Liverpool FC: 10 Reasons We Hate Manchester United

Pradeep Kumar@@peepu92Featured ColumnistJanuary 24, 2012

Liverpool FC: 10 Reasons We Hate Manchester United

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    Liverpool and Manchester United lock horns at Anfield this Saturday in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

    Tensions will be running high as the Red Devils visit Anfield for the first time since the Luis Suarez/Patrice Evra row grabbed headlines across the world.

    While Suarez will play no part in the match, courtesy of his ban, Patrice Evra is definite to take the field.

    He should be expecting a warm reception from the Kop.

    The Suarez incident hasn’t helped mend the patchy relationship between the two clubs. Sir Alex Ferguson’s refusal to engage in peace talks with Liverpool only establishes the obvious.

    And don’t forget—there’s absolutely no love lost between the supporters either.

    So, with the northwest derby coming up quickly, it is time we refreshed our memory with a few reasons to hate Manchester United.


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    It is the primary reason.

    The Liverpool and Manchester Railway may have connected the two industrial towns back in the days of our great-grandpas, but it also laid the foundations for an inter-city rivalry.

    The Lancastrian connection may no longer exist (at least officially!) but the Scouse/Mancunian rivalry still does.

    This intense rivalry is what we see on the pitch every time these two clubs meet. This fixture is one of the biggest derbies in the world and easily one of the biggest games in world football.

Glory Hunters

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    How else can you describe an average Manchester United supporter?

    These two words describe them the best.

    Manchester United has been fortunate that the globalisation of the sport picked up pace in the '90s, an era that saw them dominate English football.

    A club with an alleged 300 million supporters worldwide, Manchester United does seem to have a lot of tourists on their supporters list.

    So, it is quite clear that there aren’t many locals supporting the Red Devils.

    Not to take anything away from Manchester United, but the general consensus is that their supporter base would only care if United wins.

    That’s not really being supportive, is it?

Prawn Sandwich Brigade

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    In the previous slide, I stated that there is no better choice of words to describe Manchester United supporters.

    I am sorry for the grave mistake because apparently there is!

    And it wasn’t the Scousers who came up with this.

    It was one of their very own.

    No supporter, irrespective of the club he/she supports, would want to be around a person who comes in to watch the game just for the sake of it.

    They don’t show much of a passion for the game, let alone the club.

    And it is really a sad thing that Manchester United has too many of such characters in their supporters’ ranks.

Fergie Time

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    One of the popular myths of the Premier League era, Fergie Time has been an oft-debated topic.

    And it is exactly why it gains entry into the list of reasons to hate Manchester United.

    Because it is not a myth!

    Research has suggested that Fergie Time in fact exists and that it isn’t a novelty enjoyed by Manchester United alone.

    As a matter of fact, the term is a colloquial reference to the home advantage enjoyed by a team.

    But the fact that the term’s origin references itself to Alex Ferguson is reason enough for Liverpool supporters to hate Manchester United.


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    It is one of the key traits of anyone with a remote connection to Manchester United.

    Let me rephrase it.

    Manchester United is the embodiment of arrogance.

    Their players are arrogant, their gaffer is arrogant and the thing that baffles me is when the supporters perceive their arrogance as confidence.

    That right there is arrogance!

    And 1-6 is exactly what you get when arrogance blows through the roof.

Alex Ferguson

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    The reason for Manchester United’s successes in the Premier League era is Sir Alex Ferguson.

    Don’t we just hate that he has managed to irritate the hell out of everybody for 25 years?

    He wanted to knock Liverpool off the perch (which he did), but what makes Alex Ferguson a person to hate are his trademarks.

    Before there ever was a flashing-card gesture, there was a look-into-my-watch gesture!

    Let’s stop at that. It is a well-known fact that Alex Ferguson has been the biggest hindrance between Liverpool and title No. 19 for the best part of 20 years now.

    That makes his presence one of the biggest reasons to hate Manchester United.

    By the way, here is a link where the old man did slip (albeit, not his fault). Laugh and enjoy. 

Gary Neville

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    If ever there is a person who is an automatic entrant onto this list, after Alex Ferguson, it is Gary Neville.

    Hatred is a mutual feeling shared by Gary with the Liverpool supporters.

    There have been numerous instances of Gary ridiculing Liverpool’s credentials in the past. And no scouser will ever forget his celebration at Old Trafford.

    Gary doesn’t play for Manchester United anymore, but he does irritate a lot of people as a pundit on Sky.

    And for that, the rat–boy is still one of the reasons why Liverpool supporters hate Manchester United.

    By the way, if ever you come to a point that enough-is-enough with Gary, just let this man know.

    He shares the same sentiments as the rest of us—

    I’d definitely like to ‘Brogue Kick’ that Gary Neville fella. I don’t know what it was about him.

    I know he played for Manchester United and there is a big rivalry between Liverpool and them, but every time you look at him he has an 80-year old granny’s face on him. He looks as though he’s eaten 10 bags of lemons or something!

    So it’d definitely be Gary Neville, I never liked him at all.

Old Trafford

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    The Theatre of Dreams!

    For a stadium that holds 75,000-plus supporters, Old Trafford is notorious for falling dead silent at times (especially if United don’t have the lead).

    The Stretford end may be famous for the noise that it makes, but as stated elsewhere in this slideshow, the prawn sandwich brigade has really sucked the life out of this stadium.

    And as followers of a team that has one of the noisiest stadiums in Europe, Liverpool supporters find this to their distaste.

    True, the atmosphere at Old Trafford picks up a bit on a derby day, but other than that it is one of the boring stadiums to be watching a game of football.

    And we hate it!

They Got to 19

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    The thorn still pricks in the heart of every Liverpool supporter.

    But we have to accept the fact. The Mancs did make it to 19 league titles.

    They showed off (reference to Rooney’s shaved chest hair) like they had conquered the world.

    And that only meant one more reason to hate Manchester United like never before.

Because It’s Manchester United

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    Is there a better reason than this?

    Let me rephrase it.

    Can there be a better reason than this?

    The answer is NO. Not a chance in a billion years.

    Hating Manchester United would easily top a poll on list of things that people love to hate. But, here’s the deal.

    The hatred towards Manchester United is a little different.

    People who hate Manchester United hate them with a passion, a passion equivalent to supporting a club. They are the most hated club and the most hated firm in England.

    So, do you hate Manchester United…?

    Or have you got better reasons to hate them…?


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