The 10 Top Premier League Fixtures to Look Forward to Each Season

Peter WebsterContributor IIIMarch 29, 2012

The 10 Top Premier League Fixtures to Look Forward to Each Season

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    What games do you automatically look for whenever the Premier League fixtures are released?

    Everyone will have an independent view on that question because it's all about the teams you love, the teams you hate and the teams you just want to see suffer miserably.

    Here are some of the bigger games you should really try to watch over the course of the Premier League season.

The North West Derby

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    Liverpool vs. Manchester United—or Manchester United vs. Liverpool if you prefer—is, and will always be, one of the biggest games of the season no matter the point difference separating the two rivals.

    The introduction of the Manchester shipping canal taking business away from Liverpool's docks in the late 1800s is what started the intense hatred of one another that still exists today.

    This game is one of the most atmospheric you could witness.

The Tyne-Wear Derby

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    The Tyne-Wear derby is equally feisty and usually sees a lot of cards being distributed.

    Newcastle United and Sunderland's rivalry goes back to the English civil war era, and it isn't about to subside any time soon.

The Merseyside Derby

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    Liverpool feature again, and this time it's with Mersyside neighbours Everton.

    If you're born in the city of Liverpool, you're either red or blue depending which side of the Mersey you live. To be anything else is grounds for execution.

    Expect plenty of strong challenges and a cauldron of an atmosphere for this one.

    Form goes out the window and challenges are rash—as per Steven Gerrard in the video above.

The North London Derby

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    Perhaps the most hotly contested of all the London derbies is the one between Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.

    Spurs recent rise in the table over the past few seasons has caused this fixture to take on extra meaning, and the game is usually packed with goals.

    Their most recent match ended in a 5-2 victory to Arsenal.

The Manchester Derby

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    Similarly to Tottenham, Manchester City have made significant strides in the Premier League, meaning that their matches against Manchester United now become a lot more important.

    Look out for their clash on April 30th, which could be a potential title decider this season—although I doubt the score will be anything as exciting as the one featured in the video above.

Manchester United and Chelsea

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    Chelsea were Premier League title contenders for the past half decade, and their clashes with Manchester United were great to watch.

    When two of the top teams in the league play each other, it's hard not to take notice.

    Chelsea recently threw away a three-goal lead against Manchester United, who came back to draw 3-3.

Liverpool and Arsenal

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    Liverpool and Arsenal have a great footballing rivalry that goes back many years.

    In the most simplest of rivalries, this one is just all about the power struggle.

    Both teams are capable of playing excellent football on their day, and the game is always a popular one to watch.

Newcastle and Liverpool

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    When Liverpool play Newcastle, you just expect goals.

    Two 4-3 thrillers in the late 1990s meant that this fixture became one to savour, and even now the clubs never seem to be content with keeping things tight in defence.

    Their only game this season so far has already brought four goals; what are the odds of seeing some more on April 1st?

    See the video above for some emotional scenes and commentary.

Arsenal and Manchester United

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    Arsene Wenger's Arsenal really riled Manchester United for a few years when they were pushing hard for Championships.

    That extra passion has stayed with the fans, even if it has subsided with the players somewhat.

    These two teams just don't like each other and it usually shows.

    Watch the video above to see former United favourite Ruud Van Nistelrooy experiencing a game against the Gunners.

Chelsea and Arsenal

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    Chelsea and Arsenal's rivalry isn't a traditional one by any means.

    In fact, it wasn't until Chelsea rose to prominence in the 2000s that there really was a major rivalry in this fixture, but everybody knows there can only be one big London club at the top of the league.

    Great footballing pedigree follows this fixture around on a regular basis these days.


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    I'm sure there are plenty of people in London asking about Fulham and Arsenal, or people in the Black Country asking about West Brom and Wolves, but unfortunately, they just don't compare.

    Football is always subjective, though, and that's what makes opinions and views so diverse.


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