Dallas Cowboys: Jason Hatcher Identifies the 800-Pound Gorrilla in Locker Room

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Dallas Cowboys: Jason Hatcher Identifies the 800-Pound Gorrilla in Locker Room
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Jason Hatcher recently gave an interview with Charean Williams whereupon he didn't hold back his feelings about the lack of leadership within the Dallas Cowboys locker room, a thought many of us at home have had for years.

Hatcher was asked who carries the torch for the Cowboys, and his response was chilling:

Dude, I've got to be honest with you: That’s a good question. I really don’t know. It’s just another thing we really need…We don’t have that. We’ve got the talent. We’ve got everything we need [except] a Ray Lewis. When Ray Lewis speaks, everybody listens to him. A guy like that, we really don’t got that. I think we definitely need somebody like that.

You’ve got to have somebody hold you accountable. With a leader like [Lewis], everybody is accountable and guys aren’t doing their own thing. [Lewis] is in there. Everybody’s going in one direction. So once you have that, you’ll be good. We’re still looking for it.

With balls to make a statement like that, I can't help but wonder why Hatcher isn't that guy for the Cowboys.

It's obvious he's not, though. So who is?

The problem starts at the top. Who runs the show? Jerry Jones runs the show.

Coaches can't coach without Jones looking over their shoulder at every turn. 

A team needs their leader to be the head coach. Jones makes it impossible. 

Teams like the Baltimore Ravens have a guy like Ray Lewis who everyone respects because they have the right hierarchy in place. The owner pays the bills and hires the right people for the job. Coaches can coach, and players can lead.

The Cowboys won't ever find the guy they're looking for as long as Jones continues to micro-manage his team. 

He needs to hire a general manager who will do what Reggie McKenzie is doing for the Oakland Raiders right now. They need a new hierarchy. I just hope he doesn't wait as long as Al Davis did to make the change.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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