WWE Predictions: Who Will Be the Next 10 Champions?

Sam WatkinsCorrespondent IDecember 23, 2011

WWE Predictions: Who Will Be the Next 10 Champions?

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    With the WrestleMania season right around the corner, things in WWE are finally beginning to get interesting.

    We have a mysterious superstar returning in just a few weeks, John Cena entering a fresh feud with Kane and of course the flurry of young talent leading the charge at the top of WWE.

    Though it is impossible to be fully accurate with these predictions, I will do my best to predict the next 10 WWE Champions.

Chris Jericho: Elimination Chamber 2012 (February) to WrestleMania XXVII (March)

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    In my opinion, Chris Jericho will be returning to WWE on January 2nd, 2012, and engage in a fantastic feud with CM Punk.

    Both Jericho and Punk are extremely well-rounded, and capable of amazing things in the ring and on the microphone. Chris Jericho will return as a heel and face CM Punk for the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble, where he will be defeated.

    Jericho will find his way into the six-man Elimination Chamber match in February, where he will capture the WWE Championship.

    At WrestleMania, Punk will invoke his rematch clause and recapture the gold. Jericho will then depart from the company once again, as he is rumored be returning on a shortened schedule.

CM Punk: WrestleMania XXVII (March) to Money In The Bank 2012 (June)

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    After competing in the feud with Jericho during the WrestleMania season, CM Punk will resume his spot at the top of WWE with a semi-lengthy WWE Championship run.

    The youth movement will be in full effect at this point, and Punk will be leading the way. After retaining the championship at Extreme Rules and Over The Limit, CM Punk will lose the WWE title at Money In The Bank to.....

Dolph Ziggler: Money In The Bank 2012 (June) to Night Of Champions 2012 (July)

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    At Money In The Bank 2012, Dolph Ziggler will win the Raw Money In The Bank match and cash in on CM Punk later that night, winning his first major title in WWE (not counting that brief reign as WHC on SmackDown).

    Ziggler is developing into quite a talent for WWE, and this should be the first of many reigns for the so-called "show-off."

John Cena: Night of Champions 2012 (July) to Vengeance 2012 (September)

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    After a long absence where John Cena didn't hold a WWE title, he will return in full form at Night of Champions; after all Cena is one of WWE's most glorious title holders.

    Cena will win a multi-man championship match, and Superman will make his return to the the top, unfortunately still with a face persona.

    If Cena stays out of the title picture for long enough, it will be exciting when he regains it...maybe.

The Miz: Vengeance 2012 (September) to Survivor Series 2012 (November)

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    At Vengeance 2012, the Awesome One will once again hold the most awesome title in WWE.

    Miz will be in and out of the title picture in the coming months, but will fail to regain the gold until September. Maybe a move to SmackDown could help Miz, as Raw is becoming crowded with title contenders.

    With so many worthy contenders, it becomes very difficult for everyone to share the glory of WWE.

Zack Ryder: Royal Rumble 2013 (January) to WrestleMania 29 (March)

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    Woo Woo Woo You Know It!

    At next years Royal Rumble, Zack Ryder will beat his friend CM Punk for the WWE Championship, sending the former friends into a WrestleMania feud!

    Ryder will be impressive as he retains the WWE Championship through Elimination Chamber, allowing people to take him seriously as a major title holder. 

CM Punk: Survivor Series 2012 (November) to Royal Rumble 2013 (January)

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    Once again, the top superstar in WWE will hold the top title in WWE.

    By now, Punk will have cemented himself as the main event of WWE for the future, and this title reign will just be one of many.

    Punk will retain his title through the dangerous TLC PPV, but lose it cleanly at Royal Rumble to a familiar face, pushing this young rising superstar to the top.

CM Punk: WrestleMania 29 (March) to Extreme Rules 2013 (May)

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    The face of WWE will be on top once again, defeating Zack Ryder for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 29 in a classic match.

    At this point, the WWE will have fully transitioned into the Reality Era, and who else to lead them but Punk—he did start the era after all.

    A WWE Championship reign is nothing new for CM Punk, who will be seeing many of them before his Hall-of-Fame career is done.

Wade Barrett: Extreme Rules 2013 (May) to Night Of Champions 2013 (July)

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    Wade Barrett will hold the WWE Championship, after coming over to Raw in the WWE Draft.

    Barrett will be a major threat at this time, and already should have held the World Heavyweight Championship on SmackDown. Barrett's win will establish him as a major contender going forward, as he is immensely talented in all aspects. 

Mason Ryan: Night of Champions 2013 (July) to SummerSlam 2013 (August)

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    Look at a picture of Mason Ryan and tell me you aren't impressed.

    With the right execution, this man could be a top superstar in WWE, and they plan for him to be. Once he develops some charisma and perfects his in-ring technique, he will be ready to be champion.

    Until then, he will compete for the minor titles and tag team gold.

    The future is bright for the man from Wales—let's just hope he stays on the right track.