Ichiro Suzuki and the 2012 Seattle Mariners' Commercials

Max RogersCorrespondent IMarch 14, 2012

Ichiro Suzuki and the 2012 Seattle Mariners' Commercials

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    The Seattle Mariners are currently in Arizona with the home opener still a month away, but that does not mean you can’t get your Mariners fix.

    To help build the excitement for a team that is looking really good in the preseason, the 2012 Mariners commercials were just released.

    Even Ichiro Suzuki gets in on the action. 

    Normally around this time, I’d be preparing myself for another year of Mariner disappointment; however, the M’s have not been disappointing yet during the 2012 preseason.

    With nine wins and three losses, Seattle is currently at the top of the preseason Cactus League standings. A .750 Pct, is not too shabby.

    Also with a .750 Pct in the preseason Cactus League is Oakland (9-3) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (6-2).

    The Mariners’ current record puts them above everyone else in the preseason Cactus League including (in order of highest to lowest): San Francisco, Los Angeles Angles, Chicago Cubs, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Colorado, San Diego, Texas, Cleveland, Arizona and the Chicago White Sox.

    In the Grapefruit League, only Toronto (9-2) and Detroit (6-1) have a better record than a .750 Pct. 

    In the Mariners' 7-4 win over Milwaukee today, Mariners catcher Jesus Montero, who came into the game hitting .389, ended up striking out in all three at-bats.

    Despite the win, Montero was cold as a fish today, which makes his new Mariners’ commercial all the more fun to watch.

    I’ll stop here with the scores, stats, and standings. Continue clicking to watch all five of the new 2012 Mariners MLB commercials and the blooper reel. 

Mariners 2012- a Seattle Welcome

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    Watch the M's give Jesus an authentic Seattle welcome.

Mariners 2012- Impressions

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    Can you guess who Ichiro Suzuki is impersonating?

Mariners 2012- Timber

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    Check out how the M's get their bats.

Mariners 2012- Nobody's Perfect

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    Who knew Felix Hernandez was a man of so many talents?

Mariners 2012- Mickey Loves You

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    Mickey loves you, and I love Mickey, as this is my personal favorite of the group.

Mariners 2012- Bloopers

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    Some things went wrong during the making of these commercials.

    Check out the bloopers here.

    Hopefully nothing goes wrong with the Mariners season this year, and they keep up what they've been doing in the preseason.