Weathering the Storm in the Bay: New York Giants Will Have the Edge in the Rain

Michael NargiSenior Analyst IJanuary 22, 2012

Cruz and Nicks will try to use their speed to beat the 49ers in the rain on Sunday.
Cruz and Nicks will try to use their speed to beat the 49ers in the rain on Sunday.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It has been raining in San Francisco for days and now the New York Giants will try to use the rain to their advantage. 

With unusual amounts of rain already and more in the forecast, who will have the edge in sloppy conditions?

The team with the better quarterback.

The weather will benefit Eli Manning and the Giants because it is going to be extremely hard to get the running game established.

Both sides will struggle with the run game, the Giants have Eli and three superb wide receivers who will pick up the slack.

The receivers will have the advantage over the defense because the receivers know the routes.

The defense doesn't.

With a decent passing game it would be hard enough to defend receivers in that weather. New York's passing attack is dynamic, so it will be that much harder to defend.

The San Francisco 49ers do not have to worry about one receiver, they have to worry about three: Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham. 

It is unusual to have three receivers on a team who are all above average.

Nicks and Cruz can burn a defense in perfect conditions. If they are able to maintain their footing, they will be even more explosive.

Give Nicks and Cruz the advantage of knowing the route to go along with their blistering speed and the Giants might have a few big plays that will change the game.

The 49ers do not have the same dynamic threats as the Giants.

New York will be able to double Vernon Davis and make Alex Smith throw to his wide receivers. His receivers are good, but not as good as the Giants.

Alex Smith is not as good as Eli Manning, either.

It will be very difficult for the 49ers if Frank Gore cannot get his footing in the backfield.

The Giants will use the rain to their advantage on Sunday in hopes to get to the Super Bowl.