The Pros and Cons of Oakland Raiders Head Coach Candidates

Carl Stoffers@@NHLwriterCorrespondent IIJanuary 14, 2012

The Pros and Cons of Oakland Raiders Head Coach Candidates

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    It was swift, it was decisive and it was refreshing.

    As soon as Reggie McKenzie was named General Manager of the Oakland Raiders, he informed head coach Hue Jackson that his services were no longer needed. It marked a new era in the Raiders organization, and notified everyone that there was a new sheriff in town.

    The list of candidates to replace Jackson is now coming to light, but a decision on who will lead the Silver and Black on the field next season isn't expected until after the postseason—when McKenzie can legally interview Green Bay's personnel.

    The candidate list is primarily made up of Packers assistants, which makes sense due to McKenzie's history with that organization.

    The short list of candidates comes with plenty of pros and cons, so without speculating on the odds of each candidate being hired, here they are.

Dom Capers

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    Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers is reportedly on McKenzie's list of candidates, according to 



    Capers took the expansion Carolina Panthers to the NFC Championship game in just their second year of existence back in 1996.

    He's known for his abilities as a defensive coach, and he's also famous for his rigorous work ethic— apparently working 17-hour days and sleeping just five hours per night, often on a couch in his office (via Total

    He favors a 3-4 defense, which the Raiders favor a change to after last season's defensive disaster under Chuck Bresnahan's 4-3 scheme.



    Capers is 61, and despite being seen as a defensive guru, he is currently presiding over the NFL's 32nd-ranked defense.

    In contrast to his success with the expansion Panthers, he failed to repeat that success with the expansion Houston Texans in 2001—never posting a winning record, and was fired after a 2-14 2005 season.

    He has not held a head coaching position since.

Winston Moss

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    Former Raider Winston Moss is another potential hire, according to NBC



    Like McKenzie, he has a Raiders connection from his playing days. Moss played linebacker for the LA Raiders from 1991-94.

    Moss has been groomed by McKenzie and Green Bay head coach Mike McCarthy since joining the Packers in 2006.



    Moss has no previous head coaching experience, and it's always somewhat of a crap shoot when someone takes the reins for the first time.

Todd Bowles

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    Todd Bowles, the interim head coach of the Miami Dolphins, has been mentioned as a candidate (via He played defensive back for the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers.



    Bowles is considered one of the bright, young up-and-comers in the NFL, and is a defensive specialist.



    Has little head coaching experience—having taken over on an interim basis in December after the Dolphins fired Tony Sparano.

    He does not come from the Packers organization, which could be considered a drawback to McKenzie.

    Bowles interviewed for the Dolphins job on a permanent basis the day after the season ended, so he may be staying put.

Joe Philbin

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    Another potential candidate that has received some attention is Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin (via ESPN).  It's unclear how serious a candidate Philbin is, or how the recent death of his son (via The Huffington Post) over which Philbin has taken a leave from the team, will impact his future in the NFL.



    The pros seem to be limited to the fact that he's a member of the Packers organization.



    He has limited experience. He's been the Packers offensive coordinator (his highest-level job in football) since 2007.

    With the personal tragedy that he's currently enduring, now may not be the best time for him to make the move to a head coaching position.