1. FINAL: the @Rockies defeat the Padres 7-4 Nolan Arenado: 3-4 RBI 2R Dustin Garneau: 2-4 2RBI R Jose Reyes: 2RBI http://t.co/Ifio2Ew4AT

  2. Report: SS Reyes Pleads Not Guilty to DV

  3. Rockies GM: Reyes Situation 'Unfortunate and Concerning'

  4. Reyes Arrest May Test MLB's New D.V. Policy

  5. Reyes in Limbo as Rockies' Season Nears Close

  6. #Rockies Jose Reyes out again with sore left Achilles. He's not sure if he'll play again this season.

  7. #Rockies SS Jose Reyes has Achilles soreness. He is participation in batting practice. Wants to play soon, wants to be sure before playing.

  8. In-game reading: #Rockies Jose Reyes uncertain of return from Achilles injury; RHP Miguel Castro shut down http://t.co/u3HA6Nc86k via @mlb

  9. The Jose Reyes situation is on the verge of becoming a fiasco for the Rockies http://t.co/Bm7fvhLdFq http://t.co/mLWvMSD8pJ

  10. Interesting commentary from #Rockies Jose Reyes https://t.co/cQYirxafZZ

  11. Looks like there is history. #Rockies Jose Reyes was with #Mets at that time https://t.co/c56jST5iBV

  12. #Rockies SS Jose Reyes was recently arrested for an alleged incident in Hawaii, per reports. https://t.co/kCIGZxV6dE https://t.co/hfuBFAKswU

  13. Repeating, #Rockies Jose Reyes arrested on domestic abuse charges in Hawaii: https://t.co/aYJVqqmpJb https://t.co/NeCqd61DH8

  14. Reports out of Hawaii: #Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes arrested for domestic abuse

  15. #Rockies SS Jose Reyes arrested for alleged domestic violence, according to @ChelseaDavisHNN. Developing story: https://t.co/YeDyObkF9b

  16. The latest details on Jose Reyes' arrest: (@HawaiiNewsNow) https://t.co/RnALes0cV4 https://t.co/431fuMe5VO

  17. Rockies' shortstop Jose Reyes has reportedly been arrested for domestic violence: https://t.co/oBqLD4oSzU https://t.co/riDocHe35j

  18. JUST IN: #Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes arrested in Hawaii for assault: https://t.co/OuyAa9SAQ2 https://t.co/yevvBwg8zp

  19. #Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes arrested in Hawaii for assault: https://t.co/OXu4r5I8Rv

  20. Spinning forward (too far forward to be fair): #Rockies probably won't void Jose Reyes' contract, if they even try: https://t.co/OXu4r5I8Rv

  21. Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes was reportedly arrested for domestic abuse https://t.co/inHtfidaxv https://t.co/g4CaIgYJ2S

  22. #Rockies, MLB really need to get the Jose Reyes situation right, if allegations are true. https://t.co/119jAE67fp https://t.co/ybUQfdQGwt

  23. Colorado Rockies statement regarding Jose Reyes: https://t.co/bCeMxRzune

  24. #Rockies SS Jose Reyes reportedly arrested, charged with assaulting wife in Hawaii DETAILS: https://t.co/eic8cgmN2y

  25. #Rockies statement on Jose Reyes: “We were extremely disappointed and concerned to learn of the allegations involving Jose Reyes. ... (cont)

  26. Rob Manfred expected to comment Tuesday morning on Jose Reyes incident #Rockies https://t.co/AKeEQm0ORX

  27. #Rockies statement on Jose Reyes: https://t.co/OuyAa9SAQ2

  28. The #Rockies late last night released a statement regarding the arrest of Jose Reyes: https://t.co/RnALes0cV4 https://t.co/iL8X5Zxfxh

  29. Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes was arrested Oct. 31 over domestic abuse allegations. https://t.co/Y30ogDzU8D

  30. Colorado Rockies statement regarding Jose Reyes: https://t.co/mm8UzJmDo7

  31. Here's the ESPN news story on Jose Reyes' reported arrest in Hawaii: https://t.co/3KV6sCE04S #mets #rockies #bluejays

  32. MLB has released its official statement on Jose Reyes https://t.co/EjDvyyXE8w https://t.co/4pPWmMW56i

  33. Manfred says key to #Rockies Jose Reyes situation is being proactive and that MLB and MLBPA will work together on discipline.

  34. The reaction has begun to pour in after Jose Reyes was arrested on Halloween in Hawaii: https://t.co/7lWDIzOH9S https://t.co/K8fbJgWdvO

  35. Rockies release statement on Jose Reyes' domestic violence arrest--https://t.co/aL9PpmAWk8 https://t.co/CID03SxSP2

  36. Rockies, MLB looking into report that Jose Reyes was arrested on assault charge in Maui https://t.co/9YubdMgQqP

  37. Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes arrested in Hawaii for assault, according to report https://t.co/UwhpnDuyCO

  38. #Rockies' Jose Reyes' arrest under review by Major League Baseball https://t.co/PWIjWHMI2C by @psaundersdp https://t.co/gcmtK4HsaE

  39. MLB, #Rockies looking into report of Jose Reyes' arrest https://t.co/ldPVVyRVht https://t.co/06SNqLhwtJ