San Francisco 49ers: Offseason Land Mines to Avoid

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San Francisco 49ers: Offseason Land Mines to Avoid
Rob Carr/Getty Images

As the current season progresses into the playoffs, fans can’t help but look towards a blue-sky future. 

Despite a 13-3 season and No. 2 seed in the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers are far from a finished product. The room for improvement is what excites people most. Writers are already spitting out potential offseason moves that can thrust the team to the next level. Some of these to-do lists contain valid points and ideas, others not so much. 

This is a not to do list jam-packed with caution signs. 

Think of it as something similar to Highway 17.

Follow the signs of a winding, uphill path and you’ll end up at a beautiful beach on the California coast.

Take the wrong turn or make a mistake, and you may just roll down the mountain only to end up farther away from the top than you began. 

The 49ers are on the right path towards a Super Bowl, but they must follow the signs while avoiding potential land mines. 

Sometimes, the things you don’t do help the most. 

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