With just four teams left in the NFL playoff picture, it has never been more important for everybody to bring a high level of play to the field.

In playoff football, if a player is not giving 110 percent then he is a liability to his team.

The difference between a “good” player and an “elite” one is magnified enormously at this point in the playoffs by the fight for a team’s proverbial life.  Even when a player does bring his best game to the table, not every man in the NFL is able to play at an elite level at his position.

If a good player is matched up against an elite player, then he also has the potential to be a liability to his team.

As the conference championship games approach, let us take a few moments to identify some of the players on each team that can be considered liabilities in their upcoming matchups. Keep clicking to see which players must blow us away this week if their teams are going to advance to the Super Bowl.