TNA Impact Wrestling: Austin Aries/Samoa Joe Main Event, the Knockouts and More

Kyle SchadlerChief Writer IMarch 2, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling opened with Kurt Angle. He wanted to explain why he attacked Jeff Hardy.

There were so many reasons that he had to write them out on cue cards. Angle hated the way Hardy did his hair, the way he dresses and how the fans love Hardy more than him.

His No. 1 reason for hating Hardy, though, was that his son idolized the Charismatic Enigma more than his own father.

He then called out Hardy, and that brought out the former world champion.

Angle challenged him to a match at Victory Road and vowed to destroy him. Hardy just slapped Angle and went on the attack. Hardy then accepted the challenge to end the segment.

This was an interesting way to open the show, especially since Booby Roode has opened Impact Wrestling for the majority of the year so far.

I thought Angle was good on the mic and I’m happy that they kept Hardy off of the mic for the most part.

I’m on board for this Angle/Hardy feud as I think they’ll have a series of good matches.

Backstage, Bobby Roode was running down Sting for what he did last week. Austin Aries then approached Roode and agreed with everything he said. Aries is sick of not being in the main event and Roode wanted to talk.

Austin Aries in the main event? I’ve been waiting for that for months!


A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian: Gauntlet Match

Before the match, Styles said that if he won he wanted everything revealed. Daniels didn’t want to do it but Kaz accepted the proposition. Styles then quickly leaped to the outside onto Daniels.

The finish saw Styles defeat Daniels by disqualification after Kazarian interfered and hit the Fade to Black. With Styles out cold, Kaz pinned him for the win.

I thought this was an overall good match. Styles and Daniels delivered again, but they are starting to slow down.

They both performed great but they really have faced each other way too many times. They have run out of things to do to make their matches stand out.

Kazarian is really starting to stand out in this storyline. At first he was Daniels’ lackey, but now he seems to be playing mind games with him.

The puppet is starting to become the puppeteer.

I was interested in this storyline before, but now I’m even more interested!


Backstage, Madison Rayne is hanging up pictures of Gail Kim. Gail admits to overacting about her being No. 1 contender and gave her two presents.

The first was a day at the spa but the second one was a match with ODB. Gail walked away leaving Madison none too happy about the match.

For the past two weeks it seemed like Madison was playing mind games with Gail but it now seems like Gail is getting wise to them.

I just got a bit more interested in this feud.


Madison Rayne vs. ODB

ODB picked up the victory after Gail Kim pretended to fumble on the apron during an attempt to interfere.

I thought this was a decent match, definitely a step down from previous Knockouts matches, though.

Madison and ODB are great workers in the ring, but they just didn’t mesh too well together.

I’m glad to see ODB getting some sort of push and I hope it leads to a title sooner rather than later.

With Gail all but screwing Madison out of the match, it seems like Madison may end up being the face going into their title match at Victory Road.

If that does happen, it’ll be quite weird. Madison makes a great heel and I just can’t see her as a face.


Backstage, Bully Ray is putting down some woman. He then started complaining about James Storm and Brandon Jacobs before Roode and Aries approached him.

They have the same problem and that’s Sting. Roode declared that they were putting things to an end and told the bully that there was room for one more.

With both Roode and Aries being champions, Bully Ray just doesn’t fit in with them too well.

Earlier, Velvet Sky isn’t too happy about being screwed out of the No. 1 contender spot. It’s her time but she’s interrupted by Angelina Love and Sarita. They beat her down and throw her into a wall before Mickie James, wearing a ridiculous outfit, ran in for the save.

So Sarita is getting a push of some kind? It’s about damn time!

She’s one of the best TNA has in the Knockouts division but she has never really been given the chance to shine. Hopefully this is her chance to do so!

Backstage, Ric Flair is threatening Garret Bischoff. If he shows up next week, there was going to be serious consequences. This feud is still happening? This just needs to end!

Booby Roode, Austin Aries and Bully Ray then made their way to the ring. Roode put himself over and told Sting that he was just an authority figure.

He crossed the line when he attacked him last week and said that he won’t face Sting at Victory Road because he was done.

Bully Ray blamed Sting for everything that has happened to him over the past few weeks and declared that he and his calves were done as well.

Aries then got on the mic and said that Sting was jealous of all three of them. He has defeated everyone put in front him and hasn’t seen a single main event. He stated that he was done as well.

All three of them then sat down in the ring until the lights went out and Sting appeared.

If they’re really done, then the champions will have their titles stripped from them and all three would longer receive a paycheck.

Sting then booked the main event as the heels were to take on Samoa Joe, Magnus and James Storm.

I thought this was a great segment! All three heels were great on the mic, but I think Aries really shined here.

A Double really should be in the main event, and as soon as he loses the X-Division Championship, the world title is without a doubt in his future!

I hope this main event match is a sign of things to come for him.

Bully Ray and Roode were on par with their mic work over the past few months and are two of the best in TNA right now.

Sting was good as well, but the heels shined here.


Zema Ion vs. Shannon Moore

Zema Ion picked up the victory after hitting his finisher. I thought this was a good match that saw some nice action throughout.

Ion performed great in the ring and is proving that he deserves that No. 1 contender spot despite the way he got it.

He’s really starting to impress me, but I highly doubt he’ll take down Austin Aries. I have no doubts that he’ll be X-Division champion, but not at Victory Road.

Shannon Moore was quite good, but he just seems lost at times without a partner. Moore is good in the ring but at this point in his career, he’s best used as someone to get others over.

That’s what he did here and he did it quite well. He made Ion look like a star at times.

The title match at Victory Road should be quite the good one.


Sarita and Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky and Mickie James

Velvet and Mickie picked up the win after Velvet hit her facebuster finisher on Angelina.

I thought this was good, much better than the Madison/ODB match earlier. The star of this match was without a doubt Sarita!

I loved her suicide dive to the outside; you just don’t see women do that in wrestling so it was special to a certain degree.

Mickie played the face in peril and Velvet just hit a few moves before performing her finisher so she didn’t really get to shine at all here.

Mickie performed well, as did Angelina, but Sarita made all three of them look like amateurs.

This sort of push better be leading to her being Knockouts champion over the summer!

Backstage, Sting’s team is ready for the match. They don’t look like a team, but neither did Joe and Magnus and now they’re the champions. They were going to take down the heels.

Austin Aries, Samoa Joe and Magnus in the main event of Impact Wrestling: I seriously couldn’t be happier right now!

Mike Tenay then announced that Abyss’ family was looking for him because he has disappeared since Genesis.

So Abyss has apparently disappeared again. Hopefully he’ll be back sooner rather than later and as a heel.

His character works much better as a crazy monster than a good guy.


James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Bully Ray

The faces picked up the victory when Storm hit the Last Call on Roode. Post-match, Bully Ray attacked the victors with a chair.

This was a good match and it was great to see some fresh faces in the main event. Austin Aries seemed right at home in the main event, while Samoa Joe was certainly welcomed back into it!

All six wrestlers performed very well here, especially Aries, Joe and Magnus.

They made the most of their shot in the main event and they shined big time.

While Roode, Storm and the bully performed great as well, all eyes were the tag team and X-Division champions.

They proved that they deserved to be there!

Overall I thought this was another solid episode of Impact Wrestling! All of the matches were overall enjoyable to watch and all of the storylines were advanced nicely!

This continues the string of good shows for TNA Wrestling and as long as they can keep this up, 2012 will be their year!

Seeing Austin Aries and Samoa Joe in the main event just capped off the already good night and I hope this isn’t the last we see of both wrestlers in the top spot on the card!


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