1. Cardinals' Drew Stanton is killing it with his Disco Stu travel outfit. https://t.co/HiyNasxrwc https://t.co/Hp7GZtz0SP

  2. Drew Stanton Is Feeling It in Seattle

  3. Still awake? Why, here's some #AZvsSEA aftermath about #AZCardinals, Drew Stanton-style: https://t.co/rWhGyLXq88 https://t.co/PvkRq5iDjX

  4. "I really wouldn't like to see them again," Bruce Arians on Drew Stanton's dance move. #AZvsSEA https://t.co/UbyR9lM6Od

  5. "I don't think he's going for dancing with the stars or anything," @jaronbrown13 on Drew Stanton's interesting dance moves. #AZvsSEA

  6. Arians on Drew Stanton's sideline dance: That was raw emotion right there and it wasn't pretty @AZCardinals

  7. Internet sensation and dance legend, @drewstanton, takes us inside his legendary celebration from Sunday night. https://t.co/yGwZW6Hfgf

  8. #Lions QB Matthew Stafford on #Cardinals QB Drew Stanton's celebration: "It was amazing."

  9. Matthew Stafford: Cardinals QB Drew Stanton's dance was 'amazing' https://t.co/Htx8wCPHBO via @freep

  10. #Lions QB Matthew Stafford thought #Cardinals QB Drew Stanton's TD dance was "amazing:" https://t.co/ZCdDZk7jo7

  11. Where did @drewstanton get those moves from Sunday night? We let him explain. #TheStanton https://t.co/lxPwwy4aIZ

  12. WR John Brown on post-TD dance: "I was in a little competition with Drew (Stanton) but I didn't want to tell him. I had to get my fans back"

  13. Drew Stanton being coy, layin' low, waiting for the go-ahead to turn the hell up. https://t.co/y7AvpU4Axj

  14. Drew Stanton & Andre Ellington Cap a Big Cardinals Win vs. Seahawks | NFL Ultimate Highlight

  15. Matthew Stafford: Sideline dance 'was vintage Drew Stanton' https://t.co/Htx8wCPHBO via @freep

  16. #Lions QB Matthew Stafford thought #Cardinals QB Drew Stanton TD dance was "amazing:" https://t.co/ZCdDZjPHZx

  17. #AZCardinals QB Carson Palmer said he's watched Drew Stanton's dance "38 to 46 times." "I've laughed just as hard every time I've seen it."

  18. #Lions Matthew Stafford on Drew Stanton's sideline celebration: It was amazing. ... It was vintage Drew Stanton.

  19. Stafford on Drew Stanton's sideline dance: "It was amazing ... It vintage Drew Stanton"

  20. Bickley: Cardinals' Drew Stanton a good dancer, better teammate https://t.co/9u0yyuh6H2

  21. Drew Stanton is more than just a great dancer. great piece by @danbickley https://t.co/Q1QrYr53UP via @azcentral

  22. After those 2 bad series, Arians says Drew Stanton suggested plays Carson Palmer was comfortable with, got 2 completions on first downs.

  23. Heard this song on the radio today and immediately thought of Drew Stanton. https://t.co/BBs27R5WZD

  24. For the record: I am pro-dancing in the NFL. For Cam Newton. For Von Miller. For Michael Bennett. For Drew Stanton. DANCE DANCE DANCE.

  25. Cam Newton dances, people are offended. Drew Stanton dances, people love it. Huh? https://t.co/Bq4X1JPneU https://t.co/iIg3AIAAsH

  26. Drew Stanton dances, he’s an “ode to joy.” Cam dances, he violated a “code of ethics.” Hmmm. https://t.co/29yowmsrZ2 https://t.co/MlwnN9gbXF

  27. This game needs more Drew Stanton.

  28. This week has some amazing celebrations: Scott Chandler, Drew Stanton and now Domata Peko's belly rub sack dance.

  29. Just showed my wife the Drew Stanton dance. I'll let you know when she stops laughing.

  30. Dancing with the Stars? Drew Stanton dances his way into America's heart https://t.co/inQZqbCx9Q

  31. Week 10 Sour Rankings stars Bill Belichick picking his nose, the Titans complaing about Cam and GOAT Drew Stanton. https://t.co/tVBn0qHOgk

  32. Week 10 Sour Rankings stars Bill Belichick picking his nose, the Titans complaining about Cam and GOAT Drew Stanton. https://t.co/tVBn0qqcRK

  33. #AZCardinals QB Carson Palmer graded Drew Stanton's dance moves from Sunday night: https://t.co/HiwLaWaRKb

  34. So #Cardinals Drew Stanton can go full maniac on a TD. That's super cool. But when #Panthers Cam Newton dances for 8 seconds, it's immature?

  35. Drew Stanton, internet sensation. #AZvsSEA https://t.co/ei1gqP2qxV

  36. Drew Stanton touchdown celebration is an ode to joy https://t.co/JWT3VhYazS https://t.co/eH2rqBYMVf