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Bleacher Report's NFL Draft Lead Writer, Matt's work has been featured in the last three Madden video games, on ESPN, SiriusXM, NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, and USA Today as well as utilized by NFL, CFL and AFL teams. Matt was the secondary and special teams coordinator for the three-time league champion Joplin Crusaders of the Central Football League. Matt is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

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  • John Romano posted 3 days ago

    John Romano

    lets go big blue Eli is doing his part in our race for Randy Gregory #INTFORGREG

  • Bill Biffel posted 9 days ago

    Bill  Biffel

    Hey Matt, are you serious with these power rankings? How the only team with zero wins isn't last in your rankings is beyond me. Also, the Eagles are first in NFC East and beat the Colts at Indy but for some reason they are behind the Colts and Cowboys. I'd love to hear your mindset there.

  • Bryan Medina posted 11 days ago

    Bryan Medina

    you clearly don't understand the NFL and how it to appropriately rank teams in your "power rankings". I find it comical you can even still call it that and this is the last article I ever read because I know you have no clue as to what you are writing about. How can the cowboys be at 7, yet they have not beat a team this year that has been about .500 at the time? You comments about other teams is ridiculous, showing that you are a cowboys fan. You suck and should stop pretending to know what you are talking about

  • Samir Juha posted 11 days ago

    Samir Juha

    Hi Matt,

    My name is Samir and I am a Media Studies student at the University of California, Berkeley. I am interested in interviewing you for a research assignment I am working on regarding the social integration, information and entertainment function that Bleacher Report provides to its readers. Please let me know if you are available for a brief (10mins) phone interview that would greatly help a student in the communications field.

    I appreciate your time.


  • Jonathan Otto posted 12 days ago

    Jonathan Otto

    Hey buddy.....I don't know if you know this or not....but the Browns are in the AFC North not the AFC South as you have listed.

  • Frank Cook posted 18 days ago

    Frank Cook

    In your Colts week 9 power ranking, you say they play New England "next" week. That';s a bit confusing as the Colts have a bye this week and play New England in what I would call the week after next. Perhaps that is what you meant but you could clarify the matter by first saying the Colts have a bye this week.

  • J R posted 25 days ago

    J R

    Not using the team name "Redskins," I see. Are you aware that it's predominantly white people - particularly politicians and journalists - who are "outraged" and "offended" over this? Most Native Americans range from not caring to supporting the team name. But by all means, indulge that sense of piety.

  • Daniel Gerren posted 26 days ago

    Daniel Gerren

    C'mon Matt where are the power rankings?

  • Mike Hickey posted 32 days ago

    Mike Hickey

    Re week 8 power rankings: Wow. Are you trying to tell me that the 4-win Bills are weaker than the two-win Saints--who can't win outside New Orleans (while the Bills have THREE road wins)--and seven 3-win teams, including two the Bills have BEATEN? Seriously, last week everyone talked about how lucky the Bills were in Detroit; but by my math, 3 missed FGs equals three times the Bills kept them out of the end zone. This week, you're probably writing them off for their running back injuries, while ignoring the fact that the Bills lost their top two running backs in the first half and still found a way to win.

  • sam reilly posted 37 days ago

    sam reilly

    49ers Corners
    Hey matt i love your work. I have a story that you might like to shed some light on, SF have had some success on picking corners very late in the draft that have become starters the only problem is they haven't done much for San Fran.
    - Darryl Morris undrafted in '13 didnt make roster after good special teams work and has already lodged an interception with Texans
    - Marcus Cooper round 7 same year was waived and picked up by chiefs only to be a starter in his rookie year
    - Lowell Rose undrafted is now with dolphins. Injured but showed some promise at the end of last season
    Tramaine Brock undrafted only got a chance to play 3rd string because 9 million dollar Carlos Rogers wasn't showing any reason to be on the field. And Cox (round 5) who I am a fan of in man to man is again in the same situation only we passed on him 3 or 4 times and only picked him up as an informant from the seahawks that is until injuries occurred and people started realising what we had. What I am getting at is obviously we have a good scout to bring in these players but someone is to blame for not producing the production on game day. Pass defence is holding up this season for the moment but over the last 4 years I am picking 49ers run defence first every time.
    Mike Shanahan was very good at picking running backs, and never used top rounds to get some of his most quality players. What I would like to know is if we have a good eye for picking who can convert to nfl why aren't we using them.
    would love to hear back from you.
    Sydney, Australia