Miami Dolphins Need to Offer Trade with the New York Jets for Drew Stanton

Dan RamaliaContributor IMarch 22, 2012

All Stanton Wants is a Chance
All Stanton Wants is a ChanceLeon Halip/Getty Images

Naturally, with the whirlwind atmosphere of the modern NFL, every article you read should make mention of either the New Orleans Saints, New York Jets or Tim Tebow.

I can't honestly and legitimately shoehorn the Saints into another football conversation. (Or can I?) However, I do think that an interesting dynamic regarding the Jets and Tebow needs to be discussed, and it starts with a little-known quarterback named Drew Stanton.

It has come out over the past 24 hours that Drew Stanton, who signed a one-year contract with the Jets to be their backup quarterback for the next year, is now unhappy with the Jets and would like to be released.

Apparently he was told during contract negotiations, either through sign language, spoken word or smoke signals, that he would be locked in as the backup quarterback in New York.

Stanton has spent the last four seasons with the Detroit Lions, playing anything from starting quarterback to third-string quarterback, to maybe even punter. However, he's never been given the chance to truly shine and make his own way in the NFL. (At least, not enough chances to sate his desire to want to shine.)

Now maybe that's because of a lack of talent, or maybe it's because he has been on a franchise that drafted Matthew Stafford and isn't interested in anyone else. Nobody knows.

What is certain is that Stanton left the Lions with the hope of becoming a starting quarterback. He never asked for the job, just for the chance to compete. The Jets opened the door, actively courting Stanton so that they could have a solid backup to Mark Sanchez.

Stanton then signed for about $1.25 million, figuring what even the most ardent of Jets fans know—Sanchez will more than likely give people reason to want to see him benched at some point in the year.

This was all going great for about a week, and then the Jets were able to acquire quarterback/shaman/winner Tebow from the Denver Broncos. And so they did.

Obviously, with another starting quarterback on the roster, the light of hope dimmed ever so slightly from the eyes of Stanton. And so he asked to be released.

A lot of people seem to think the Jets will acquiesce and release Stanton. I, however, have a better solution.

Why not get the Miami Dolphins on the phone?

The Dolphins have struck out this year in terms of finding a quarterback in free agency. They let last year's starter Chad Henne leave, they weren't able to sign any free agent and last I checked, Dan Marino still isn't coming back.

Why not try to trade for Stanton?

You offer the Jets a fourth- or fifth-round pick in the draft. Heck, you can even make it conditional—if Stanton starts more than 10 games this year it bumps up to a third-round pick. This way the Dolphins get a veteran quarterback on their team who has starting experience, the Jets save face in this whole thing and get a draft pick and Stanton gets his shot to start in the NFL.

Everybody gets what they want. And heck, maybe Stanton becomes a superstar, doing for the Dolphins what Drew Brees has done for the New Orleans Saints—turns them into perennial winners. Stranger things have happened.

(I knew I could squeeze in all three. Now I truly feel like a sports writer.)