Why WWE Possibly Taking the Title off CM Punk Would Hurt It in the Future

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIDecember 26, 2011

It has recently been reported from F4WOnline via wrestlinginc that the WWE has been thinking of taking the title off CM Punk because of slumping numbers on Monday Night RAW.  Apparently, the show has been below a 3.0 rating for the last three weeks.

This has supposedly made the WWE staff rethink who should have the title.

So it may soon be the end of CM Punk's days at the top, and when that happens, the WWE is in trouble.

They can try to put the belt on Cena, but that would be a band-aid.  Maybe there would be more viewers for a short time, but that is because those kids who watch him wrestle would be back to supporting him and cheering him on.

But those kids are going to grow up and when they do, they will move on to other things if the WWE isn't careful.  Cena can only stay relevant for so long.

The problem they are faced with is heavier than that though.  The WWE is scrambling to find a way to pick up the ratings and if three weeks of bad numbers can have them second-guessing themselves, then wrestling fans are in trouble.

That is because the WWE is at a crucial juncture in which they will decide what the future of their company is.  Before Punk cut his now famous promo this summer, the WWE was indecisive.  They kept putting the belt on random wrestlers and trying to see if it would stick.

They seemed to be trying to throw things against the wall and seeing what stuck.  That made for a poor product, but it was also confusing to fans.  Nothing was completely committed to and eventually all roads led back to John Cena.

The WWE needs to stay the course with Punk.  Even if it proves that he isn't "the guy" they can at least transition it to someone who will be.

The better answer though is that they already had a chance at establishing Punk as a star and failed.  

When he faced Triple H and lost.

The feud should have been built more, but instead they rushed it and let Triple H get the win.

That could have catapulted Punk's status.

Now, because that didn't happen, they are left with a far longer road to making him the main guy.  It is still something that can happen, but they need to have patience.

If they don't, they will come off as schizophrenic to the fans and like a company that can't make up their minds.  

And if they can't make up their minds, then how can the fans?  

Even if the fans disagree with the direction the WWE takes a character or the faith they have in them, they can voice it.  But when no path has been chosen by the company, then the fans can't even make a vote for being against or for something.

That is why the WWE should stay the course.  At least for now.

Then in a few months, they can make a more informed decision.