See Ya Later! Losers!...Why Knapp, Ryan, and Rathman Will Miss the Raiders

Pat CowanCorrespondent IJanuary 8, 2009

(waving) Good riddance Rob Ryan. So long Greg Knapp. Be careful Bay hopping Tom Rathman.

I hope you all carry your success to your other teams. Good luck with that.

Rob Ryan: I hope you carry that "We are one of the best defenses, even though we are ranked 30th" mindset to the Browns. Looks like you have a lot to work with over there. That was a good trade off, Asomougha, Gibril Wilson, and Kirk Morisson looking...well, either way, it's not like pressuring the quarterback was your first priority anyway.

Greg Knapp: Good luck in Seattle buddy, I know that the wide-receiver situation was tough in Oakland, and you have sooo much more to work with in Seattle. I hope you can develop that young fella, Matt Hasselbeck into a pro bowl quarterback.

I hope your imaginative, run-run-throw-punt offense will baffle your opponents like they did here in Oakland. I mean, that one first-half touchdown that you had in six games was off the chain!!!

Tom Rathman: Can't blame you for going back to your roots. The 49ers were good to you in your playing days. Singletary is highly respected whether he wears his pants around his waist or his ankles.

Frank Gore is a great guy to coach, too. You have to be glad that Mike Martz and his "high powered offense" philosophy are both gone now. As you already know, after your tenure in Oakland, scoring points is way overrated anyway. You have fun running your only good running back 30 times a game for 16 weeks. I'll be anxious to see how that works out for you.


I can hear it now. There will be statements and sound bites all over the place about their coaching experiences in Oakland. What they won't realize is that Oakland will be a better team now that they are not around. While they are with their respective new teams, trying to figure out how to get out of the cellar, they will be looking at Oakland and seeing entirely new offensive and defensive philosophy taking place, and let's face it, that's not a bad thing!

Ranked near the bottom on offense and defense with good players is inexcusable. We gave you a little bit of a pass, because they were a young team, but let's face it. Your coaching sucked.

So again, good riddance, Oakland is a better team simply because you are not there anymore!