Peyton Manning Rumors: Why Manning Must Avoid Washington Redskins

Steven MarinoContributor IIIFebruary 8, 2012

Peyton Manning Rumors: Why Manning Must Avoid Washington Redskins

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    Peyton Manning is the definition of an elite quarterback in the NFL.  Turning 36 in March and having 14 years of experience, Manning has provided the Indianapolis Colts with 399 touchdowns and almost 55,000 yards.

    After having his third neck surgery, Peyton Manning was forced to sit out this past season in order to get back to 100 percent.  This caused the Colts to go a dismal 2-14, earning them the number one draft choice in the upcoming draft.

    Here comes the tricky part.  The number one draft choice is almost certainly going to be Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, one of the most highly touted quarterbacks to come out of college in recent years.

    With Manning's contract, the Colts would owe him $28 million if they kept him for next year.  This has caused many to believe that Manning and the Colts will part ways, leaving Luck to run the show in Indy.

    With Manning shopping for a new home, here is why Manning should avoid the Washington Redskins.

Wide Receivers

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    When you think of the Washington Redskins and their number one receiver who comes to mind? Exactly.

    The Redskins don't have a reliable go-to receiver for Peyton Manning to target.  Jabar Gaffney led the 2011 Redskins with 947 receiving yards and five touchdowns.  Santana Moss, who some look at as the team's leader, caught four touchdown passes this past season.

    Sure the Redskins didn't have a top caliber quarterback this past season, but adding the soon to be 36-year-old Peyton Manning, who some question how much he has left in the tank, is not the answer.

    The Redskins cannot look for short-term answers, they need to build their franchise around a quarterback who will be around for years to come. 

Offensive Line

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    The Redskins ranked 25th overall in rushing yards per game this season, averaging 100.9.

    They had six games this past season where they rushed for under 50 yards, including 24 total rushing yards combined by two running backs in a loss to the Buffalo Bills.

    The Redskins ranked 28th overall in the league in allowing 49 sacks to their quarterback.

    Peyton Manning had a tremendous amount of time in the pocket in Indianapolis, a key factor in his success.

    A quarterback needs protection, and for a traditional pocket quarterback in Peyton Manning, he cannot afford to be sacked 49 times with three neck surgeries.

Robert Griffin III

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    The 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, Robert Griffin III, is projected as a top 10 player with many mock drafts landing him in Washington with the sixth overall pick.

    The Redskins are in a rebuilding stage and could use the talents of Griffin.  A quarterback of Griffin's caliber is exactly who the Redskins could use.

    They can't afford to go into training camp with a question mark next to their starting QB.

    Signing Peyton Manning for a few years might give them a chance at winning, but what happens when Peyton is done playing say three or four years from now?  The Redskins will end up exactly where they are now, without a quarterback.

    Not signing Manning will benefit both the Redskins and Peyton.  Peyton can find another match to end his career with talent around him, and the Redskins can start their future with Robert Griffin III.