2012 NBA All-Star Game: Who Takes Home the MVP?

Jackson DuContributor IIIFebruary 24, 2012

2012 NBA All-Star Game: Who Takes Home the MVP?

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    The NBA All-Star Game in Orlando is finally here! After a long summer of speculations on whether this game will get canceled, fans finally get to enjoy the most celebrated event in professional basketball.

    Every participant in the All-Star Game is a star in his own right, but the All-Star MVP Award only goes to the best of the best. It's possibly the second most honorable individual award only behind the Season MVP. 

    Who will win this honor this year? Will it be the old timers like Kobe or Dirk, or will it be the young guns like Durant or Griffin? 

Dirk Nowitzki

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    Dirk is having a sub-par season by his standards, but is nevertheless still fabulous. The first quarter of the season did not do him justice, since he was injured and tired. But since then, he really picked up his game and regained his focus.

    Although he deserved every bit of his All-Star selection, his chances of winning the MVP is not looking good. The All-Star game is about flare, something not built into Dirk's game. He's not a dunker or acrobatic finisher, and he doesn't have any flashy moves beside that one-legged fadeaway.

    Unless he scores 30 points, which won't be surprising, he won't leave Orlando with the All-Star MVP.

    Probability of MVP: 20 percent

Dwight Howard

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    Dwight is the undisputed best center in the NBA right now. And besides being productive and efficient, he is also very entertaining to watch.

    Although the All-Star Game is all about offense, Dwight is probably the only player who will get the fans excited about defense. He will block shots left and right on defense while jamming down bucket after bucket on the other end. 

    Dwight Howard has a serious chance at ripping that All-Star MVP Award away from his teammate Lebron James. Superman never disappoints during the All-Star weekend, we were all witnesses. 

    Probability of MVP: 40 percent

Russell Westbrook

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    Russell Westbrook is probably the second most athletic point guard in the league behind Derrick Rose. His explosiveness is jaw-dropping, and his dunks are just a treat to watch.

    There's no doubt that he will put on a high-flying show in the All-Star Game. And the only thing standing between him and the MVP is playing time. He might not get tons of minutes with Chris Paul, Tony Parker and Steve Nash sharing point guard duties for the West. 

    Probability of MVP: 10 percent

Carmelo Anthony

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    Melo is an incredible offensive player, and the All-Star Game gives him the perfect stage to showcase his scoring ability. 

    But he struggled coming into the All-Star break and has yet to completely regain his form. Beside not being 100 percent, Melo needs the ball in his hands to be effective, something that won't happen when you are playing with the likes of Lebron, Wade, Rose and Howard. 

    Probability of MVP: 20 percent

Blake Griffin

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    Griffin is as entertaining as a basketball player could possibly get. If you don't like Griffin's high-flying acts, you don't like NBA basketball. 

    Griffin's presence on the All-Star Team is mostly for entertainment purposes. So even if he doesn't get big numbers, his eye-popping plays will get a lot of fans to vote for him. 

    Probability of MVP: 50 percent

Derrick Rose

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    Rose is the best scoring point guard in the NBA as of now. He is both entertaining and productive. 

    But he won't be scoring a lot during the All-Star Game. He knows his main duty is to distribute the ball to other volume scorers like James, Wade, Howard and Anthony. 

    Rose has also been injury ridden lately, and East All-Star coach and Bulls Head Coach Tom Thibodeau will monitor his minutes carefully. So Rose might not play a whole lot.

    Probability of MVP: 20 percent

Kevin Durant

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    Durant is on the All-Star Team for one purpose only: scoring. He is a tremendous scorer and the low defensive intensity of the All-Star Game will let him get his points easily. 

    He and Kobe will likely battle for possession, but I won't be surprised to see Durant edge out Kobe. It also shouldn't be surprising to see Durant break some kind of All-Star Game offensive record like points scored or 3-pointers made. 

    Probability of MVP: 60 percent

Dwyane Wade

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    Wade was the 2009-10 All-Star Game MVP, and there is no reason to think that he can't do it again. 

    Although Wade has been banged up lately, it doesn't seem like it's affecting him anymore. He and Lebron will form an indefensible one-two punch, just like what they are doing in Miami. 

    The interesting thing is, whoever wins this All-Star MVP award might establish himself as the Alpha-dog for the Heat. The Alpha-dog until the Season MVP is announced that is. 

    Probability of MVP: 50 percent

Kobe Bryant

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    What is there to say about Kobe that hasn't already been said? He one of the best to ever play the game, a fiery competitor. His legacy is beyond complete. But Kobe won't rest here. He wants as many wins and awards as he can get. 

    It's rare to see someone win All-Star Game MVP two years in a row. But if anyone can do it, it's Kobe. Kobe loves attention, and he thrives under pressure. He is at his best when the spotlights are the brightest. And there's no bigger stage than the All-Star Game.

    This year he will be competing against the NBA's young elites. And at 33 years of age, he wants to prove that he still has what it takes to not only compete with, but also dominate the younger generation. 

    Not only will he be playing for the Western All-Star Team, but he is also playing for his pride.

    MVP Probability: 70 percent

Lebron James

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    James is indeed the King of basketball. Like him or not, he is THE best player in the NBA right now. The combination of size, strength, speed and skill makes him a superior contributor on both ends.

    Lebron is relatively injury free this season, and he is heading into the All-Star Game with a head of steam. He will help the East in every way possible, whether it's scoring, passing, rebounding or defending. 

    If he gets a triple-double, which is highly likely, he will take home the All-Star Game MVP.

    Probability of MVP: 80 percent