Al Davis, Oakland Raiders Still in Need of Coaches To Complete the Puzzle

Pat CowanCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2009

The Oakland Raiders' tumultuous 2008 season has ended.

It ended with two huge wins that no one seen coming.

What now?

It would seem that ending the season on such a high note has baffled conspiracy theorists turned journalists and Raider haters alike. Even us Raider fans are asking ourselves "where do we go from here?"

Is it safe to assume that two dominating wins in a row have thrown the front office of the Raiders in a tailspin?

As I am writing this article, there is currently no offensive coordinator, no defensive coordinator, and no head coach. It also looks like the special teams coach is booking his flight out also. We are all caught up in limbo.

Health issues have hampered Al Davis in his search for...whatever he's searching for. He wants a loyal head coach and he is taking applications. He wants a coach who is willing to work for him for peanuts and who will guide the team in whatever direction he wants it to go. He wants a Raider guy, someone who buys into the Silver and Black tradition, who would never challenge his authority, but have enough balls to disagree with him.

Wow, I just described Tom Cable. So why the exhaustive search for a new head coach?

Is Davis even looking for a head coach or just a more experienced offensive coordinator, someone he could turn the reigns over to should Tom Cable fail?

So far the only tangible replacement that Davis has talked to is Kevin Gilbride, and that ain't saying much. This guy was supposed to get Ryan Leaf prepared to be the Charger franchise. We all know how that turned out. Gilbride was over his head as a head coach. There's no reason to think that's changed.

So far Davis has fired Lofton and promoted his assistant Sanjay Lal to wide receivers coach. He has also hired former Raider cornerback Lionel Washington to replace Darren Perry as the defensive back coach.

OK, who's going to lead these guys?

What is our offensive philosophy?

What kind of defense will be implemented?

So far there is no reason to think Cable is not going to be the head coach of the Raiders. Davis has always been generous with his money as far as players are concerned (ask Walker and Kelley), but coaches have always been stiffed (ask Kiffin and Shanahan).

No matter what happens, one thing is for sure. Al Davis always keeps us guessing and scratching our heads. Right now it's coaching, next it will be free agency, and then the draft.

There's only one reason for this. It keeps people like me slacking at work, surfing the Internet, looking for the latest move in Oakland. Of that, I am convinced.