New York Jets' 2009 Offseason Tasks

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

Coming off a disappointing 9-7, the Jets need a new head coach and they really need to improve in a lot of areas.


1. Get Rex Ryan

Well, obviously the Jets need a head coach. Right now it's between Spags and Rex Ryan, with Brian Shottenheimer as the fallback man.

I think Rex Ryan would be the best fit. Although he runs a 46 defense, he is a big advocate for the 3-4 and thinks it's a better fit for the Jets. Spagnuolo runs a 4-3 with the Giants.

Ryan could also really help to improve the secondary and the defense as a whole. We also need a coach with emotion—a players' coach, I think, would be a good fit.

This would be unlike Eric Mangini who, every time Favre threw an interception, would chew his gum and talk to himself.


2. Make Kellen Clemens QB

I am not sure how we should handle the quarterback situation with the Jets. Brett Favre is most likely to retire since the only person who wants him back is Woody Johnson. We have a couple of options in free agency similar to Favre—old. But I think we should look towards the future with Kellen Clemens.

Instead of getting another guy who is just going to play a year, let Clemens get his shot. I think under a good solid offensive line, which we have now unlike 2007, Kellen could really stretch the field.

Also, Brett Ratliff showed some potential in the preseason.

The Jets' season will come down to how the QB at the wheel does.

3. Improve Secondary

The Jets secondary was exposed in a lot of games, such as that against the Patriots and the Broncos. Darelle Revis has been great this year, shutting down his man and making the 2009 pro bowl.

But that other side has looked terrible. We are 28th in pass yards allowed per game and need help.

The Jets should look into Nnamdi Asomugha, a shutdown corner, a free agent this year out of Oakland. He would be another good corner alongside Darelle and could really make a difference.

Kerry Rhodes, the Jets' safety, also needs to step up after not playing very well this year.


If we can address these issues, we can have a great '09 season. We have a pretty hard schedule as the AFC East has to take on the NFC South this year, not to mention the fact that the East is improving. We also have to face teams like the Bucs and the Colts.

Again, I think the Jets' season will come down to how the starting QB does.

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