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Bleacher Report's NFL Draft Lead Writer, Matt's work has been featured in the last three Madden video games, on ESPN, SiriusXM, NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, and USA Today as well as utilized by NFL, CFL and AFL teams. Matt was the secondary and special teams coordinator for the three-time league champion Joplin Crusaders of the Central Football League. Matt is also a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

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  • Alex Lynch posted 5 days ago

    Alex Lynch

    Great job covering the 2015 combine so far! Great video analysis and keep up the good work.

  • Shon Warki posted 5 days ago

    Shon Warki

    Wonderful illustrated information. I thank you about that. No doubt it will be very useful for my future projects. Would like to see some other posts on the same subject!


  • Waterboy posted 9 days ago


  • Waterboy posted 9 days ago


    Hello, my name is T.J. Randall and I am a 19 year old freshman at the University of La Verne in La Verne, California. I am a Business Administration major and an aspiring NFL General Manager. I have been an avid football fan for my entire life with an unbelievable passion for sport for someone my age. For the past two weeks, I have been creating my own mock draft (with very limited film) for the upcoming draft. I would love and appreciate any feedback or criticisms you may have to help improve my craft. The link is provided, thank you for your time and consideration.

  • The Draftmare posted 10 days ago

    The Draftmare

    Hey Matt,

    I wanted to ask you about DGB. I seem to be one of those rare people who doesn't think he is a 1st round talent or the second coming of Randy Moss. I wanted to show you my scouting write up on the limited film available and wanted to see what your thoughts are in regards to my opinion.

    When watching his tape, I saw a huge specimen lined up at WR with good straight line speed. I see a WR that is best suited for red zone packages. You know what else I see? I see a WR that runs mediocre routes at best, below average release/get off, and an underwhelming initial burst of quickness. I am going to compare him to Kaep. There is no doubt that Kaep is fast but would you say Kaep is quick or shifty? No, you wouldn't. When kaep sees a running lane, he's gone. But when Kaep needs to shuffle around and make people miss, he tends to get caught because he is lacking in lateral quickness and initial burst, just like DGB. And when you are lacking initial burst and quickness in the NFL as a #1 WR, you are going to have a hard time. People are just so enamored with his size and straight line speed that it skews their perception of the player when making an opinion of him. This isn't college or high school anymore, everyone is big, quick, and physical in the NFL. Plus, the biggest factor that DGB will have to deal with is the D's intelligence and how you can game plan against a player like him. A coach will see that he does not have creative moves when releasing off the line. They will see that he takes large lumbering steps when trying to release off the line as well. NFL coaches will take their CB's and play them 2-5 yards off the WR and that's where DGB looses. Once you jam him at the line, he's not quick enough to recover, the QB is already on to his 2nd and 3rd reads. CB's will key on his moves when playing off because they are very one dimensional. They will be able to jump all the slant routes that he will run because you can see it from a mile away. And even if he catches it, he's not going anywhere because he wont be able to shake an NFL defender in open space. From my perspective as a former offensive linemen, I would much rather go against a 6'5 320lbs DT then a quick 6'1 295lbs DT. It is so much easier for me to get my hands on the big boy and control him. He's not going to rush the passer because its much easier to keep him in front of me and he can be moved with a double team in the run game if needed. Now put a Aaron Donald type DT in front of me and that is a much more difficult situation because he is quick off the ball, has lateral quickness and burst, and can create his own space with his moves. I know CB's feel the same way about bigger WR as well. When you have a step on the WR in regards to initial quickness, it doesn't matter as much that the guy is 6'6 because the CB will be in just as good of position to make a play on the ball as the WR. Cb's can get up, and don't forget that they are only getting taller. Plus, if they are having trouble keeping him in front of the DB, coaches will just bracket him by having the corner play under and the safety play over top. Go ask Stephen Hill, who was drafted for his Height and straight line speed, how he is doing in NY. DGB made his money in college on free releases and running literally in a straight line or running elementary type routes. That wont fly in the NFL. Now I am not sitting here saying that this kid will be a complete bust and will have 0 success in the NFL. He has all the talent in the world, he just need to put it together and thats what I truly believe. If he can work on his releases and route running, then he has the potential to be something special. Thats not going to happen over night which is why he is a "project" and should not be expected to be a Day 1 contributor. Not to mention the off the field issues which would immediately drop him to the 3rd/4th round if I am GM and thats based on issues alone. Obviously, if I was GM I would have better information to be able to analyze the off field issues and the players personality but since I don't, that's how I currently see the situation.

    I would appreciate your analysis of my analysis.

  • Shon Warki posted 16 days ago

    Shon Warki

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  • traevin revellyre posted 17 days ago

    traevin revellyre

    Matt Miller (correction needed),

    Re: Dez Bryant, you have him down for missing two games in 2012, but he didn't miss any games that season. The last game he missed was in 2011 (Game 2) after taking a deep thigh bruise in the season opener. He broke an ankle his rookie year running back a kickoff and missed the final four games that season.


  • Billy Bear53 posted 20 days ago

    Billy Bear53

    Hi Matt, just wondering why you don't players ages in your free agent assessments. It's everything these days

  • jhon alex posted 23 days ago

    jhon alex

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  • William Berry posted 24 days ago

    William Berry

    Why do you mock The Panthers the worst players??? The WR you pick is not the type of player the team drafts at anytime. Team is not drafting any OG needs two OT need speed WR for slot Returner. Flowers over Clemmings only one CB and one SS maybe TE.