NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Chris Kaman Could Go To

Daniel Hudson@daniel3417Correspondent IIIJanuary 28, 2012

NBA Trade Speculation: 5 Teams That Chris Kaman Could Go To

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    After reports that New Orleans Hornets' center Chris Kaman was being actively shopped, the first thing that popped into my mind was, "Hmmm, I wonder if there are any teams that could use an All-Star seven-footer?"

    The answer is a resounding, "Yes!"

    Admittedly, I'm a big fan of Kaman. Well, as big a fan as you can be for the Central Michigan product. After being traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to NOLA in the Chris Paul deal, he barely got a chance to start.

    Now he's being shopped and can be gotten on the cheap. Here are five teams that could definitely use the big fella.

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Just when Spencer Hawes was showing why he was a lottery pick in 2007, the injuries that plagued him during his time with the Sacramento Kings reappeared with the Philadelphia 76ers.

    Tony Battie has been getting the starts since Hawes' injury. Battie is currently averaging 1.6 points per game for the Atlantic Division-leading 76ers. That just won't do.

    Chris Kaman might not be able to step in and start immediately, but a few rebounds and a handful of open dunks via passes from Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala would be well worth a trade.

Boston Celtics

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    Suddenly, the Boston Celtics have risen from the dead with two big wins over the Orlando Magic and Indiana Pacers. Paul Pierce is carrying the team, a la pre-Original Big Three days. I love it.

    Still, Jermaine O'Neal has reached double-digit points and rebounds just twice this season (and only once together). His aging knees have kept him out of the past two games and forced Doc Rivers to play without a center.

    Chris Kaman could be the next in the line of decent centers who have helped Boston succeed these past several seasons: Rasheed Wallace, Kendrick Perkins and now Kaman.

Atlanta Hawks

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    With Al Horford likely to miss the next two to three months from a torn pectoral muscle, the Atlanta Hawks are stuck with Zaza Pachulia at center right now.

    Pachulia is a lifetime 6.8 points and 5.1 rebounds per game player. Not quite Horford's level.

    The Hawks can't replace Horford, but in the meantime, Chris Kaman could provide the boost in low-post points and rebounds necessary to keep Atlanta atop the East playoff picture.

Milwaukee Bucks

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    After news came that starting center Andrew Bogut would miss eight to 12 weeks due to a broken ankle, the Milwaukee Bucks are perhaps in most need of Chris Kaman.

    Except for blocks, you could argue that Kaman and Bogut are just about the same player.

    Unfortunately, Kaman has a bit of an injury history himself, but it's worth a gamble to acquire, especially if Drew Gooden is the projected starting center right now.

Portland Trail Blazers

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    Do the Portland Trail Blazers need Chris Kaman? No, definitely not. Could they put him to good use? Absolutely.

    Portland is a legitimate playoff contender in the West, but their center position is currently manned by 37-year-old Marcus Camby and 39-year-old Kurt Thomas.

    Camby is playing a high level right now, so Kaman wouldn't even need to start. His fresh legs could extend Camby's production into a deep playoff run for the Trail Blazers.