Super Bowl Predictions 2012: San Francisco 49ers vs. New England Patriots

Austin BarkerContributor IJanuary 16, 2012

Super Bowl 46
Super Bowl 46


I predict the San Francisco 49ers will play the New England Patriots in the biggest game of the year. I also consider this to be the most interesting matchup of the year.

Let's break it down to see why.


The 49ers

Would anybody at the beginning of the season have said the 49ers would make it to the NFC Championship Game? I think not, considering they have a new head coach with no NFL head-coaching experience. 

Additionally, Jim Harbaugh had the greatest disadvantage coming into this season because he had no offseason to prepare his team. He did not have time to get to know his team, or to even do the simple things like evaluate his starters.

He's done an amazing job with the 49ers, though, displaying tremendous heart and will each game. They say great leadership rubs off, and that is exactly what happened to this team.

They may have the strongest defense in the NFL because of their hard work and team effort every play.

They will coast past the Giants to win the NFC simply because the 49ers' defense will smother Eli Manning and the Giants' offense with hard hits all game long. The 49ers will win by 14 points, demonstrating not only strong defense, but also the ability to score.


The Patriots

We have grown accustomed to seeing New England win it all.

This season, the Patriots' defense is the worst it has ever been. That being said, their offense is simply too high-powered for the Ravens in the AFC Championship Game. 

Tom Brady has done well to make his case for MVP. He's got my vote, after out-performing all other candidates.

Drew Brees threw well, although he did have 14 interceptions.

Aaron Rodgers had three games that made me rethink him winning the MVP: the Packers' loss to the Kansas City Chiefs; the final regular season game against the Detroit Lions in which Rodgers's backup Matt Flynn performed spectacularly; and yesterday's playoff loss at home to the New York Giants.

Thus, in my eyes, Tom Brady is the only logical choice for MVP left. He's carried the Patriots this season, along with those two terrific tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

The Patriots will win the AFC because of Tom Brady. The Ravens don't have the players who can match Brady and the Patriots' offense. New England will win by a mile, scoring 28 points.


Super Bowl XLVI

49ers vs. Patriots just sounds like a good game.

San Francisco possesses quite possibly the only defense that can hold down the Patriots' offense.

Brady will be frustrated in the pocket in this game. He'll be flushed-out and forced to throw early. The Patriots won't be able to lean on the run because the 49ers' defense is even better at stopping the run than the pass.

The only thing that you have to question is can Alex Smith throw 20 or more completions to win this game against the Patriots? I believe he can, and the 49ers will be able to rely on the run with Frank Gore rushing and Kendall Hunter as a change-of-pace back.

The Patriots' defense won't be able to shut down the 49ers' offense . I give the edge to the 49ers because of their satisfactory offensive abilities, and because their defense will be able to at least slow down Tom Brady and his tight ends.

This will be the best game I've seen a while.

Final score: 49ers: 38, Patriots: 21.