John Cena vs the Rock: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Team Cena at Wrestlemania 28

Shalaj Lawania@_Apex_Predator_Senior Analyst IMarch 6, 2012

John Cena vs the Rock: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Team Cena at Wrestlemania 28

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    For a while now, WWE has courageously tried to partition the partial WWE Universe between rooting for everyone's favorite heel John Cena and favorite babyface The Rock. Try and try till you succeed is the name of the game, but not when the host of WrestleMania 28 is Miami. 

    While WWE's heroic deeds are commendable, they're also not entirely redundant. There are guys out there who support Cena (no seriously) and would be one of Team Cena and stay Team Cena forever give or take a few Skankapotamus remarks. 

    Anyways, before I begin I'd like to point all Rocky fans to 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Team Rocky At WrestleMania 28. Yes, my neutrality is spread out over two articles. 

    So that means seeing that this is after all about why you should be cheering for John Cena over The Rock, don't blame me for being a 'Cena mark', because hey I can't make you support him by chastising him more. That's not how the universe works.

    Here are the five top reasons why you should be holding a Rise Above Hate sign in the crowd or in front of your television at WM 28.

5. Team Loyalty

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    Loyalty is the gimmick Cena has been based on ever since the untimely demise of Rapper Cena. This is what brings out his happiness and confidence and the rare marginal amount of awesomeness in his good promos. I repeat, in his good promos. The bad ones are just bland.

    He didn't leave WWE to pursue a career in MMA, UFC or Hollywood. He's been here day-in and day-out and like he says it, done it all for the fans.

    I see the rebuttals creeping in already—so what if he stayed? Stuffing something bland and stale every day isn't noble?

    You are completely right sir, it isn't. To that a part of my answer belongs in the coming slides.

    And the other part is this—wrestling ability and all kept aside, there are certain expository traits that really earn gold stars from scholars around the world and loyalty is one of them. The fact that a man has spent his life traveling the world and performing at house shows, weekly TV shows and given interviews deserves appreciation of it's own. Like I said, all wrestling skills aside.

    There's a reason John Cena can walk out with the words Hustle, Loyalty and Respect on his shirt and Rock can't.  

4. Team Humility

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    Just to clear it all out, these two articles deal with the on-screen character portrayals of both Dwayne and John and not their actual personalities. While Dwayne Johnson may be a hell lot more different from The Great One The Rock, John Cena has remained the real John Cena on and off television.

    On one side we have a person who has always referred himself in third person and as the greatest superstar on Earth (and validated it no doubt but referred nonetheless) and constantly praised all his moves, matches and body parts. That's The Rock to you.

    On the other side is a person who comes out and tells every heel wrestler that he's loco and that he should be fighting for the crowd every night of which he is a humble part. He is a member of the WWE Universe—a voice among millions. Given his hectic schedule, he still manages to meet people, grant interviews, send tributes to the troops and just speak as a normal person with no ounce of vanity. That, sir, still counts for a lot.

    Mirroring thoughts expressed in the previous slide, The Rock may have lived up to his claims and done all that his egoistic words spoke he would do, but it still oozes vanity. Given the art of ignorance, simple indifference towards the justification and sole focus on the trait (in this case: vanity) is a negative.

    Just like how Cena can suck in the ring, but the fact that he has been loyal and has never given up on the love of his life deserves some love for the trait on it's own. The hate for his wrestling shouldn't be jumbled in and horribly converted into hate for loyalty. You can't justify that, ever.

    A Rocky fan can't, anyway.   

3. Team People's Champion

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    Yes, that's the Rock's nickname and in my eyes in present scenario it is more apt for John Cena. I'm not sure whether it's a twist of fate or just poor cerebral eyesight, but hear me out.

    The term 'People's Champion' can be interpreted in many ways—prominent among which is a) self-proclaimed megastar who can evoke roof-shattering reactions from crowds (The Rock) or b) a person who loves the Universe, does everything for them and lives and breathes and wrestles for them (John Cena).

    When Make A Wish says John Cena is their most popular star, they aren't joking and so shouldn't you be either.

    Sure, the Rock must have granted tons of wishes too, some as a Tooth Fairy, and some as a WWE star and must have done his fair share of mingling with the audience. But he left the WWE Universe for seven years straight and left a gaping void in all his interactions with the wrestling world. He gave up on the people.  

    You know Big Show was fat and mean for years and now while he's still fat, he is also one of their most loved wrestlers? As the audience, we feed on what is fed to us—the present.

    While we may chant 'Sexual Chocolate' out to Mark Henry every time, we do see him as this walking talking monster who will bonk the living hell out of you at any instant. It's good and smart to acknowledge history, but we need to also live in the present. 

    Which means that if Rock had been the actual People's Champion once in his life, he is not that dignified entity now. This feud is based on the present Rock and present Cena. All the facts and news and coverage in the world points that John Cena is in all terms of the word—The People's Champion.

2. Team Logical

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    Unless you are Sheamus and just rumble down into random opponents every week with no reason whatsoever you need to have a feud that's well established and logical.

    It could be anything— over a beast in the world title and a rip-off issue or vengeance for losing but still beating the hell out of someone so they're carried off in a stretcher or even over who gets a chance to break Zack Ryder's back and make him go WOO WOO WOO ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO?!

    Just like all feuds, this too is based on a solid point. Not two points, but just one point—from Cena.

    John Cena states that Rock is a phony because he gave up the thing he said he loved the most in the world and audience he said he loved the most in the world for a different career despite not having any career-ending impositions.

    He gave it up all on will, and left all the Rocky fans (of which Cena was once a part) high and dry. That's his point, and by God it's a solid point. Can any Rock fan deny that Rock didn't leave?

    You can of course, but you'll be as truthful as Jack Swagger when he calls himself important.

    So what is Rock's rebuttal? Finally! blah blah Millions! blah blah Trending Worldwide blah blah Great One blah blah Trending Worldwide blah blah Monkey Paw Noob blah blah YOUR CLOTHES ARE FUNNY blah blah Trending Worldwide and of course, end it all with a If You Smell. Not entirely logical, but it still manages to electrify Twitter. 

    Ever since last March, I've considered John Cena as the one with the upper hand on the mic. His promo which brought about the return of Dr. Thuganomics was wittily composed of humour and truth. There were snide comments about Rock's departure everywhere. And I don't count Rock's reply as making a kid dress up like Cena and then debase this junior Cena as a solid rebuttal.

    Entertaining yes, but it still presents a weak standpoint.

    You can go watch all the videos of the infamous Rock-Cena confrontations, take Survivor Series for example—Cena says Rocky is always here via satellite and Rocky responds I'll stick a boot up his lady parts. No seriously, it provides a cheap pop. . .but Cena comes out with the upper hand.

    Or maybe he doesn't have a point. He can't say I was put into a People's Trance by Kane. Can he?

    Take this week's RAW. Rock gave history lessons that were entertaining and long at the same time from around the city. Cena said the same thing, added a touch of sincerity and said it from the arena. These history lessons actually helped Cena. . .and polluted the city.

1. Team John Cena

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    The major point to like John Cena is because he is, well. . .John Cena—an entity that encompasses all the points listed in the previous slides and a lot more. A lot more.

    If you add up all the cheers heard in arenas around the world amidst the deafening jeers, you'll sum up a surprisingly huge Cenation. John Cena has his devoted cult of followers and they are never leaving him.

    If you subtract from the haters the number of people just booing him because 'hey dude, booing Cena is now the thing!' then the crowd of haters is substantially reduced. In WWE, things are in vogue all the time—like 'Take Care, Spike Your Hair' hairbands.

    The thing about John Cena is that, yes, he isn't the best wrestler around. Yes, he has given stale promos for a while. But he is still the biggest guy in WWE today. This is WWE, an empire where talents like Dolph Ziggler and Tyson Kidd are stuck somewhere while someone like Cena is big. There's something they must have done wrong, or something he must have done right. 

    Hate him or not, John Cena has headlined PPVs for years and has been the biggest drawing star for a while. He has main-evented WrestleManias and numerous shows and got in the crowds, the money, the merchandise sales and good business. John Cena is good for business. 

    Ensconced in the Fruity Pebble also likes a star with the greatest mic skills in the company today (and I'm a huge CM Punk and Jericho fan, so that's saying something). His promos and superhuman victories have been a product of laziness and bad booking and a result of him being the only money-maker in the company. He has the ability to be one of the greatest in promo skills in history, and no one can deny that.

    His wrestling doesn't however, but look at Hulk Hogan. In the world of sports entertainment, wrestling doesn't always (and unfortunately) drive a star into stardom.  


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    I hope you do read 5 Reasons To Be One of Team Rocky before commenting on my level of bias or lack of thereof. 

    Just to add a personal touch, do put in your comments whether you are one of Team Cena or Team Rocky.

    If you're not interested in this match at all, then put in Team Jerry Lawler for obvious reasons.

    And if you all think I've a Cena lovebird, I'd like you all to know that I like The Rock more. But John Cena makes sense in this feud, and is less annoying. 

    Thanks for reading and be sweet in your comments. Please?

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