Denver Broncos Determined to Go Down If Peyton Manning Goes Down

Aaron NaglerNFL National Lead WriterMarch 26, 2012

John Elway is right - there is no Plan B in Denver
John Elway is right - there is no Plan B in DenverJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

In his press conference introducing Peyton Manning as the newest starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos, team vice president John Elway was asked what "Plan B" was if the team had not been able to acquire Manning.

Elway's response: "Plan B? I don’t have a Plan B. We’re going with Plan A."

He wasn't kidding.

On Friday,'s Jeff Dickerson reported that the Broncos had agreed to a two-year deal with former Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Hanie. Terms were not disclosed. 

Talk about walking on a tight-rope with no net underneath.

Fresh off of a season where the Bears watched their season implode after handing the reins to Hanie when their own starting quarterback, Jay Cutler, went down with a thumb injury, the Broncos now seem content to tempt fate in a similar, and maybe even more reckless, manner. 

I say possibly more reckless because even Manning himself admits he's not all the way back yet. Yes, he's positive he'll play this fall and play at a high level. 

What if he doesn't? Or, what if he does, but is hurt early on? 

I understand you can't have depth everywhere on your roster, but if last year showed us anything its that not having a capable backup quarterback on your roster is the quickest way to blow up your season.

Fans in Chicago, Kansas City, even Indianapolis where they had a backup playing the entire season, know what I'm talking about.