NFL: The Calm Before the Storm

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IFebruary 27, 2008

I'm looking over the wants and needs of each NFL team and I'm wondering why.

Out of the 32 teams in the league, maybe half have a clue about what moves to make in the off season, so why even expend the energy on analyzing this.

I will give my personal assessment of each franchise in one comment.


New England - they have to figure out where Randy Moss disappeared to in the post season.

Miami - with BP in town, things may not get better, but I guarantee they will be interesting.

New York Jets - they may as well move to Alaska. After what the Giants just achieved, your status in New York is on a par with Fordham, Hofstra and Columbia.

Buffalo - wear the old uniforms, the newer ones suck.

Pittsburgh - they will figure it out, they always do.

Cincinnati - Marvin Lewis, the GM wants to see you - and bring your playbook.

Cleveland - a team suddenly rich in QBs and offense - if they get some D -look out!

Baltimore - you are paying for the sins of Art Modell.....

Indianapolis - I christen you the best team in the AFC..don't blow it

Jacksonville - why do want Troy Williamson? 

Houston - a sleeper - a sound sleeper, at that 

Tennessee - should have taken Matt Leinart 

San Diego - another season, another reason

Oakland - Fidel stepped down, now its Al's turn

Kansas City - you need a QB - like, now

Denver - no time soon for this bunch


Dallas - only a matter of time before T.O. implodes this team

New  York Giants - a Super Bowl champion that is still going through growing pains... 

Philadelphia - trade Donny or bust- please

Washington - lunacy at the top will sink them

Chicago - a boat with many holes

Minnesota - a team to be reckoned with - watch out 

Detroit - fun to watch, easy to beat

Green Bay - Brett, its time...!

Tampa Bay - a few players away from being elite again - like 11

Carolina - must have been the steroids

Atlanta - cannot be summed up in one sentence

New Orleans - Reggie - give the money back!

St. Louis - hard times are here to stay...sorry

Seattle - better learn how to play in cold weather...

San Francisco - what happened? Maybe this year - but not with Alex

Arizona - up and coming - but aren't they always? 

If you disagree with me, I'll be at my timeshare on Grand Cayman until April...