NFL Wild-Card Round: Facebook News Feed

Daniel GreenbergContributor IJanuary 4, 2009

Joe Flacco joined the group "QBs who love to close their eyes and throw deep"


Reggie Wayne wrote on Antonio Cromartie's wall:



Big Ben wrote on Phillip Rivers' and Eli Manning's wall:

"Our QB class is so hot write now."


Chad Pennington and Ed Reed are no longer friends


DeSean Jackson wrote on Brad Childress' wall:

"I only yelled at you because i thought you were an alien."


Peyton Manning is not a choker, I swear it wasn't my fault this time.


Eli Manning wrote on Peyton Manning's wall:

"Who's the MVM now, :P"


Chad Pennington is Brett Farve?!?


Tarvaris Jackson is no longer a fan of "Starting QB"


Tony Dungy is no longer friends with Coins


Tony Dungy posted a video:


The Colts wrote on The Chargers' wall:

"Matt Scifres and Darren Sproles, what the expletive!?!?"


Jason Avant and Haloti Ngata added "Pancakes" to interests


The Miami Dolphins and Cam Cameron are still no longer friends.


Ed Reed and The End Zone are now in a relationship


Tony Dungy is attending "Retirement"


Gambler's have become fans of "The Titans - Ravens Under"


Norv Turner and The Regular Season are no longer friends


Norv Turner and The Postseason are now friends


Tom Coughlin posted a note:

Goddamn Vikings: A team that always screws over the Giants.


Arthur Blank wrote on Michael Turner's wall:

"Can I have some money back for that performance."


Darnell Dockett wrote on Gerald Hayes' wall:

"Yo, no homo dude..."