Super Bowl 2012: Is Tom Brady the Greatest QB Ever or the Luckiest QB Ever?

Courtney BuchananContributor IIIFebruary 1, 2012

I know I am going to ruffle a lot of feathers here but indeed it is still worth pointing out: Tom Brady's luck all started with the infamous "Tuck Rule."

In 2001, Brady's first playoff game, against the Oakland Raiders he was nailed pretty good from his blind side by Charles Woodson. 

Though Ray Charles could see that it was clearly a fumble and it was also called a fumble on the field, Referee Walt Coleman overturned the fumble and ruled it an incomplete pass.  

This would lead to Adam Vinatieri coming out and kicking a field goal in thick snow to win the game. 

This would be the beginning of a very lucky ride for the Tomster.

The very next game in the AFC playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Brady injured his knee. Luckily for him, the Patriots had Drew Bledsoe. 

Bledsoe would come in and win the game for the Patriots and advance to the Super Bowl.  Tommy had gotten lucky again.

In the Super Bowl that year with the game tied at 17, with just seven seconds left, Brady jogged off the field praying for the great Adam Vinatieri to save him again.

Vinatieri would quietly kick a 50-yard field goal to win Tom his first Super Bowl. Brady was named MVP although just throwing for 145 yards and one touchdown. Final score 20-17

The next year Brady and the Patriots would miss the play-offs.

2003 Brady would face the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. Although Tom did have a good game throwing for 354 yards and three touchdowns, with a 1:08 seconds left in the fourth quarter the game was tied at 29. 

Brady would need the great Adam Vinatieri to save his day once again, and once again Vinatieri delivered. Tom Brady would earn his second Super Bowl MVP award. Final score 32-29

In 2005 Tom Brady would face the Philadelphia Eagles, throwing for 236 yards and two touchdowns. 

Deion Branch accounted for most of those yards with 11 catches for 133 yards. Adam Vinatieri's field goal would later prove to be huge as the Tomster would win his third Super Bowl. Final score 24-21.

Here we are in 2012, Tom puts out a horrible performance against the Ravens and Billy Cundiff comes out and blows a chip shot field goal to send Tommyboy back to the Super Bowl.

Is there a pattern here?  Looks like every Super Bowl was won by three points. I'm not an astrologist but you've got to be pretty lucky to win like this on more than one occasion. So before we start comparing him to Joe Montana go back and look at how Joe won his Super Bowls. 

Yes, Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but greatest ever, not a chance. Ask yourself what might have happened if the luck of the draw had gone the other way on the "Tuck Rule."  Or if Adam Vinatieri had jogged out and gone wide left on a couple of those kicks. Tom Brady would be mentioned just a tad bit differently.

I'm still waiting to see Tom stick it to the opposition himself in the Super Bowl. You know, kind of like Eli Manning did to Tommy and the Patriots when he found Plaxico Burress in the end zone to win it.

I predict Brady will lose this one like the last one. Tom's luck has left him for another fella, his name is Eli Manning and his Adam Vinatieri is Lawrence Tynes, but that's another story.