1. Jason Hatcher quote/story is the best https://t.co/gl5luLLyY9

  2. Matt Jones Crashes UF-UGA Tailgate

  3. Talking w Jason Hatcher and Gruden walks by and yells "nothing controversial Hatch." 97 smiles and laughs, and says he speaks his mind

  4. Washington Injury report: (DNP) Robinson, Jeron Johnson (Limited) Culliver, Everett, Goldson, Jason Hatcher, Keenan Robinson, Trent Williams

  5. Redskins DE Jason Hatcher 'doesn't remember' team name comments https://t.co/ocqKWyMPa0

  6. Not a misremember... just no remember... Funny exchange here. Redskins DE Jason Hatcher on team name comments https://t.co/ocqKWyMPa0

  7. Jason hatcher was asked by @parkersports about comments on team name/officials. Response: "I don't remember that." Don't play poker w/him

  8. Trent Williams, Trenton Robinson, Deshazor Everett working on side field. Williams moving slowly. Dashon Goldson & Jason Hatcher watching.

  9. Johnson felt a pop after Jason Hatcher fell on his leg. #Eagles

  10. Jason Hatcher is watching.

  11. Gruden said DE Jason Hatcher's knee has been sore. "It's just becoming a little bit of a nagging-type deal for him." Hopes to play Sunday.

  12. Yoga, rest, a hyberbaric chamber and lots of water... Jason Hatcher's recipe for helping his body endure 16 games.. https://t.co/roh1C41gXO

  13. Ex-Cowboys DT Jason Hatcher theorizes bad calls against Washington stem from team's nickname https://t.co/TJyF7JFUQ6 https://t.co/B3aOgjVHWl

  14. Jason Hatcher and the Redskins: persecuted or paranoid? https://t.co/UEQyij0rem

  15. Jason Hatcher and the Redskins: Persecuted or paranoid? https://t.co/Rpnl0QDsZi

  16. Former Cowboys DT Jason Hatcher theorizes bad calls against Washington stem from team's nickname https://t.co/8ogW3tBpzp

  17. Former Cowboys DT Jason Hatcher theorizes bad calls against Washington stem from nickname https://t.co/5QFuErzGeb via @sportsdaydfw

  18. Kirk Cousins says Jason Hatcher’s conspiracy theory was new to him https://t.co/nYKXoyDmuH

  19. ICYMI: Jason Hatcher thinks calls are going against the Redskins because of their team name: https://t.co/N7mczJiGUQ https://t.co/uaAqg8ZWqL

  20. Washington DE Jason Hatcher says officials target his team because of its name: https://t.co/AZDMjBeGm0

  21. Jason Hatcher: Refs 'single us out' due to 'Redskins' name https://t.co/DndZpz7VfS

  22. "It's just not right." Jason Hatcher attributes penalties to "Redskins" team name: https://t.co/qBMb2ScsfK https://t.co/eX5mbtNPJW

  23. Blame the name game: Jason Hatcher says 'Redskins' why refs treat team unfairly https://t.co/7Ku8GHFua2

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  25. Jason Hatcher on referees’ calls against Redskins: ‘It’s the name’ https://t.co/BfRO8KtiY0 https://t.co/zDGFxtnOom

  26. Jason Hatcher accuses refs of holding name against @Redskins: https://t.co/hiD6AGd4w6 https://t.co/AqprpxaPbv

  27. Washington DE Jason Hatcher: Referees "Single us out" because of team name https://t.co/44w0YmKnkn

  28. Jason Hatcher: Refs pick on us because of the "Redskins" name https://t.co/AQ6WIDS5yv

  29. From @MasterTes: Jason Hatcher suggests that team name may be the reason why Redskins don't get favorable calls https://t.co/YLSrqICElQ

  30. Jason Hatcher suggests that team name may be the reason why #Redskins don't get favorable calls https://t.co/YxpNCwDBZJ

  31. Jason Hatcher out here insinuating refs are punishing the Redskins because of the team's name.

  32. Wow, Jason Hatcher calls out refs in post game interview.. Openly asks if it's about "the name" - #Redskins.. #RedskinsTalk..

  33. Jason Hatcher has been a monster today.. if he wasn't facing Cam Newton, he might have 3-4 sacks.. #RedskinsTalk..

  34. ICYMI: Jason Hatcher: 'nutcutting time'... Redskins' intensity rises in practice as confidence continues to build https://t.co/fSwZrD2WWY

  35. #Redskins DE Jason Hatcher called it "nut-cutting time" now in the NFL, which I'll be honest: Doesn't sound like a time of year I'd enjoy

  36. Jay Gruden to the podium: Jason Hatcher didn't participate. Chris Baker has a sore ankle and was limited at practice.

  37. Redskins practice update: The only player sitting out today is defensive end Jason Hatcher per his usual day off... https://t.co/lq6q80tnWi

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