Oakland Raiders Front-Office Dilemma: Silver and Black Need To Go Brown

Simon BirminghamContributor IJanuary 1, 2009

Anyone who has paid even the smallest amount of attention to the Oakland Raiders' front office carousel over the last six years since the departure of the Bruce Allen/Jon Gruden tandem can understand the collective breath being held by the entire Raider Nation.

We wait with anticipation for Mr. Davis to find the most important missing piece in the championship mosaic we are trying to create—a bona fide, proven winner of a general manager who is genuinely empowered.

We all know that anybody who accepts the position will have to have a clear and open communication line with one of the most hands-on and knowledgeable owners in all of sports. The new GM may have to enter the position with a head coach and staff of the owners choosing already in place, which in fact may be a qualification to get hired as the GM— ain’t it, fun bleeding silver and black!

With all of that in mind, there has been a persistent rumor around about future Hall of Fame wide receiver Tim Brown. He has been lobbying for, and has expressed interest in, a front office position with the Oakland Raiders.

I know as a season ticket holder I saw the real No. 81—Mr. Brown to the rest of the league—at three home games this season, and only once as part of his Fox TV gig.

While I don't think that he is the solution for the glaring vacancy at GM, he would be a vital addition to the Raiders staff for one crucial reason alone—CREDIBILITY!

The media has made a huge issue, saying that any free agent players; careers are over once they head to Oakland and that anybody drafted by the Raiders is doomed to an underperforming and disappointing start of their NFL journey.

Agents blatantly discourage their top clients from going there, and even have other current and ex-players or coaches lure talent away from the Bay and direct them towards other teams. All based on a fallacy that you can't be successful or reach your full potential playing for the Raiders organization.

Tim Brown takes that argument and dumps it in the toilet where it belongs.

Try making that case sitting across from a future first ballot Hall of Famer who spent all but the last year of his career wearing the silver and black. Tim Brown had one of the most successful careers in the history of the NFL representing the Oakland Raiders since the moment he was drafted by Mr. Davis.

Tim Brown loves and respects Al Davis and can be one of the greatest recruiters and talent evaluators that the Raiders could possibly ever ask for—a perfect company statesman who represents the best of what the Oakland Raiders have to offer.

Sometimes, to give your home a brand new feel, a fresh coat of paint is all that is needed.

In the Raiders' case, a position directly under the new GM, responsible for bringing the real Oakland Raider aura to the front and center again, would be a significant step in the right direction for the front office, and would bring a perfect shade of brown to the facility of the silver and black!!!