1. #THIS. #Ichiro does it all. http://t.co/rmCQadWtuO

  2. Ichiro, Marlins Agree to New 1-Year Deal

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  5. The #Marlins are signing Ichiro Suzuki today for the 2016 season. Announcement will be today

  6. A source has confirmed Ichiro signing for 2016 with #Marlins Ichiro aims to reach 3000 hits in Miami

  7. Marlins bringing back Ichiro for 2016 http://t.co/j3kcl5t9Av

  8. Marlins To Re-Sign Ichiro Suzuki http://t.co/ZUCuznGdHc http://t.co/l1BKNlZTEb

  9. Ichiro Suzuki is re-signing with the #Marlins for 2016 http://t.co/zX6MWFn5x0

  10. Report: Marlins to bring back Ichiro in 2016 http://t.co/fm1PnfwsY2 http://t.co/vST8UgWyrA

  11. Ichiro Suzuki will reportedly re-sign with the Marlins for the 2016 season http://t.co/sPT3PIVmBB http://t.co/ZguaUHseir

  12. Ichiro Suzuki will go after 3,000 hits with the Marlins, as he'll return in 2016: http://t.co/hksfic6hSL http://t.co/8rIWUyj3MH

  13. The #Marlins officially announce Ichiro signing

  14. #Marlins make it official: Ichiro will be back for 2016. Full story on the new deal with the veteran outfielder: http://t.co/F6NAbDwITl

  15. The #Marlins have re-signed outfielder #Ichiro Suzuki for the 2016 season! http://t.co/9utHrvyIyW

  16. #Marlins announce Ichiro -- 65 hits shy of 3,000 -- will return and play for Miami next year.

  17. Report: Marlins to bring back Ichiro Suzuki in 2016. Ichiro sits just 65 hits shy of 3000. http://t.co/ogv0If5QJQ http://t.co/pjpyxp8RuZ

  18. The Marlins have re-signed Ichiro to a one-year deal. Story from @TheOriginalBull: http://t.co/JWFiBwpRkF

  19. When you realize #Ichiro is coming back to the #FishFamily. http://t.co/VYH1J45JxQ

  20. 41-year-old Ichiro Suzuki decides to re-sign with Marlins for 2016 season. http://t.co/HxMzj4pEj6

  21. Source: Ichiro to receive base salary of $2 million on 1-year deal #marlins

  22. Back for 2016. #Ichiro  http://t.co/sabKfpNBRW

  23. Ichiro will be guaranteed $2MM next year by the #Marlins, according to @clarkspencer. Updated story: http://t.co/F6NAbDOkhV

  24. Ichiro Suzuki will return for a second season with the @Marlins, 65 hits shy of 3,000 in his major league career. http://t.co/SaU7qd9kIz

  25. Ichiro Suzuki re-signs with Marlins on 1-year, $2-million deal. (To pitch?! Probably not.) http://t.co/KPQhmcMARl http://t.co/23AsNMirXH

  26. 65 hits shy of 3K, Ichiro to return with #Marlins http://t.co/0OwNw8WlSF via @mlb

  27. No, Ichiro is re-signing with the Marlins for next year. https://t.co/Lb09WEmV7p

  28. Ichiro, 41, had 91 hits in 153 games for #Marlins in 2015. He needs 65 hits to reach 3,000. Can he do that next year?

  29. In honor of his re-signing, check out the 10 Times This Year #Ichiro Proved He's A Legend!: http://t.co/6xmGw2nLaD http://t.co/HhB9IAMDcY

  30. Ichiro Suzuki to return for another season with the #Marlins to chase 3,000 hits http://t.co/13SBpl4LWl

  31. Ichiro Suzuki signs 1-year deal to remain with Marlins: http://t.co/k5EhkG4neZ http://t.co/I3bBfpTNA0

  32. Re-signing Ichiro is the right move for the Marlins, says @MikeBatesSBN http://t.co/AIB2JlN4qb http://t.co/OKXBb743Rd

  33. Miami Marlins Re-Sign Ichiro Suzuki to a One-Year Deal http://t.co/HWN2uBIDSs @SportsBlogRT @MLBlogRT

  34. Ichiro Suzuki's deal includes $2 million Marlins option for 2017 http://t.co/rL9KN1q9Hg

  35. Happy birthday to Future Hall of Famer and #Marlins outfielder, Ichiro Suzuki! https://t.co/QEMZBw3ZSr

  36. In honor of his birthday, 10 Times #Ichiro Proved He's A Legend. https://t.co/Y3qS5M3kgg | #OnCloudConine https://t.co/yR9UedEAPp

  37. Entering his 16th @MLB season, #Ichiro has no intentions of slowing down. Read >> https://t.co/ajebeHJF4q https://t.co/PyzXyiwlEY