NFL's Third Quarterback Debate

Ian HarrisonCorrespondent IJanuary 9, 2009

ESPN and basically all sports-casters fixate on the third best quarterback in the league.  

I saw a report where ESPN officially declared Tony Romo as the third quarterback. Of course, everyone is behind Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

But as the regular season drew to an end, Romo had lost all of his appeal to me. The way I see it, he's not even top 10. Which now begs the question, who is the third quarterback?


1. Drew Brees

Only a few yards shy of one of the greatest records a NFL quarterback could possess, the single-season yards record, Drew Brees still could not dominate the MVP race.  

Drew Brees didn't just fall short of Dan Marino's massive record, but to Peyton Manning for the MVP. Sure, he was on a team that didn't fair to well, but very few people would disagree anyone deserved this award more than Drew Brees.

So is he the third quarterback?

My judgement: No. Drew Brees was never the top story and will never be the No. 1 guy anywhere he goes. He's even playing second-fiddle to draft bust himself, Reggie Bush.


2.  Ben Roethlisberger

Having one of the best records for a starting quarterback ever, at 42-20, and only the second quarterback ever to win his first playoff game as a rookie, Ben Roethlisberger hit the scene, and smashed into the media.

If he leads the Steelers to a Super Bowl this year, they will be the first team ever to win their sixth Super Bowl. Ben isn't much for personal statistics, but he is the un-questioned leader and one of the best decision-makers the league has ever seen.

My judgement: No. Ben, however smart he may be at the quarterback position, is not the third most skilled player at the position. His arm is miles behind many of those who sit the bench.


3. Carson Palmer

The Bengals' quarterback that was supposed to save the franchise, really didn't deliver. Palmer has two of the best receivers in the NFL, and still manages to suck. Granted he has nursed many injures throughout his career; but even that doesn't make up for the lack of progress in the Bengals franchise.

My judgement: No. He has one of the best arms in the game, but is the worst leader of any top 10 quarterback.


4. Eli Manning

Brother of one of the best ever, Eli Manning has had a lot to live up to. Eli Manning started off in the league horrible. On draft day, he was drafted first to the Chargers, and instantly demanded a trade.  

Last year he overcame all the odds. Facing the undefeated Patriots, Eli Manning made one of the greatest catches in the history of catches possible. Manning avoided the rush of the Patriots, and lobbed a ball to fourth wide-receiver, David Tyree. But does one of the best plays in Super Bowl history make you the third best quarterback?

My judgement: No. He has proved nothing to me. One season doesn't make you great. Also, he has one of the best offensive lines in the league to work with, along with Plaxico Burress. Maybe in a few years...


5.   Donovan McNabb

Labeled for not being able to win the big one, Donovan McNabb has seen the biggest stage, but failed. No one questions his abilities, or his leadership. McNabb's time in Philadelphia may not be forever, but where ever he goes, McNabb is sure to have success.

My judgement: No. If it weren't for the next man, he would get my nod. McNabb is great, but for me, and for now, he's No. 4.


So with all of these no's, who is No. 3?

Brett Favre?

David Garrard?

Phillip Rivers?



The third quarterback: Kurt Warner

A player that deserves a spot in Canton for the hall-of-fame. The two-time MVP, and one of the best leaders I've ever seen play, Kurt Warner is still constantly over-looked.  

If Warner wins the Super bowl this year, there is no one who can say he's not the third best. In fact I could argue Warner higher than Brady on skill, but that's for a different article.

I want to hear your opinions guys!

Tell me what you guys think, and like always, thanks for reading.