Indianapolis Colts: 4 Reasons Jim Irsay Should Shut His Trap, Stay off Twitter

Troy BelcherCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2012

Indianapolis Colts: 4 Reasons Jim Irsay Should Shut His Trap, Stay off Twitter

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    Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay has been outspoken, to say the least.

    Irsay and NFL veteran QB Peyton Manning have been butting heads quite often since the Colts' terrible 2-14 finish, to no surprise. Since it was rumored the Colts planned to take Andrew Luck with the first overall pick in April's draft, the bickering hasn't ceased, and it likely will not until Manning has left Indianapolis.

    Irsay, being an owner, is supposed to be a classy, well-rounded individual, but that's been the furthest thing from the truth. Irsay, on more than one occasion, has taken his thoughts about Manning to Twitter with subtle implications about their deteriorating relationship and the slim likeliness that Manning will be tossing the pigskin in Indianapolis in 2012.

    Then the entire prospect of Super Bowl XLVI being somewhat about Peyton Manning, considering it was in Indianapolis, likely fueled Irsay's fire. Can't you just see the maturity in the Colts' owner?

    These are four reasons why Jim Irsay needs to shut his trap and stay off Twitter.


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    Last Thursday, ESPN broke news that Peyton Manning had been "medically cleared by two doctors" to resume his NFL career after missing the entire 2011 season due to a neck injury.

    Guess what happened Friday morning? You guessed right, Colts owner Jim Irsay, via Twitter, adds some two cents of his:

    Really? After a report stated Manning had been cleared by two doctors, and even an email accompanying it from Dr. Robert Watkins—who performed surgery on Manning's neck—to continue his football career, and Irsay goes to Twitter saying the statement is basically false?

    Does it not seem like Irsay is attempting to get the last word in? Just because the guy is filthy rich, he thinks everything goes his way.

    If Irsay wants to move on from the Manning era, that's completely fine, but do it with some class. Pay some respect to the man who went out and made your team legitimate for so many years.

Trust of Your Players

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    It's not just Twitter where Irsay has thrown his quarterback under the bus—any source of media will suffice for his rants, and rant he does.

    For a true competitor like Manning, standing on the sideline for an entire season only to watch your team go 2-14 had to be agonizing. The stress of not only that but him having this nagging neck injury for so long had to be a weighing load on his shoulders (no pun intended).

    With that, Manning released a little frustration to the media, basically describing that the Colts' complex wasn't the healthiest for his rehabilitation considering all of the coaches he's grown close to for so many years were getting axed one by one.

    That's understandable to say for all Manning has went through.

    Apparently, Irsay didn't take kindly to those statements made by Manning and called him a "politician."

    As a player for the Colts, you see your owner throwing your four-time NFL MVP quarterback under the bus like it's nothing, so what makes you think he wouldn't do the same to you in even less of a heartbeat?

    I don't know if I have ever seen a more asinine owner in the NFL, whether because I am young or just because Irsay is that much of jerk.


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    If Irsay has been anything, he's been a pure and simple hypocrite.

    If you haven't noticed this subtle war between Irsay and Manning, it's been mainly revolved around the concept of Irsay wanting to move on past Manning, but in his way and in his time.

    When Irsay heard the reports of Manning's medical clearing, he almost instantly stated that Manning was not cleared via Twitter because he doesn't want even the slightest chance of Manning staying in Indianapolis.

    Then, Irsay basically called out Manning for stating his feelings about his deteriorating environment in relationship to his rehabilitation process. At the same time, though, he is angry that people were making Super Bowl XLVI about Manning, implying he is the owner, thus he should be recognized more than Manning.

    No, Manning and Irsay haven't had a huge shouting match or anything of the sort, but you can tell the way Irsay is carrying himself that he is a very immature, selfish person. Using the media to throw your quarterback under the bus is in and of itself classless.

Peyton Manning Made You

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    For Irsay to say one ill thing of Manning defines his ignorance more than he could ever imagine.

    Through Manning's entire rehabilitation process, he has never said one bad thing about Irsay, about the Colts, or anything Indianapolis related, yet you see Irsay throwing him under the bus time and time again.

    What really angered me is when Irsay explained that "the horseshoe comes first," implying Manning was trying to make the situation about him, when all he was doing was stating that he wasn't in a comfortable environment with all of his coaches being fired.

    We have all seen what the Indianapolis Colts are without Peyton Manning: a two-win team. How many seasons in a row did the Colts have 10-plus wins because of Manning? How many MVP's does Manning have? Who led the team that brought home the Lombardi Trophy in 2006? Come on, Irsay.

    Irsay has already completed the process of embarrassing himself. He obviously doesn't understand the value of Manning and what Manning has done for the Colts and the city of Indianapolis in his career.

    All on top of repeatedly throwing Manning under the bus, Irsay wants to get rid of a sure thing. He wants to throw caution to the wind, and put blind faith into a rookie quarterback. Instead of keeping Manning there for maybe a few more years to give Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III the best teacher they could possibly have, he would like to make it all about him, and since he's the owner, he has the power to do that.

    At least do this for us, Irsay: Shut your trap, and stay off Twitter.