Miami Marlins: Can Ozzie Guillen Steal the Media Spotlight from LeBron?

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Miami Marlins: Can Ozzie Guillen Steal the Media Spotlight from LeBron?
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Ever since "The Decision" was announced in front of the world that LeBron James would be taking his talents to South Beach, the media spotlight has been focused primarily on the Miami Heat

The last time Miami became attached to the Marlins was back in 2003 when they won their second World Series. 

In recent years, the attention has been primarily focused on the Heat and Dolphins while the Marlins were overshadowed as they waited for their new ballpark to be built.

With the new Marlins ballpark completed and a newly re-branded franchise, the team made a big splash in hiring manager Ozzie Guillen

After parting ways with the Chicago White Sox, Guillen was sought after heavily by the Marlins and signed with the team before the end of last season. Ozzie played an important role in luring in prized free agents Jose Reyes and Heath Bell

In perhaps his biggest accomplishment this offseason, Guillen was able to recruit long-time White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle to Miami and away from the team that he spent his first 12 seasons with.

At first glance, the debate as to whether Ozzie Guillen could actually steal the media spotlight away from LeBron and the Heat would simply be disregarded.

LeBron looks to be on a direct path to receive his third MVP trophy as he is having one of his best seasons in his career.

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But has the media worn itself out with all the LeBron obsession since his decision? 

Both James and Guillen have very different personalities when it comes to how they are perceived by the media. LeBron is known as a funny character who prefers to be friends with his teammates and opponents.

Ozzie is a very loud, outspoken individual who hardly cares what anyone else thinks of him. If the Marlins succeed, Guillen's personality may actually gain more attention than LeBron in the Miami market and from the national media spotlight.

Ozzie Guillen is one of the more well-known managers in all of baseball and has had success during his years in Chicago, including a World Series title. His move to Miami could potentially explode his popularity even further if he turns the Marlins into a contender in his first season. 

When MLB announced the new playoff format that includes adding another Wild Card team to each league, the Marlins couldn't have been happier.

Both times the Marlins made it to the playoffs as a Wild Card team, they won the World Series.

There is significant importance in the signing of Ozzie Guillen that extends further than just the baseball field.

Guillen provides a personality and appeal the Marlins are trying to attract with the recent changes in their organization, mainly from the Latino demographic. 

In an article by Dan Le Batard in the Miami Herald that explores if the Marlins' offseason spending will work down in Miami, he says the hiring of Guillen gives the Marlins "a famous Latin face and accented, foul-mouthed Hispanic voice."

He continues on by saying the new Marlins manager "gives them the kind of buzz and momentum and credibility they are looking to build, piece by piece, just like they built that new ballpark on Calle Ocho." 

This type of personality can certainly win over the fan's and media's attention down in Miami as well as potentially garnering world-wide attention if the Marlins accomplish their goals.

With the Showtime reality series "The Franchise" documenting the Marlins every move, the show could stretch Ozzie's popularity even further, to limits no one thought possible.

LeBron still remains the main focus in the media at the current moment, and rightfully so.

But, Ozzie Guillen has the pieces in place and the promise of becoming the next spotlight figure to take the Miami audience by storm.

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