The Hot 100: Ranking Every Big 4 Logo (Part I)

Jacob Born@@Jacob_BornContributor IIIMarch 15, 2012

The Hot 100: Ranking Every Big 4 Logo (Part I)

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    The majority of people that come to Bleacher Report are rabid sports fans. Not just passionate about one sport, but about multiple.

    I wanted to embark on this project to rank every Big 4 logo. That's right, every Big 4 logo. NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL—every team in each sport makes an appearance on this list.

    I will admit right now that my rankings are biased and constitutes my own opinion. Some people may agree with me, the majority of you will not. That's fine, we all have our own opinions. But I hope that you will at least enjoy the slideshow while I explain my choosing in a few brief sentences.

    Let the discussion begin. Haters gonna hate. 

    This is Part I of the list, which ranks logos 122-62. Logos 61-1 can be found here

122: Cleveland Browns

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    Someone had to be the worst, and that is the Cleveland Browns...sorry Cleveland. At least you have Kyrie Irving. 

    The Browns are named after legendary coach Paul Brown, who coached the team in the 1940s while they were in the All-American Football Conference. It's a cool backstory behind the namesake, but name the stadium after him, not the team.

    Brown is a color, and there really isn't much to do with a color besides color a football helmet. A major reason why it is so low is because of the team name, but really, a football helmet really isn't a good logo. 

121: Golden State Warriors

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    Granted, I wasn't much of a basketball fan growing up, but I didn't even know where the Warriors even played until I was in junior high. This new logo makes it pretty apparent it's in Oakland.

    A logo isn't supposed to show where a team is from, though. That's what the city name is for.

    There is so much potential for a team named the Warriors. It has potential to be one of the best in the Big 4 sports. A picture of the Bay Bridge is not the answer.

120: New York Islanders

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    "What are people from Long Island called?"


    "Correct! Let's name a team after them!"

    That must have been the discussion between the owners of the Islanders when they were thinking about a team name.

    The Islanders decided to throw a picture together consisting of Long Island with a hockey stick and puck. "Islanders" on the bottom, and then "NY" at the top. It may have looked nice in the 1960s, but it's time to move on. 

    Recently, there have been many concepts to propose a new logo for the Islanders, some with a lighthouse while others have an anchor. Both would be a welcome sight to this lackluster logo. 

119: Washington Redskins

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    I'm sorry, but whenever your team name is derived from a racist term, you are definitely at the bottom of the list. 

    The Redskins is just a terrible name for a team. Fighting Sioux, Blackhawks, those are fine, because they are not racist terms. "Redskins" is incredibly racist, and should not be a team name for any city—let alone our nation's capital.

    Now that my rant is over, I will actually go to the logo. An Indian with red skin...pretty much hits the nail on the head. But that does not make it a good logo.

    There is no logo that could help the Redskins until they change their team name.  

118: Cleveland Indians

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    Speaking of racist logos, this may be the worst of them all.

    The team name "Indians" is not racist like the Redskins. The logo is what makes it bad.

    It is completely possible for teams to have a good logo when talking about Indians (Fighting Illini, Blackhawks, etc). This one falls short.

    The cartoon drawing and red skin is the worst part of the logo. It makes a joke of Indians, not their ferocity that can be seen in war. That would be a great logo, this one fails miserably.

    Cleveland has had a rough time with logos. Hopefully they can improve on that. 

117: Washington Nationals

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    Washington is having just as rough a time with logos as Cleveland is. 

    The Nationals came to Washington from Montreal, and decided to keep the red, white and blue color scheme, which is only natural for the nation's capital. The "W" logo is a terrible way to display the franchise.

    I really don't even understand why the "W" is the logo. It makes sense that it is the ball cap logo, it's a fairly decent one at that. The circle surrounding the W may make it look more marketable, but it's still not very good. For the franchise, why not go with a fancier one, one that makes fans proud to wear it. I would not feel very proud to wear a "W" on my chest.

    The Nationals could have a better logo, but this one is down at the bottom. 

116: Washington Wizards

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    Washington again? I guess the people there have better things to do than design their sports teams' logos.

    I will admit, this logo was better before the color change. It worked somewhat.

    Now, not at all.

    There is just too much going on, and it is amplified by the red and blue. Besides the Smurfs, who else is blue? Apparently wizards. And his magic only occurs when playing basketball.

    A better logo would probably be text-based. This cartoon logo with a blue wizard jumping over a blue moon wearing red...not so much.

115: Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seahawks' logo hasn't really changed much through its history. Which means, it's been at the bottom for the majority of its life. 

    The Seahawks tried to be menacing with their logo, instead it just looks funny. That bright green eye really strikes fear into its opponents. And the long light blue and dark blue neck really does a good job too. 

    The logo at least tries to make an effort to look good—something no logo on this list has done yet. However, the logo really doesn't do that. It just looks like someone trying to act serious, when really they're laughable. 

114: Utah Jazz

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    Have you ever heard the phrase "retro is in"? Well, this is something that should be out.

    The Jazz wanted to go with a look that was reminiscent of basketball's glory days. The "J" is supposed to be like a musical note. Other than that, there really isn't much going on.

    The Jazz had a great logo, one that could be in the top 10 if they would have kept it. But, they have a retro logo that fails in comparison to the old. 

113: Baltimore Orioles

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    Apparently, the Orioles decided to go Saturday cartoon logo. 

    This oriole looks like it is meant to teach kids about fire safety more than intimidate the other team or give the team pride to wear this logo. I understand that baseball is a kid's sport and America's past time, but at what cost? I would feel immature to wear this on a shirt or have it be known how my team is recognized. 

    The Orioles don't really have much to go for because it's not really an intimidating bird. But a caricature of the bird isn't the best way to represent your club. 

112: San Francisco 49ers

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    Football helmets don't really give the team much of a choice for helmet logos. You got to keep them simple. But, there should be more done for the team's logo.

    The 49ers' logo does a good job incorporating the team's colors, but with that logo, it really isn't hard. The "SF" for San Francisco is about as plain a label can be. This is a standard text-based logo.

    I'm all for keeping this simple so it can be easily recognized. But, with a team name like 49ers, there could be much more they could do. Or, maybe not. Either way, the logo isn't good. 

111: Indiana Pacers

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    What exactly is a Pacer anyways?

    The Pacers go with a classic "P" as their logo. How original (yes, that is sarcasm). They also decided to mix things up a bit by replacing the hole in the P with a basketball. The inventors of this logo really went all out. 

    Perhaps the lackluster logo is a result from being named the Indiana Pacers. Perhaps there was just a creative block when drawing the logo. Either way, this logo is not a good logo in the Big 4. 

110: Phoenix Suns

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    Phoenix is known for being extremely warm and for being a town in the middle of the desert, so the Suns is a perfect name for the team. However, it is a terrible name for a logo.

    What is a sun but a giant fireball? That would be a great logo, one that could potentially be really cool.

    A basketball with pointy sun rays coming off of it is not cool. Not one bit. There is the potential for a great logo here. Even the PHX phoenix could be a great one. But a cartoon basketball of a sun is not the way to go.

109: Vancouver Canucks

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    Vancouver has had many logos in their lifetime. Some good and some bad. This is one of the bad.

    The Canucks decide to blend their newest logo (before this one) and some script, thinking they'd get the best of both logo worlds. They don't. Stick to one or the other. The logo is too crowded, the Canuck is too small and is dominated by the script. Mix that with their blue and green colors, and there is just way too much going on.

    Go back to the stick in the rink logo. It's a much better look. 

108: Chicago Cubs

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    The Cubs have a history of falling short and losing. So this really shouldn't hurt that much.

    With a team name like the Cubs, it's going to be pretty hard turning a harmless bear cub into something that intimidates or even looks good. So at least they didn't go that route. So they decided to go with a circle logo.

    The circle logo is dominated by the C because that's what is on the hat. And then there's the "bus" that seems almost like an afterthought with the logo. It's just too plain of a logo to be anything but pretty bad. 

107: Edmonton Oilers

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    The Oilers are Edmonton's only Big 4 sport team, and the logo is easily recognizable. But that does not make it good.

    The Oilers are called so because Edmonton is known for mining for oil. Simple enough. So why not make a logo that glorifies that, that makes the real oilers proud. This logo is just an "Oilers" script that is supposed to look like oil running down a surface. And, there is a little oil drop at the top. That's it. 

    If I were a real Oiler, I would want something more, or something that really captures what it means to be an Oiler. Say, the Oil Drop third jersey that shows the steel and toughness that the real oilers have. That would be a great logo.

    This one is not. 

106: Miami Marlins

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    Honestly, I don't really know where to begin with this logo.

    The Marlin at the top looks like something Picasso would draw in his spare time. I believe it's supposed to connect the Florida Marlins with the new Miami Marlins. Okay. 

    Next comes the giant M in the middle. That's fairly self explanatory. But what makes this logo really bad is the color scheme. The bright colors looks like something out of the 80s, back when Miami Vice was huge across the country. The colors are a huge distraction for the logo, and it may make it better if the colors were toned down.

    There is a lot wrong with this logo, and it deserves to be this low on the list. 

105: Chicago Bears

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    The Chicago Bears have a pretty generic logo. But it looks like it belongs more on a ball cap than a football helmet. 

    The C is orange with background of blue. That's it. It's boring, it's plain and there's nothing special about it.

    Some people think that it's good to be plain and simple. I like things that make an impression on me. Something that makes it pop. This C logo doesn't do it for me. If they went with an actual bear for their logo, that would be a good one. 

104: Detroit Tigers

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    The current theme of the bad logos is that there is so much potential for the logos, and they always fall short. This is no exception.

    The D in the Detroit is going for a classic look. I get that, and I appreciate that. The logo is based off of the logo in the 1910s. So it has the history. But, the time has come to move on. They had it right with the logo from 1994-2005. If they would have kept that logo, they would be higher on the list.  

103: Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful NFL franchises. No thanks to their logo. 

    The Steelers were approached by the city to use the Steelmark for their logo. The team agreed, and changed the word Steel to Steelers. So, basically, this logo is a near-exact copy of a logo that is already in popular use. I personally don't think that deserves to be very high on a list because it isn't original. 

102: Texas Rangers

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    The Texas Rangers have made it to the World Series twice in the past two years, but the logo is leaves much to be desired.

    The Rangers have looked to improve on the circle logo that Washington used. The blue and red is a nice touch for the colors. But it really is just a simple logo. And the baseball in the background is a little cliche. 

    This logo isn't terrible, but I feel like this logo could be replicated by any team, and that is why I think it should be high on the list. 

101: Los Angeles Clippers

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    The Clippers start the trend from being bad to not good. And yes, there is a difference. 

    The Clippers went with a text-based logo, and it sort of works. The part that throws me over the edge is the giant basketball in the background. There is no real reason for it to be there. It takes over the logo. What should be there is a Clipper, because that is what the team is based off of—a Clipper. 

    The overall logo is not good. Some of it works, but it's overshadowed by what doesn't. It has a lot of potential, and with that potential it can be great. 

100: Los Angeles Dodgers

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    And the last triple-digit team goes to the Los Angeles Dodgers!

    The Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to LA in 1958 and kept the team name. A Dodger is not someone who dodges things but rather a person from Brooklyn because they used to hop to and from trolley cars. So in Brooklyn, it works. In LA, not really. 

    The Dodgers link themselves to baseball by the baseball in the logo. That's it. I feel like that is the absolute biggest cop out of even trying to change a team. This logo was created because the creators were lazy, and they don't want to change it now because they believe its historically linked to the Brooklyn Dodgers. The only resemblance is the logo. It's time to come to the 21st century.  

99: New Jersey Nets

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    Does anyone else realize that something big is missing from this logo?

    Could it be the team name? No that's pretty hard to miss. What about the sport? No, there's a pretty big basketball, and a hoop. Wait a minute...where is the net?

    For a team named the Nets, I think that the net of the basketball hoop would be pretty hard to miss on a logo. It is what you're named for after all. Whoever missed that better reconsider their job choice. 

    I personally like the logo. But when you leave something that crucial to the sport and your namesake out of the logo, it's gonna drop considerably.

98: San Diego Chargers

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    The San Diego Chargers play off of the electric side of the football team. This bolt doesn't really do the job.

    The Chargers lightning bolt follows the curve of the football helmet which is a smart move for the team. It works for the helmet, but not as the legitimate logo. It follows the same pattern—too simple and plain.

    There was a logo the Chargers used with a horse on it with crossing lightning bolts with chargers below it. I believe that would be a much better logo than this simple lightning bolt.  

97: Buffalo Bills

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    There is a common theme with the Buffalo logos. There is a buffalo in it. Imagine that. 

    This Buffalo logo is of the Bills, which took the place of the name Bulls. Bulls would make a lot of sense with the buffalo theme, but the bills not so much. The major thing that throws me off is the giant red stream across the buffalo. There is really no reason for it, because it has nothing to do with a buffalo or a bill. 

    I can understand for the incorporation of red into the logo, but the red stripe really isn't the way to do it. 

96: Anaheim Ducks

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    The Ducks went from the Mighty Ducks, one of my personal favorites, to this logo. And I prefer the former. 

    The designers of this logo decided to take a duck's foot and make it the D in ducks. I understand that with the change in name the logo had to change, but the Mighty Ducks logo was just better. This one just can't compare. This may be a biased pick, but the whole list is. And I feel that this logo isn't good because it just can't compare to its predecessor. 

95: Denver Nuggets

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    Denver is known as the Mile High City. This logo does not go high enough in quality.

    The Nuggets are named for the nuggets of gold that miners found in the 1800s in Denver and other places out west. So why not make a logo that commemorates that, not a mountain with a very large script saying "Nuggets"? If I were in Denver, I would call for the secondary logo to become the main one, and add "Nuggets" below it. This would be a much higher quality logo compared to this one. 

94: Cincinnati Bengals

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    Cincinnati does a very godd job of incorporating their team name into their logo. But after that its just "eh".

    The Bengals, obviously, are tigers. This is where the tiger stripes come from in the "B". But it's just a B. The staff could have done so much more. The alternative logo with a Tiger's head is a much better logo than this. 

    There's only so much I can say before I start repeating myself. Just an okay logo, which is why it's high on the list. 

93: Portland Trail Blazers

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    I'm not going to lie, I'm not really sure what this logo really is.

    The team name is Trail Blazers, after those who headed out west to pave the way for future generations. Examples are Lewis & Clark. How this logo even remotely relates to them is beyond me. However, the logo itself is pretty cool. The whirlwind of red and gray is pretty cool (as you will see later in the slideshow). But because frankly I have no idea what this is, the logo ends up in the back half of the list. 

92: New Orleans Hornets

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    Can someone please tell me when Hornets became blue?

    I understand that you want to put your team colors in the logo, I get that. But why not just switch up the blue and yellow? The logo would actually look a lot better. Another way to improve the logo is get rid of the smile on the hornet, or make him at least look somewhat angry. 

    The logo does a good job of making the hornet look good, save for the smile. So props for that. But there are things I don't like about it, and those land it here on the list. 

91: Charlotte Bobcats

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    Charlotte is home to two cats: The Panthers and the Bobcats. This is the obvious lesser.

    The Bobcats were chosen for the team name because of they are apparently indigenous to the Carolinas. I say that's a fair way of choosing a team name. But the logo is not good.

    The script I don't really have a problem with. It works with the general outlay of the logo. The Bobcat looks like it's coming straight out of Pokemon. I personally love Pokemon, but they have no place in the Big 4 for a logo that belongs in a cartoon.

    The bobcats are already the laughing stock of the NBA. The logo isn't going to be stopping that anytime soon.  

90: Cincinnati Reds

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    The Reds used to be the Red Stockings, which would be confusing when comparing to the Red Sox. Their logos would help that, but the Reds are the worse one. 

    If you look closely you will see that this logo is very close to the Chicago Bears logo. However, the Reds make it better. They add their team name and then change the background. Not really hard work for the designers.

    It was an improvement over the Bears. But when you take someone else's logo, no matter what, you're still going to be fairly far down on the list. 

89: New York Knicks

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    The Knicks have been thrust into the spot light with Jeremy Lin, and have now faded back into mediocrity, where their logo has been the entire time. 

    The Knicks, which is short for Knickerbockers, is a nickname for New Yorkers. So the team name is the one that instills pride into the city. So there really isn't much they could do with the logo besides what they have. 

    This is another logo that falls short because of its name. I don't see the Knicks changing soon, which means the logo won't change for a while. 

88: San Francisco Giants

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    The Giants have a pretty generic logo. I think that generic is boring. 

    A text-based logo over a baseball. I think that every single team could make this logo just as good as the Giants do. Sure, they put their own font over the baseball, but every team has a different font. 

    The Giants have a lazy logo, and there could be the potential for something good. If they work hard enough, a good looking logo could take the place of this one, and it should. 

87: San Antonio Spurs

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    The San Antonio Spurs have a more unique team name, but have a logo that has some generic qualities.

    The logo has a good use of the color scheme for the logo. The logo also does a pretty good job that displays the team name and city name. The part that throws me off us the use of the spur in the logo. Some would call it genius, I call it cliche. It would always seem like a good idea, but in reality, it just seems overplayed, no matter how much it is actually used.

    This logo is a huge improvement over the highlighter logo the Spurs had before this one. It's a step in the right direction, but there needs to be more improvement. 

86: New York Jets

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    The Jets are not the first New York team to make this list, and will certainly not be the last. 

    The Jets have a lot going on in this logo. They have the "NY" of New York in the background, with Jets as the overlay. There is also a football below the Jets. Nothing too special about it, and it incorporates the colors of the Jets. Its just an "eh" logo.

    There is a lot going on and there's nothing special about the commotion. This logo finds itself in the back of the pack. 

85: Dallas Stars

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    I have to say, the Dallas jerseys are one of the worst jerseys in the league because it does not feature this logo. That being said, this logo is not one of the better ones.

    The Stars are one of the only teams that has the possibility of incorporating green into their sweaters in the NHL, and this logo would help. The green of the star would make it easy. But again, we find the star taking the place of the "A." It works better that the U in the Spurs logo, but it still doesn't fit very well.

    The font is pretty plain, and the star doesn't really do much for me. Again, just "eh." 

84: New York Rangers

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    Now I know that I'm going to get a lot of heat for this one, but at least hear be out before you fire up the torches and bring out the pitchforks. 

    This Rangers' logo is base in history. Not much has changed since it was one of the original six teams in the NHL. I believe it's supposed to be like a ranger's badge. But, this logo just seems off.

    The slant of Rangers is supposed to be like their sweaters, but it just looks odd with the logo. Add that with the red and white of the borders to that slanting text, and it just looks odd. I was a huge fan of the Lady Liberty third jersey the Rangers wore in the pre-lockout era. If the team were to revert to that, or even update it for the post-lockout era, they would move up the list dramatically. 

83: San Diego Padres

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    If you're like me, this logo should be a surprise to you. 

    The Padres ditched the home plate wave logo and went with a circle logo. And unlike the other ones that we have seen, this one actually kinda works. 

    The Padres' logo is bathed completely in their blue, with the SD in the middle. It's simple, but this is a simple one that works, and hasn't been seen in baseball very much. However, I feel that circle logos don't really have a place in baseball. Jerseys are text-based rather than logo-based, and that is why this logo is fairly high up. There's just no place for it. 

82: Baltimore Ravens

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    The Ravens became so from a team name contest, but it also holds some historical significant. Edgar Allen Poe died in Baltimore, and his most famous poem is "The Raven."

    This is actually a great representation of a Raven. The colors work well, and are actual colors of a raven. What puts the logo in the back half of the list is the gigantic B in the middle. There is no reason for the B to be there. Yes, I know the city is Baltimore, but put that in the secondary logo. This could have been a good logo, but the B prevents that. 

81: Arizona Diamondbacks

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    The Diamondbacks switched from green and purple to red and black and the switch worked. The colors helped the logo, but it didn't glorify it. 

    The logo itself is pretty good. The diamondback design of the A is smart, along with the use of fangs to finish the A. But the logo has so much potential. With a name like the Diamondbacks, the log could be great. For example, a first-person view of a snake attacking them, fangs completely out. That would be an awesome logo.  

80: Orlando Magic

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    The Magic have a name that could make a logo hard to create without looking childish. I think that they do a pretty good job of it.

    There really isn't anything about the logo that screams magic though. Besides the little trail being the basketball or the stars, there isn't anything that remotely points to magic. The logo is dominated by the words magic. Perhaps that what makes it work somewhat. It also is a reason why it's not very high on the list. 

79: Atlanta Braves

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    The Braves have ties to the Native Americans, as obviously seen in the logo and the tomahawk. They also do a good job of not being overly racist like the other teams so far on this list.

    The Braves, as stated earlier, use the tomahawk as their main symbol in their logo. They even use the tomahawk as their main cheer, which has spanned across all sports now. The rest is dominated by their script. the script is pretty basic. 

    The Braves start the trend from not good to starting to get good. This logo does just that too. 

78: Minnesota Wild

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    Throughout this list, I have talked about things being too simple, or too plain. This is an example of too much going on.

    The outlying logo is pretty cool, a wild animal's head—the perfect logo for the name. But everything in the middle is just a lot. The trees, the moon, the road making the mouth, it was a good idea in theory. In practice, it's just too cluttered. 

    This logo could use a little spring cleaning. After that, it would be a top-20 logo hands down. 

77: Detroit Pistons

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    The Pistons have reverted from a logo that was a title over the top to a much simpler logo. Unfortunately, that was also a step in the wrong direction.

    The Pistons simplified their logo from the horse and car pipes to a basketball with a text overlay. It works for the logo and the color scheme works with it. But, we keep coming back to the simple isn't everything.

    I find this logo is too simplistic for my taste. 

76: Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Jacksonville's the only team has a logo that looks good and bad at the same time. 

    The logo has some pros to it It does look somewhat intimidating, with the sharp fangs and somewhat angry eyes.

    There are also some cons to it. It looks sort of cartoonish, and frankly, I don't know if I would wear anything with this logo on it very often. 

    All logos have some good and bad to it. This one is just riding in the middle ground. 

75: Philadelphia 76ers

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    It was really hard for me not to put the 76ers at 76, but that would be cliche, and I'm trying to go away from that. 

    The 76ers' logo is trying to go back to what the 76ers are commemorating, the revolutionary soldiers. The circular stars are a replica of the 13 stars that were on the American flag at the time. The red, white and blue are the colors of America. 

    Again though, I feel that the logo is too plain. There's really nothing that pops out from the logo unless you really think about it. I feel that there should be something that jumps out at you originally, and this fails to do so. 

74: New York Mets

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    I have to give it to the designers of this logo, a lot of thought went into it. 

    "Mets" is short for "Metropolitans," which is another nickname for the inhabitants of New York City. The Mets' logo has the entire skyline of New York in it, along with a bridge at the bottom that shows the trip it takes to Queens. And the entire backdrop is on a baseball.

    This has maybe one too many things one in the long. But they can make it work. It's a step in the right direction for this list. 

73: Miami Dolphins

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    The Dolphins is not really a good name for a sports team. Sports teams are supposed to be something that a person is proud to root for. Dolphins are not one of them. 

    For not being menacing, this logo is still pretty good. Miami is known for the big sun, so why not have it jumping up into a sun. It's wearing a helmet, which is what the football players wear.

    Ok, so its not really the best logo in the world, but it's far from the worst. There isn't a lot going for it, but the whole dolphin part of the logo works. The secondary parts, not so much. 

72: New York Giants

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    The Giants, not to be confused with baseball's defunct New York Giants, have decided to keep it simple like a lot of logos, and this one sort of works. 

    The NY is a common occurrence for all of the New York sports teams, and the Giants decided to take it all the way. Outlining it in the red to incorporate all of the colors is smart. 

    This is a simple logo, but it hasn't been done before, so there's that plus. That is why its fairly close to the halfway mark in the list. 

71: Colorado Rockies

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    The Rockies are a team that is based in Colorado, obviously, and are about the mountain range the Rockies, also fairly obvious. 

    The Rockies are sturdy, enormous, and can withstand basically anything, which makes them a perfect team name for a team in Denver. The logo incorporates the team colors of purple and grey, along with the Rockies. 

    The thing I don't like about the logo is how the text dominates the logo. If there were more mountains and less text, then this logo would be awesome. 

70: Green Bay Packers

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    The Packers are the oldest football team whose logo hasn't changed since the 1960s. It's a classic, but classic only gets you so far.

    the G stands for Green Bay, which is also the primary color for the team. It kills two birds with one stone. The yellow accents are a nice touch. It's simple. And if you haven't caught it yet, simple just doesn't cut it. 

69: Montreal Canadiens

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    Same thing for the Rangers—hear me out hockey purists. 

    The Canadiens are the most storied franchise in the NHL. They are part of the Original Six, are Canada's favorite team, and have the most Stanley Cups. This is a logo that everyone would be proud to wear.

    That being said, success does not mean you can have a logo that hasn't escaped the 1910s. The logo has seen some minor changes in its history, but from 1917 up until now, it's basically the same logo. I'm all for history, but at some point you have to change it up.

    I am probably one of the few that believe this, but there is potential for this logo to be better. Many people, though, would say "don't fix it if it isn't broken."

    Haters gonna hate.  

68: Washington Capitals

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    The Capitals decide to revamp an old logo, and it works better than the original.

    Earlier I talked about using the logo of the team as a letter, and how it was cliche. The same could be said for this. But, the subtlety of the hockey stick and the way it is worked into the logo actually makes it work. 

    This is one of the few text based logos that will work in the NHL. The colors and the modern design work for it, and that is why it is close to being in the top half of the list. 

67: Indianapolis Colts

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    The Colts are one of those teams that could either go really elaborate with a logo or extremely simple, and they chose simple. I find that the lesser of two evils.

    I have preached in this slideshow that simple is boring. However, I would rather have a team go simple and make it look good rather than try to make it extravagant and fail miserably. That is what the Colts decided to do with this horseshoe logo. They even made sure to keep all of the luck in by keeping the opening at the top. 

    The Colts have a boring logo. But, it looks nice, and it was the lesser of the two evils. Have to give props where props are due. 

66: Toronto Raptors

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    Make no mistake, this is not the 90s, purple and black Raptors. This is the reborn Toronto Raptors.

    The Raptors are the only Big 4 team that is named after a dinosaur, and the raptor is one of the deadliest. This is a logo that has a fantastic team name, but falls short on the logo. 

    The raptor looks half angry and ready to kill, the other have ready to go onto a TV show. Pair that with the great text and the fact that he is wearing a basketball jersey and dribbling a basketball, and there are two definite sides to this logo.

    I like the dinosaur aspect, but it just tries to hard. If they take the logo on the Raptors' jersey, and incorporate the teams colors into that, it could be a very good logo. 

65: Toronto Blue Jays

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    This logo, just like the Capitals logo, does a great job of modernizing an old logo.

    The Blue Jays are currently the only Canadian baseball team, so why not throw a Maple Leaf on the logo. It works. The Blue Jay is taken from an older logo that the Blue Jays used, but the refined it to look crisper, which is a good move. 

    The main logo is a circle-based logo, and earlier I said there is no place for one in baseball. However, the Blue Jays are from Canada, and hockey is well known for circle logos. They pull it off.

    The Blue Jays work the circle logo well, and are just on the threshold for the top half of the list. 

64: Boston Red Sox

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    With a team name like the Red Sox, there really isn't much you can do with a logo.

    The team decided to go with a pair of red socks for the logo. I know, it's a total shocker.

    This logo is one that fully reaches its potential. The logo is limited greatly by the team name, but the design fits the name perfectly. It totally works for the club.

    Even though it's a perfect logo for the club, the team name holds it back to this side of the list. 

63: Philadelphia Flyers

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    The Flyers are one of the most successful teams to come out of the original expansion of the NHL, and their logo has been the same throughout. 

    The Flyers logo starts out in a P, based off of Philadelphia. No brainer there. In the middle is a dot, just like a face-off dot, which is used for the color orange to be in the logo. On the back half of the P are four wings, which are supposed to symbolize the Flyer in the name. 

    It's a logo that is kind of confusing to look at, but when you dissect the logo, it comes off as a pretty good one. Nothing really jumps out, but it's easy on the eyes. 

62: Minnesota Timberwolves

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    The final slide on Part I of the list is the Minnesota Timberwolves.

    The Timberwolves are a wolf that is commonly found in Minnesota and the surrounding area. The wolf in the logo looks like it would be ready to jump out and bite you if it had the chance, which is a definite plus. 

    The text and the trees though are a little too plain. There should be more too it, something to compliment the ruggedness and ferocity of the wolf. For me, there's too much contrast between the two.

    If there was less contrast, then the logo would be on the better part of the list. But, they are on the outside looking in.