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Bleacher Report's NFL Draft Lead Writer, Matt's work has been featured in the last three Madden video games, on ESPN, SiriusXM, NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, and USA Today as well as utilized by NFL, CFL and AFL teams. Matt was the secondary and special teams coordinator for the three-time league champion Joplin Crusaders of the Central Football League. Matt is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

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  • Butt Fumble posted 7 days ago

    Butt Fumble

    Your rankings are absurd, once again!

  • Thomas King posted 16 days ago

    Thomas King

    I appreciate the effort with the rankings, but you gotta at least acknowledge that the Bengals are a top-five team...

  • William Berry posted 21 days ago

    William Berry

    Do you even watch football? You have man love for all the wrong teams Matt You always put the Panthers down keep doing it we love it! The Washington team has many issues as do the NO Saints do now. ATL has no pass rush so look forward to next week.BAN THE NFL PERIOD OVER THE RAY RICE DEAL! GOODELL HAS TO GO! He is a leach of infamous magnitude!

  • Brad Trussell posted 22 days ago

    Brad Trussell

    Love that many others have posted the same thing that I was thinking about this writer's, and I use that term loosely, reluctance of using the name REDSKINS. I really hope your mother was good at changing diapers since you must have shat yourself for the past 30-40 years when the term Washington Redskins was used….or did you just join the social cause over the past year or two? You are so courageous and brave taking this stance!!!!

    Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins Redskins

    You wuss!

  • William Berry posted 23 days ago

    William Berry

    You always put the Panthers down keep doing it we love it!

  • JOE REDSKIN posted 34 days ago


    From Mike Jones of the Washington Post about your RG3 report that he is alienating teammates-

    "No, that is not true. That was one of the most unfounded, attention-grab “reports” I’ve seen surrounding this team in some time. I talk to players, agents and coaches on and off the record, and never once gotten a sense that Griffin was alienating teammates and treating them poorly. The same goes for any other beat writer out there. To suggest that he is mistreating teammates because he can’t learn the offense is ludicrous. You didn’t hear anything along those lines from any credible local or national reporter because the report was pure fiction. The reported also stated that the locker room went crazy when the report out of Boston stated that Cousins looked better than Griffin. False again. Players were looking at people that followed up on this like they had three heads."

    Lets hear your reponse!

  • Truth Will Be Revealed posted 39 days ago

    Truth Will Be Revealed

    Y'all owe the guys at Washington Post a HUGE apology. You and Schottey. Your "story" on RG3 completely discredited all their work from this summer and spring, and the only defense B/R had was Schottey bringing up that Deadspin article basically calling them Snyder's minions and liars. These are the same people you reference in your own articles here at B/R and it is very shameful that you guys would just turn on them like that. But, anyways, if they're Snyder's little minions, why would they stop using the nickname like they announced they would today?

  • Mr. Clean posted 44 days ago

    Mr. Clean

    Lol Matt Miller is such a social rebel by not putting "Redskins" in his articles. Stop enabling all the babies who are offended by everything

  • bill Watkins posted 45 days ago

    bill  Watkins

    Also Einsteins' hair on a QB. The roots will grow into his brain. They grow after death. Transplant and wahla. A real Smart QB with bad hair days.

  • bill Watkins posted 45 days ago

    bill  Watkins

    Perfect linebacker: Terell Sugg's teeth. They're scary like a doll smiling at you from a chair when you wake up as a kid and it was on the floor when you went to bed.