Kevin Garnett 'Was in a Bar Fight': Video of Boston Star's Emotional Interview

Matt KingFeatured ColumnistJanuary 27, 2012

He may be a little bit crazy, but never let it be said that the Boston Celtics' Kevin Garnett isn't entertaining.

Following Thursday night's incredible 91-83 victory after a 27-point comeback against the Orlando Magic, Craig Sager tracked down Garnett for an interview.

Well, an interview is a rough description of went down. As he's known to do, Garnett largely ignored Sager's questions for the first 30 seconds, repeatedly shouting that they had just been in a "bar fight."

My favorite part of this was when Garnett locks eyes with Sager and asks him if he had ever personally been in a bar fight.

First of all, KG, no. Look at that man. Craig Sager has never been in a bar fight. Secondly, Kevin Garnett staring me in the face asking if I've ever been in a bar fight when he's clearly a little bit unstable at the moment, might be the most terrifying thing I would ever experience.

A lot has been made about Garnett being a bully and only picking on rookies and foreign players, guys he sees as weaker than himself. But dammit, I respect the intensity.

If you've ever been a part of an improbably victory like that, you know what he's going through. Garnett even told Sager that it wasn't a particularly meaningful victory other than the comeback. But to fight like that and come out on top in the end is something special.

So I applaud Garnett for this. I love the bar fight analogy, I love him telling Craig Sager that he looks good (even a good liar, that KG) and I love him telling his kid to go to bed at the end of the interview.

That's raw emotion folks. And we don't see that too often in sports today. Enjoy it when you can.