The Hot 100: Ranking Every Big 4 Logo (Part II)

Jacob Born@@Jacob_BornContributor IIIJune 3, 2012

The Hot 100: Ranking Every Big 4 Logo (Part II)

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    The majority of Bleacher Report's readers are rabid sports fans. Not just passionate about one sport, but about multiple.

    I wanted to embark on this project to rank every Big 4 logo. That's right, every Big 4 logo. NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL—every team in each sport makes an appearance on this list.

    I will admit right now that my rankings are biased and constitute my own opinion. Some people may agree with me—the majority of you will not. That's fine; we all have our own opinions. But I hope that you will at least enjoy the slideshow while I explain each choosing in a few brief sentences.

    Let the discussion begin. Haters gonna hate. 

    This is Part II of the list, which ranks logos 61-1. To see Part I of the list, click here

61: St. Louis Blues

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    The St. Louis Blues have just re-entered the elite class of the NHL, so fans better get used to seeing this logo. 

    The Bluenote does a good job of incorporating the colors and the team name into a logo. With a team name like the "Blues," you can't do much. But a musical note is a good touch. By making it colored blue, it becomes a good multi-layered logo.

    The Blues have experimented with different versions of this logo, and this one is the best yet. 

60: New Jersey Devils

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    New Jersey could have gone a couple of different ways with this logo, but they decided to go with a letter-based logo that works pretty well. 

    The Devils characterize their team name with the horns and a tail. Not only do they serve as the "Devil," but they also serve as the "J" in NJ. It blends very well, unlike the similar NY Islanders logo. 

    The Devils could have gone with a fiery pitchfork logo—that could have been really cool. Instead they went with a more stylistic "NJ," but it still works well. 

59: Arizona Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals logo is the lesser of the two Cardinals logos, but it still looks pretty good.

    The Cardinals do something that many logos don't do, and that's make the icon look angry. The angry look just makes everything around it pop out a little more. The red looks deeper; the black contrasts better.

    The Cardinals logo may look a little too much like the Louisville Cardinals counterpart, but it is still is a good logo. 

58: Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Chiefs are a prime example of how naming yourself after Native American culture can be a good thing.

    The Chiefs make a very nice reference to their stadium in their logo. The Chiefs play at Arrowhead Stadium, and thus they have an arrowhead as their main symbol. The outlining in black gives it a rocky shape, making the arrowhead look realistic.

    The KC overlay is also a nice touch. It looks clean, and also isn't like any other font or overlay on any other logo. It works.

    The Chiefs can play some good football, and people always enjoy looking at the logo.  

57: Oakland A's

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    If you read Part I of the logo rankings, I bashed circle logos from MLB. I believe that the A's logo, though, is one of the few teams that pulls it off. 

    The A's moved from Philadelphia to Kansas City before finally settling in Oakland. But with a team named "Athletics," there really isn't anything that the team could do without being cheesy.

    The circle logo is a way to make the logo good, while not being rehashed. The green and yellow colors contrast and make the logo pop.

    The A's don't have a good team name, but they do the best they can with it, and it works pretty well.  

56: Kansas City Royals

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    Kansas City makes its second and final appearance on the list, and the Royals introduce a new logo that hasn't been seen before. 

    The Royals have a script and symbol logo. The shield with the KC on it is reminiscent of a knight's coat of arms, with a crown at the top, symbolizing royalty. 

    The Royals script is very much like a baseball jersey. The script is typical of a baseball team, and it makes the logo look even better. 

    I have given classic styles a little bit of a hard time, but I believe that classic can be very nice when used in the right situations. This is one of them. 

55: Boston Celtics

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    'Celtic' is a term for an Irish person, which is very fitting for the Irish-heavy Boston culture. 

    The Celtics use a circle logo centered around an Irishman, so that's fitting. But, I personally don't really like the logo. There are too many cloverleafs on his vest, and the fact that he is smoking a corncob pipe while also spinning a basketball on his finger makes it look cheesy. 

    It's a good logo for the team name, but perhaps more can be done to make it look better. What about making it more about the Celtic warriors, rather than the stereotypical Irishman?

54: Los Angeles Lakers

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    It always seems that the Celtics and Lakers battle it out, and in this battle of the logos, the Lakers barely win out. 

    The Lakers get their namesake from back when they were in Minnesota and wanted to tie the logo to the number of lakes in the region. When they moved out west, the Lakers stuck, but without the lakes the Lakers needed a logo their fans could identify with.

    The Lakers did this, incorporating the team colors in the process. The yellow on the basketball makes it look realistic, and the purple contrasts well.

    The logo is simple, and normally I prefer modern, more intricate logos. But this logo serves the purpose it was created for, and that's what makes it work.  

53: Winnipeg Jets

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    Many fans thought the rebirth of the Jets would elicit an updated logo of the one worn in their first stint in Winnipeg. But this logo does just fine. 

    The logo incorporates all of the colors of the Canadian Air Force, the team's namesake. The Jet also serves as a compass, which is a nice touch that some may overlook. The Canadian maple leaf is a very nice shout out to the country, while not compromising the Toronto Maple Leafs in the process.

    The Jets may not be the best team, but fans should get used to this logo. I believe it is better than the logo the original Winnipeg Jets used. 

52: Milwaukee Brewers

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    The Brewers unconventionally use a circle logo, and it works well for the team. 

    The Brewers are named after the Miller Brewing Company, and they incorporate the beer aspect into the logo with the wheat. It's a nice touch. But what makes the logo work is the enlarged "Brewers" that spans the entire logo, instead of just the bottom. With the baseball in the background, it makes the whole thing look more professional. 

    The Brewers revamped their logo when they moved to the NL, and it makes the team look better. 

51: New York Yankees

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    Many people believe the the "NY" logo is the Yankees logo, but this is in fact their true logo. 

    The Yankees also use a circle logo that is rarely seen. They use typical baseball script, but the "K" is backed by a baseball bat. On top of the bat is an American political hat, which is how the team name is incorporated into the logo. The baseball in the background serves as the entirety of the circle logo. 

    The Yankees have to buy their championships, but they put their money to decent use when designing their logo. 

50: Dallas Cowboys

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    The Cowboys may have the most mod, simplistic logo in the entire sports world. Normally I would tear it apart, but it works for the team. 

49: Pittsburgh Penguins

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    With a team name like the Penguins, it's fairly hard to come up with an original idea for a logo. But the Penguins did a pretty good job of it.

    Penguins would naturally be the name for a hockey team, and the ice skates, stick and gloves incorporate the sport well. The gloves are old-fashioned because it is a modernization of an older logo.

    Because the logo is a revamp of an older one, the modern look is good. The logo takes the basic idea of blending mascot and sport and does it well. 

48: Milwaukee Bucks

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    I believe that the Milwaukee Bucks have been improving on their logo since its inception, and this is the best to date.

    The overall layout of the logo is great. The team name with a jacked buck in the background is nice. The green is good, but I think the red is out of place. It's a pretty good combo, but it also reminds me of a reindeer because of the Christmas colors.

    If this logo was used with the old purple and green, it would be a great logo—probably one of the best in the NBA. But the Bucks still make it fairly high up on the list. 

47: Toronto Maple Leafs

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    The Maple Leafs are one of the most recognizable teams in the NHL, and their logo helps.

    The logo is simple, just a blue maple leaf. The Maple Leaf is a national symbol of Canada because there are 10 species native to Canada, and there is at least one in every province. The Maple Leafs is the perfect team name for a Canadian hockey team. The only problem is it's a leaf. 

    I like the historical aspect of the logo and that it's incredibly easy to recognize. But you can't do much with a leaf. 

46: Buffalo Sabres

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    The Sabres have gone through an identity crisis during the past couple of decades, but they feel their first logo was their best logo. I personally believe the "Buffaslug" was the best, but this is still good.

    The thing I like about this logo is that it actually has sabres in it. All of the others are just of a buffalo, which is the location, not the team name. This has both, which is a great compromise.

    The logo has a lot going for it: the swords, the colors and the buffalo. It could be improved on some more, but it deserves to be in the top part of the list. 

45: New Orleans Saints

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    I think that the New Orleans Saints have a great logo because it has multiple meanings for the city.

    New Orleans is a huge French city, and the fleur-de-lis is the main symbol of France. It also has ties to Catholicism, which is a reference to the Saints. It works well at tying the team to the city.

    The logo is cool, but it has been used for many different cities or teams, or just for other logos. The lack of originality hurts it, but it's still a great logo. 

44: Miami Heat

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    The Miami Heat have an interesting logo, and it works well.

    The main idea is a basketball going through a hoop. But what's cool is that the lines of the basketball turn into the flame, which stands for heat. The color switch from red to orange also realistically shows what happens to a flame when in gets farther from its source. It gets colder.

    The fact that it takes the most basic part of the game and makes an original idea out of it for a logo is great. And the logo works well for the team name. 

43: Minnesota Twins

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    Now, this may come as a surprise, as I have stated I do not like circle logos in baseball. However, this works for the Twins.

    The Twins have nothing else to fall back on. They went with a script logo but placed it over a circle logo. They recognized that the logo would be lacking if they used either one. To fix this, they combined the two. 

    I think that this is the best logo that they could have rolled out. It looks good, but being a circle logo in baseball is still a no-no. Forty-third isn't bad, though. 

42: Houston Rockets

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    The Rockets logo is very modern, and looks extremely good.

    The stem of the "R" is a rocket, and it fades out at the bottom, as if it is blasting off. The same happens with the rest of the "R." The circle is the hoop of a basketball net, and even though it's cliche, it doesn't resemble a real one. The hoop is tied into the overall look of the logo.

    The red on white looks very nice, and the logo itself is great. The modern look works well for the team, and they end up in the top third of the list. 

41: St. Louis Rams

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    While the St. Louis Rams' play has been inconsistent since their logo change, the logo has always been good.

    The blue and gold clash well against each other, and it makes the other colors stand out. The horns of the ram look great, and the ram itself looks like it is pissed off. It's something that the opponent doesn't want to see.

    The Rams have a great logo, and the team would do well to put it on the helmet. 

40: Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers recently updated the logo, and the update improved on the old.

    The use of blue to outline the panther is something that I really like about the logo. It's a great way to incorporate the blue. The fangs look better, and overall the update makes the logo look sleeker and more modern.

    The Panthers' update took the team into the 21st century and made them look even better. 

39: Calgary Flames

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    The Calgary Flames have a team name that is common among sports, but they execute the logo perfectly. 

    The use of the "C," meaning Calgary, is a great way to incorporate the city, and the tailing flames tie into the team name. The use of both aspects is a standard that teams should strive for. 

    Not only does the logo do this, but the assistant captains' "A" is a replica of the Atlanta Flames logo. The way that the team ties in its history while staying modern is a good combination. It works and looks great. 

38: Oklahoma City Thunder

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    The reason why this young logo is so high on the list is because it is something that no team has tried before. 

    The offset "OKC" on top of a basketball is interesting and attention grabbing because it's different. Having "Thunder" above the shield adds the team name but doesn't make it over the top.

    This young team has a great logo to start off with, and don't expect them to change it soon.

37: Chicago White Sox

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    The White Sox have a very clean logo, and it's a good combo of complex and simple.

    The contrast of white and black makes the "Sox" pop out, and it looks good when on the jersey. The script going up and down rather than left to right is different, and that difference makes it look even better. 

    The White Sox have a great logo that can stand alone and that people love to wear.

36: Florida Panthers

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    The Florida Panthers have always had the same logo, and it has always been great.

    This logo has the panther jumping out from a first-person view, which is something that not many logos do. Not only that, but it has huge teeth and claws. This panther looks like it could kill you if it were real. 

    The team had an original idea, and it is believably menacing. Teams don't want to look at the logo, and it works for them. 

35: Memphis Grizzlies

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    The Grizzlies logo has evolved from a '90s classic to one of the best in the modern world. 

    The bear looks like he is ready to kill someone and is not pleased with whomever he is staring at. But my favorite part is the use of the darker blue. It creates a shadow on one side of his face, and it makes it look even better. 

    The Grizzlies have one of the best logos in the NBA. 

34: Columbus Blue Jackets

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    For a team that finished last in the NHL, at least the Blue Jackets got the logo right. 

    The Blue Jackets reference the Union in the Civil War. The star stands for the Union and the flag is the Ohio flag. Though the combo of these two is a stretch from the team name, aesthetically it's fantastic. This is another logo that is new and modern, and it pulls the style off beautifully. 

    The Blue Jackets made the right decision by making this former third logo into their primary. 

33: Tampa Bay Rays

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    The Rays re-branded back in 2008 and haven't looked back since.

    Being from Tampa, I know the blues, white and yellow are colors really taken from the team's location. The small sun ray in the "R" is a very nice, subtle touch that makes the logo look good. My favorite part is the fact that the logo uses a baseball diamond rather than a baseball. It's different than any other logo.

    The Rays have a great logo on their hands, and don't expect it to change any time soon. 

32: Philadelphia Phillies

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    The Phillies have become a powerhouse in MLB recently, and they have a logo fans love to wear. 

    The Phillies, like the Rays, use a baseball field instead of a baseball to symbolize the sport. But what makes the logo is the Liberty Bell in the background. The Bell ties in the city for which the team is named. 

    The Phillies have one of the weirder team names, but the logo more than makes up for it. 

31: Oakland Raiders

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    The Raiders are one of the most iconic teams in the NFL, and it's because of the logo.

    The Raiders use a shield logo but have a lot going on inside of it. The silver and black helmet is a shout out to teams of the past, but it adds to the eye-patch of the Raider. The swords in the background adds a little menace to the logo, which is a great touch.

    The Raiders use the logo's space well and show that when you get a logo right, there's no reason to change it. 

30: Atlanta Falcons

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    The Atlanta Falcons name was synonymous with Michael Vick. But the team and logo look good no matter whose name is on the back of the jerseys.

    The team has a sleek falcon with accents of red. The red contrasts with the black extremely well and makes the falcon look great. The logo is modern and ready to strike. 

    The Falcons have modified their original logo over the years, and this is the best to date. 

29: Houston Astros

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    It may not be much, but the Houston Astros logo gets the job done.

    An Astro is a star, so it's a no-brainer to have one on the logo. But the Astros make the star different. It's an outer layer of a star, and they leave part of it incomplete to look like a shooting star. Below that, they have a script logo of the team's name. They recognized the star wasn't enough, so they added the script.

    The Astros have a great logo on their hands and shouldn't scrap it when they jump to the American League. 

28: Ottawa Senators

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    The Ottawa Senators are actually a re-boot of the storied franchise that won 11 Stanley Cups before becoming defunct in 1954. The new team definitely has a modern look to it, though.

    When people think of senators, they think of politicians in DC. But the Senators are based off of the Roman Senators that ruled the Roman Empire. Having the senator dressed in battle gear makes the logo look serious.

    The Senators dress in battle gear every night just as the senator does in their logo. This connection, and the overall look, is what makes the logo in the top quarter of the rankings.  

27: Detroit Lions

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    The Detroit Lions used to have a logo that would be found in the bottom quarter of the rankings. But with a few detailings, it's in the top.

    This lion has its features drawn, from its claws and fangs to its mane to the fur on its tail. The attention to detail makes this logo stand out and makes it look like it would be an actual lion. Seeing that on a helmet with a silver backdrop makes people want to wear it.

    The Detroit Lions are climbing back up into the NFL's elite, but their logo is already there.  

26: Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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    The Angels have used an "A" with a halo in nearly every logo since 1986. They have improved on it every time, and this is the best one yet.

    The reason why it works is because the Angels know what they have in the logo. They don't try to do too much with it. They use the "A," and they use the halo to surround the peak of it. Some may think it's too simple, but I feel like it could be a lot simpler.  

    The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have probably the longest name in sports, but it doesn't matter when you have a logo like the Angels.

25: Minnesota Vikings

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    The Vikings come from the north, and, fittingly, that's where Minnesota is. And the Vikings have an awesome logo for their team name. 

    What is not to like about the Viking? He has long flowing locks of hair, much like the hated A.J. Hawk or Clay Matthews. He has a mustache that Rollie Fingers would be envious of. His horns look as if they deserve to be on a minotaur. This is the typical Viking that looks like it came straight out of Norse mythology.

    They might not be the Minnesota Vikings for much longer, but it would be a shame to see this logo trashed if the team moves.  

24: San Jose Sharks

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    The San Jose Sharks have under-performed in recent Stanley Cup playoffs, but in the same time, the logo gone from rags to riches. 

    The use of the team colors is what makes this logo awesome. The use of the black to make the teal pop more is good, but the colors make the shark look 3D, which is what makes it great. The shark takes a massive chomp out of a hockey stick, which is somewhat cliche but also shows that sharks can destroy anything. The orange accent is a nice touch and adds the third color into the logo.

    The Sharks use their colors in ways that improve the entire look. It's one logo that should be worn by all of its fans. 

23: Pittsburgh Pirates

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    The Pittsburgh Pirates have a logo that is underrated. Most people think of the team's success and not of the actual logo.

    What makes the logo great is that it's a legit pirate, not one from Pirates of the Caribbean. The Pirate has a bandanna and an earring and generally looks like all he does is pillage and drink rum. The baseball bats in the background don't take away from the pirate, but they add the sport into the logo. The script above the logo just makes it clearer that it's a pirate, while also adding more yellow into the logo.

    The Pirates have a great logo. Now, only if it could win them games.  

22: Carolina Hurricanes

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    Much like the Pirates, the Hurricanes have a logo that is under-appreciated. But this logo definitely deserves to be in the top quarter of the rankings. 

    Again, the colors are what makes the logo. The colors of the beach flag that warns of a hurricane are red with a black box in the middle. This is why the Hurricanes use black and red in their logo. And the general shape may look like just a circle, but it is the meteorological look of what a hurricane looks like. 

    Personally, I would have the third logo of the Hurricanes be the primary, but this is a very close second. 

21: Atlanta Hawks

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    The Atlanta Hawks have been an irrelevant franchise in the NBA, but with their logo, they should be a top tier team. 

    What makes the logo great is that it's a first-person view of a hawk. There isn't another logo out there that has a bird with a full wingspan. The hawk is grabbing a basketball, but the claws on the hawk look like they could shred anything in sight. The tea title above the logo doesn't distract from the majestic hawk either. 

    Many of the logos that find their way onto the top of the list are either very modern or one-of-a-kind, and this one is no exception. 

20: Los Angeles Kings

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    The Kings are having one hell of a season, and hockey is getting a good look at the Kings beautiful logo.

    The Kings have blended a majority of their logos in the most recent logo, and it works. The Black and Silver is a look that the team hasn't seen since 1998. But the shield is something that is found in the logo from 1998-2002. The crown at the bottom of the shield was the logo from 2002 to 2011, and the crown is a modernization from the original crown from the Expansion Six era. 

    The Kings take the entire history of the entire club, roll it into one logo and make it look modern. The Kings chose a great time to roll out the new logo. 

19: Seattle Mariners

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    The Seattle-based teams have a nautical theme to them, but the Mariners have the better logo by far. 

    A mariner is one that navigates a ship. So what better logo to use than a compass? The Mariners take a crucial aspect of sailing a ship, but one that is often overlooked. Making the logo also a circle logo inside of the compass is also very nice touch. The baseball is cliche, but I feel like the logo would lose something if it wasn't there.

    Don't let the compass fool you—the Mariners have one of the best logos in the MLB. 

18: St. Louis Cardinals

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    At 18 comes the final MLB logo of the list, the St. Louis Cardinals. 

    There are very few ways to make a cardinal look good, but the Cardinals do it. What makes it is the way each part of the logo adds to the overall whole, and nothing is over the top. The Cards have a whole cardinal perched on a baseball bat. But the best part is the word mark at the logo. The Cardinals' word mark has been the same since 1957, and it has become the standard for baseball.

    The Cardinals were world champs in 2011 and are champions of the MLB logos. 

17: Phoenix Coyotes

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    The Phoenix Coyotes had some terrible logos before the lockout, but the Reebok era has done the Coyotes well.

    Coyotes are native to Arizona, which makes it the perfect team name for a Phoenix team. The logo captures a howling coyote. The red and off-white make the logo pop and accent the parts of the head. The fangs are detailed to a point. The logo looks like it could be a real coyote that could attack at any second.  

    The Coyotes may not be in Phoenix in a few seasons, so get a good look at this logo while you can. 

16: Sacramento Kings

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    Sacramento was very close to losing the Kings, but lucky for them, the team stayed. 

    The Kings logo may look too cartoonish for some, but I like it. The lances are a shout out to the medieval era, where the majority of people go when they think of kings. The crown at the top is the King's crown. The silver symbolizes a sword the king carries, and the purple is synonymous with kings. 

    The Kings put a lot of symbolism into their logo, which is what a logo should do. 

15: New England Patriots

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    The New England Patriots have one of the most historically significant names in sports, and the logo does it justice.

    New England was the spot for many of the battles that won the U.S. the Revolutionary War, and those who fought were called Patriots. The red, silver (white) and blue mark the colors of the country and the ideals that they stand for. In the logo, the man is wearing a hat with a single star for the city of Boston with the colors of the country and the team.

    American people love to say that they are from America, and this logo captures what started this country.  

14: Boston Bruins

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    The Boston Bruins have had a fan resurgence since they won the Cup last year, and people are seeing more of this logo everywhere in the NHL.

    The Bruins have had the circled "B" logo since 1949. The Original Six team has experimented with using an actual bear for their logo in various third jerseys, and none have matched this logo. The "B" obviously means Boston and Bruins, and the circle stands for a hockey puck. 

    This is a logo that is based in history, and it does classic right. 

13: Denver Broncos

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    The Denver Broncos were thrust into the media spotlight with the emergence of Tim Tebow and the signing of Peyton Manning, and fans are getting a good look at this fantastic logo.

    The Broncos are named after the untamed horses that roamed the western U.S. Their logo captures that—a horse that is sprinting as fast as he can, mane flowing in the wind, eyes determined like none other. The detailing of the features of the horse make it look sleek. 

    This logo is one of the best of the NFL, and with Manning, the Broncos should be as good as their logo is. 

12: Chicago Bulls

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    The Chicago Bulls did not have the season they expected, but D-Rose will make sure this logo is seen in the NBA for years to come. 

    Naming a team in Chicago the Bulls may be confusing, but it doesn't really matter. The Bulls have become the team of the city. The Bull looks like he is ready to charge, and he is covered in red, which bulls absolutely hate. The red on the tip of the horns could resemble blood, meaning they have already attacked. The flared nostrils mean they are ready to do it again. 

    The Bulls are easily the most recognizable team in the NBA thanks to MJ, Scottie Pippen and Derrick Rose. Their logo could have done it on its own. 

11: Dallas Mavericks

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    The Dallas Mavericks were forever cemented in history with their 2011 NBA championship. Thankfully, this is the logo that appears on the championship banner. 

    The Mavericks have an extremely unique logo. They have a shield logo, but the text and photo don't fit inside of it—they pop out. The maverick uses its body to finish the circle that the basketball started, and "Mavericks" spans across the bottom off the logo. The use of the silver is really complemented by the blue, too.

    The Mavericks should be thankful that this is the logo that will hang from the American Airlines Center forever. 

10: Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most notorious teams in the NFL. Their fans are the meanest, and their logo is one of the meanest.

    The Eagles use the head of a bald eagle as their logo. The Eagle looks as if it is swooping down, ready to attack its prey. Its beak could shred apart anything in its mouth. 

    The Eagles take the culture of their team and their fans with this logo. And because of it, it's one of the best in sports.

9: Chicago Blackhawks

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    Earlier in the slideshow, I talked about how some logos rested in the likeness of Native Americans were awful. This is how you make a great logo, and not just for Native Americans, but in general.

    The Chicago Blackhawks are named after a chief that was a vital character in the history of Illinois. Their logo takes what a warrior would be like in the Native American culture. The warrior paint, the feathers in the hair, the dye in the hair—all of them are what warriors would wear when going into battle.

    The Blackhawks have arguably the most recognizable logo in all of sports and completely deserve to be in the top 10 logos in the Big 4. 

8: Tennessee Titans

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    The Tennessee Titans went for it all right out of the gate in 1999, and ever since then, the Titans have been competitive in the NFL, giving fans lots of chances to check out their fantastic logo.

    The Titans use a circle logo, but it isn't a traditional circle logo. They use a medallion seal for the circle, much like the lightning medallion in Hercules. But, they have flames coming off of the top left of the medallion. The "T" stands for the Titans, and the three stars stand for the three teams that came before the Titans.

    It may not be a intimidating logo, but the Titans put together a logo worthy of the name.  

7: Cleveland Cavaliers

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers may have one of the best names in sports, and their logo does not disappoint. 

    Cavaliers are soldiers that are trained to use a rapier and a rifle. The sword that is in the logo is a rapier, and it pierces through the text of the logo. The font that the team uses is swift and flowing, much like how one uses a rapier in battle. The basketball in the background adds the red of their team colors, but also adds to the overall logo. 

    LeBron may have left the team, but the Cavs beat the heat in the logo department. 

6: Tampa Bay Lightning

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    The Tampa Bay Lightning went through a logo overhaul this past season, and it worked tremendously. 

    The Lightning took their original circle logo, and made it simpler and sleeker. But what really makes this logo work is the ability for fans to draw the logo. It's that simple, but it still looks sleek when worn. The colors contrast well, and the font over the logo adds to the overall look.

    The Lightning may have taken a step back design wise, but they jumped forward on the list. 

5: Nashville Predators

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    The Nashville Predators have gone from the bottom of the league to Cup contenders in their short lifespan, and their new logo is coming at just the right time. 

    The Predators use a saber-toothed tiger for their logo, an animal that has never been used in pro sports, but also is an animal that was one of the best hunters in the Ice Age. The tiger's teeth are sharpened to a point and would kill anything it can sink into. The tiger looks like it's ready to attack anything that moves. The colors of the team work well against each other and detail the features of the Predator.

    Nashville is getting good at just the right time. And their logo completely deserves to be in the top five of sports.  

4: Houston Texans

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    When I first heard the new Houston franchise would be called the Texans, I thought it was a total cop-out for a team name. But, after seeing the logo, the team name works perfectly. 

    The Texans use a Texas longhorn bull for the logo, but they don't use the traditional view of the bull, like the Texas Longhorns. Instead, they have the bull mid charge, head lowered ready to attack. And the bull uses the flag of Texas. The star is right where an eye is. The white stripe separates the sides of the head but also the colors. And every detail is sharpened to a point.

    The Texans have nearly the best logo in the NFL and in sports. But they have perfected their logo on their first try.

3: Colorado Avalanche

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    The Colorado Avalanche are another young franchise that find their way to the top of the list. And their logo does not disappoint. 

    The Avalanche's logo uses all of the aspects of Colorado. The "A" resembles the Rocky Mountains that are synonymous with Colorado. The puck has a tail of snow that comes from the top of the mountain to the bottom, and that snow is in fact an avalanche. The use of the team name in picture form is what makes this logo great, along with the incorporation of the teams colors into the logo.

    The Avs just miss the cut for the top NHL logo, but they are in very good company. 

2: Detroit Red Wings

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    It's fitting that one of the Original Six teams has the best logo in the NHL. The Detroit Red Wings definitely deserve to be that team.

    The Red Wings have had the same basic logo since they became the Red Wings in 1932, and they have been improving it ever since. In 1948, they perfected their logo, and it hasn't changed since. The use of the wheel ties in the city of Detroit and its rich automobile history. And the red wing coming off the back of the tire uses the team name. Both are intricate while still having a simplistic basic design.

    The Red Wings have become the face of American hockey, and their logo is the best of the best. 

1: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Finally we have No. 1, and that logo is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

    The Bucs use the poster of pirates, the Jolly Roger flag. But they add their own twist on it. They incorporate their red into the flag rather than the standard black. The flag looks tattered in the back, showing it is battle worn and rugged. The skull and swords look sleek, and the football in the middle is a cliched, but nice touch. And the fact that the flag is being strung up by a sword is a great touch. 

    The logo ties in many attributes of a pirate but still makes it specific to the football club. The logo is absolutely sick, and it is the best in sports.