Arsenal FC: The War at the Emirates as Home Fans Show Anger by Bin Bag Protest

Samuel MensahAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2012

The first of what I predict to be a number of protest or fan rallies will begin tomorrow, midday, at the Emirates against Blackburn. The intention of the fans is to put black bin liners over the empty chairs which have increased in number around the stadium.

This is a strange protest but visually could look very captivating. To me, the black seats represent the death of the fans' happiness with the way the club is being run.

This isn't so much about Arsene Wenger and the team's performance, though that has been poor for long enough, but more about the 6 percent ticket price increase and the lack of ambition from the board.

There are long supporting fans who have seen a huge chasm created between them and the club they come to chant for. Every season at the Emirates, the passion has leaked out like a drip.

Anybody who goes to the games will tell you that is the case and it doesn't matter which side of the fence they sit on.

Last year I advised that fan protest would be needed to change the way the club is being run. Nobody can damn the club for financial prudence.

Financially, Arsenal FC have never been better, but that is not the case on the pitch. It leaves whoever is at fault for a lack of ambition and squad reinvestment open to debate, because there are issues on and off the field.

Last October, Ivan Gazidis said: "We would rather qualify for it, but we have a really sustainable model that can cope. Not just cope, but we can do well and compete." 


What kind of message does that send out? Gazidis is not a football man and every line that has come out of his mouth has infuriated Arsenal fans.



Over a week ago the archaic figure of Peter Hill Wood said: "We have been planning for not qualifying every year, so it's not a disaster, but it would be nice if we could."

What is there not to protest about? The fans have been asked to pay more for less. It's absolutely crazy and doesn't bear thinking about. The most a fan could hope for is that the money is reinvested back into the team, but it is clear that doesn't happen.

The fans are well within their rights to do this peaceful protest, and those who oppose it obviously lack the passion to understand their frustration.

If there is anyone looking for a ticket for the game, there are plenty going spare.