect sense. Out of every potential heel on the roster WWE could have replaced Christian with, the Scotsman makes the most sense by far. Indeed, he has had bad blood with Long for years now and has fired by him too many times to count. If there is anyone that wants to get back at Long and would step up to be part of the team that is going to help get rid of him, it's McIntyre.

    In this sense, the pick is perfectly rational and consistent within the WWE storyline structure. Yes, folks, consistency in WWE angles. Try not to faint.

Booker T Was a Surprising Choice for Team Teddy

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    Over the past week, there has been rampant speculation about who the final member of Team Teddy would be. Initial reports pointed to Rey Mysterio, although it doesn’t appear he has recovered quickly enough from his knee surgery last year to participate in the match.

    Then the rumour mill claimed WWE legend Mick Foley was under consideration for the spot, something the wily Foley was more than happy to play up on his Twitter.

    Dancing mid-card act Brodus Clay’s name was also thrown around for the slot. Some wacky theories even claimed Long would announce himself as the final member of his team, for a real shock.

    Ultimately though, announcer and retired wrestler Booker T was given the spot, in what was a mildly surprising development.

Teddy Long May Not Be Able to Trust Aksana

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    While the gorgeous Aksana may outwardly appear to be a loyal and trustworthy girlfriend (see slide No. 1), is it possible the Lithuanian beauty has been working for John Laurinaitis all along and is secretly scheming to turn on Teddy at WrestleMania 28 and cost his team the match?

    Hey, she wouldn't be the first WWE diva to shockingly turn heel on her babyface boyfriend, would she? See Eve, Lita, Trish Stratus and too many others to name.

    Team Teddy may need to be extremely careful with who they trust...

There Are Some Wacky Characters in This Match

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    Let's see: on Team Teddy, we've got the geeky Youtube sensation Zack Ryder, the high-flying Kofi Kingston, the criminally-insane R-Truth and all his imaginary friends, crazy giant Khali, the very funny Santino Marella and WWE commentator Booker T.

    Team Johnny, on the other hand, has Harvard-educated lawyer David Otunga, a borderline psychotic Miz, All-American Jack Swagger, the arrogant Dolph Ziggler, the frightening Mark Henry and are rounded out by brooding Scotsman Drew McIntyre. 

    And that's not even mentioning the evil twins, the scheming manager and the hot former bodybuilder chick who will all be at ringside for the bout.

    And the smarmy Laurinaitis and tag-match obsessive Long aren't exactly normal people, either. 

    What a wacky, eclectic bunch of people there are making up this match. And they say wrestling has no crazy personalities anymore...

Ex-Divas Are Divided on Who to Support

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    WWE storylines are right: This match has just about everyone in wrestling divided.

    As confirmed by the lady herself on Twitter last night, former WWE diva Maryse will be in Miami Gardens on Sunday cheering on her real-life boyfriend The Miz in the GM match. On the other hand, Michelle McCool, another ex-diva who will be attending the show live, has admitted on her Twitter account that she's personally on Team Teddy.

There Are 6 Former World Champions in This Match

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    This match boasts a ton of talent. On Team Johnny, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry have all been World Champions before. On Team Teddy, both Booker T and Khali have held the top title in their careers, too.