NFL Playoffs: Why New York Giants' Success Is Bad News for Philadelphia Eagles

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NFL Playoffs: Why New York Giants' Success Is Bad News for Philadelphia Eagles
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As the New York Giants pummeled the Atlanta Falcons 24 - 2 in the wild card round Sunday afternoon at MetLife Stadium, things got worse for the Philadelphia Eagles.

It wouldn't seem like the success of a division rival is connected to the downfall of the Eagles, but it is.

Each step the Giants take in the playoffs Andy Reid will think he is doing things the right way as the head coach. He will look at the Giants and say to himself, "We went 5-1 in the NFC East and split the season series with the Giants. We definitely have things going in the right direction. Why change what we're doing here?"

Reid will continue to run business as usual, not address major needs at linebacker and safety and assume next year will work out fine.

The major problem with this faulty logic is the Eagles shouldn't be comparing themselves against the Giants. Look at what the high-powered Saints and Packers are doing, and then wonder how well things are going in Philly.

The Saints and Packers would hang a 50-spot on the Eagles before time ran out in the third quarter.

Who cares if Eli Manning beat up on Matt Ryan, a quarterback who is a disgrace outside of the Georgia Dome?

The barometer should be set to the elite teams of the NFC.

And, if the Giants somehow upset the Green Bay Packers next weekend, things will get even worse for the Eagles as Reid will fall under the false perception that the Giants are an elite team in the NFC.

Don't forget the four-game losing streak endured by the Giants about two months ago. Those losses came against the 49ers, Eagles, Saints and Packers. Elite teams don't go oh-for in those spots.

Don't forget the 23-10 loss the Giants suffered against the Washington Redskins with the division lead hanging in the balance.

The Giants are not the type of team Reid should compare his squad against right now.

Hopefully Reid realizes the success of the Giants in the postseason is not a validation of him doing things the right way. 

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