20 WAGs Who Are More Famous Than Their Footballer Partners

Peter WebsterContributor IIIMarch 27, 2012

20 WAGs Who Are More Famous Than Their Footballer Partners

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    WAGs are the wives and girlfriends of famous footballers across the globe. Occasionally those WAGs evolve into—or were already—more famous than their counterparts.

    Here are 20 WAGs who might just pip their footballer partners in the popularity category.


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    Whilst Jamelia's pop stardom is severely on the wane, it still surpasses that of her husband footballer Darren Byfield.

    Darren who? I hear you cry.

    Once at Aston Villa and Sunderland, Byfield now finds himself playing for Solihull Moors in the Conference North.

    His relationship with Jamelia resulted in marriage, then divorce, followed by engagement again.

    Who knows—or frankly cares—where their relationship is these days.


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    Shakira is believed to be dating Barcelona and Spain defender Gerard Pique. While Pique is one of the best players in the world in his position, I'm quite confident that Shakira is a more world-renowned celebrity.

Tanya Robinson

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    Step outside of the United Kingdom and probably not many people could identify Newcastle United's Steven Taylor.

    If you flashed this photo of his wife and model Tanya Robinson, I think we all know who would be the most memorable.

Saba Wesser

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    Saba Wesser is part Ethiopian Royalty. Her retired footballer boyfriend Francesco Coco is not.

    Enough said really.

Melina Pitra

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    She might be dating an Argentinean footballer named Fabian Assman, but Melina Pitra definitely has more fame than that of her counterpart.

    Pitra has appeared in various Argentinean television shows, such as Dancing On Ice, Celebrity Big Brother and Planet Fashion.

Rachel Cole

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    Rachel Cole might have moved on since dating footballer Jonathan West, but that still counts right?

    Jonathan West played for Ilford FC at some point.

    I'm sure you're more likely thinking, "Didn't this girl represent Great Britain in gymnastics?" You'd be correct.

Gemma Atkinson

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    Gemma Atkinson was once engaged to Marcus Bent—now with Indonesian side Mitra Kukar.

    While Bent is lost to the wilderness of foreign football, Atkinson goes from strength to strength as a glamour model, lingerie model and ahem...actress.

Abigail Clancy

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    Abigail Clancy is the wife of lanky robot-imitating Stoke striker Peter Crouch.

    While Crouch is well-known in England, he's not exactly a player who is feared across various continents.

    Clancy has shot to stardom for her looks alone.

Soledad Fandino

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    Soledad Fandino is a reasonably successful actress and model who has appeared on an Argentinean dance show similar to Strictly Come Dancing. She is also dating Real Madrid forward Gonzalo Higuain.

    We all know that dancing shows make you more famous than occasionally playing for Real Madrid.

Vanessa Perroncel

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    While Vanessa Perroncel is technically a former WAG, she has likely surpassed her former boyfriend's popularity due to her tabloid affair.

    Peroncel shot to fame when it was discovered she was sleeping with and allegedly got pregnant by then England captain John Terry.

    To make matters worse, Perroncel was dating England's Wayne Bridge at the time, which caused quite the uproar in the dressing room.

    Perroncel definitely gets more media coverage than Mr. Bridge these days.

Joanna Taylor

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    Joanna Taylor is a British actress and writer who has featured in The Times newspaper.

    Successful in her own right, Taylor is the wife of Fulham midfielder Danny Murphy.

Sylvie Van Der Vaart

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    No prizes for guessing which footballer Sylvie Van Der Vaart is married to, but Mrs. VDV was more than famous in her own right before her husband was on the scene.

    Sylvie Van Der Vaart had already had a successful career as a model, television personality, and presenter before Rafael was on the scene. Sylvie was even voted Netherlands sexiest female of 2003.

Adriana Karembeu

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    Christian Karembeu used to be a decent player before he retired, but his wife has shot to fame as an ambassador for women's football.

    Do you even remember what Christian Karembeu looks like?

Lindsey Strutt

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    Lindsey Strutt is a model who dates footballer Alex Bruce. You know Alex Bruce? No?  Nevermind.

Danielle Lloyd

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    It's hard to know whether Danielle Lloyd is technically a current WAG at the moment or not, but she certainly has been one previously.

    Lloyd won Miss Great Britain in 2006 before being stripped of the title due to appearing nude in Playboy.

    The title was later reinstated in 2010 after an allegation of an affair with judge and former footballer Teddy Sheringham.

Oksana Andersson

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    Oksana Andersson is a Swedish model and reality television star.

    Apparently, she is also married to Christian Wilhelmsson of the Swedish national team.

Anna Sedokova

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    Valyantsin Byalkevich is apparently a fairly famous Belarusian footballer—who knew?

    His former wife Anna Sedokova is a pop star, actress and writer.

Lauren Pope

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    Lauren Pope apparently once dated Queens Park Rangers midfielder Shaun Wright Phillips.

    Is Shaun Wright Phillips even old enough to date?

Heather Mitts

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    Heather Mitts is a successful soccer player in her own right and plays for the Atlanta Beat and the USWNT. Surely that's more famous than her husband A.J. Feeley who plays for the Rams.

    See what I did there?

Melissa Sata

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    Melissa Sata is the current girlfriend of Kevin Prince-Boateng. Despite his name, he isn't royalty, but rather, a midfielder with A.C. Milan.

    Sata certainly has more world-wide fans.


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    Admittedly, I have bent the rules slightly in order to include some ex-WAGs, but it's all for a bit of fun really.

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