2012 NFL Free Agents: Bold Scouting Report on QB Matt Flynn

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2012 NFL Free Agents: Bold Scouting Report on QB Matt Flynn
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2012 NFL free agent Matt Flynn is going to be a stellar starting quarterback in this league for a long time.

Many people are doubting whether or not he has what it takes to be a starter—and to be fair, there is much reason to, considering he's only started two games in his NFL career.

Will Flynn Succeed As A Starter?

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That being said, in those two games, he showed NFL teams a handful of intangibles that great quarterbacks possess. He also learned in a Green Bay Packers system that is very good at developing backup quarterbacks under arguably the best quarterback in the NFL in Aaron Rodgers.

I've graded Flynn using a scouting system utilized by Bleacher Report's NFL Draft Senior Lead Writer Matt Miller, and the results lead me to believe that he will be a successful quarterback in the league.

Here's the scouting report on the biggest quarterback name in this free-agency class not named Peyton Manning.

Note: Grades are based off a number scale 1-10, with the best being 10.

Arm Strength: 7.2

Nobody is going to confuse Flynn with a gunslinger, so that's why this number isn't that high. He's got a pretty average arm for a quarterback, but it's the little things about his throw that you really need to pay attention to.

He doesn't rocket the ball, but he does get the ball where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. You'll also notice that most of his throws have a very tight spiral, which does point to arm strength.

Finally, he's got a pretty good deep ball. It's not a cannon, but he has no problem moving the ball downfield.

Accuracy: 9.3

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What sets Flynn apart to me is his accuracy. Like I said above, he puts the ball where it needs to be when it needs to be there. He shows good awareness of the placement of his throws, which I believe is a direct consequence of learning behind Aaron Rodgers.

He's got a great deep ball with just enough arch on it, throws well on screen passes and over the middle, and just like Rodgers, he throws a good back-shoulder pass.

Touch: 9.7

Flynn's accuracy is directly related to his touch. Watch him throw a deep bomb or screen pass. He puts just enough float on it to get the ball where it needs to be, but he also doesn't carelessly loft the ball up in the air.

He's got excellent touch.

Mobility/Pocket Awareness: 8.0

I wouldn't consider Flynn to be a running threat all of the time, but he has enough athleticism to move around in the pocket and escape the rush. He can also throw on the run going either way, so that's a huge plus.

He's got great pocket awareness for a guy who hasn't seen much live NFL action. He steps up very nicely in the pocket when throwing, and he can roll out.

He can improve his awareness of the backside rush, but that's something that will come with time and experience.

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Vision: 9.5

Flynn had to learn great vision if he wanted to succeed as even a backup quarterback in the Packers' offensive system. They are notorious for utilizing as many receivers as possible, and the quarterback has to be able to make those quick reads.

Release: 9.9

I have no gripes with the way Flynn throws the ball.

Overall Grade: 8.9

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According to Miller's system, if Flynn were a rookie coming into the draft, this is what we could expect (rounding him up a tenth of a point, mind you):

Exceptional, first-game starter, will become one of best at his position in NFL

While Flynn isn't a rookie, he's about as close as you can get. This statement will accurately describe what Flynn can bring to an NFL team as a free agent.

He's going to be a stud.

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