I'd Rather Get Beaten Up in An Alley: Whiff

Hot Stove New YorkSenior Writer IDecember 31, 2008

Getting beaten up by a bunch of street punks wouldn’t have been anywhere near as painful as the last five weeks have been for New York Jets fans.

The Football Gods just opened up their golden end zone, smiled upon the Jet faithful, and then poo-ed all over us.

That one sucked. I’m good at rationalizing, but this was tough.

I can’t help but wonder if Bill Belichick’s karma contributed.  The powers-that-be would rather see Manigini fired than a cheater coach his way through injuries galore and return to glory.

Eric Mangini had to go.

The consistent problems we’ve had (the inability to adjust to other team’s game plans, the inability to win in the Pacific time zone, the inability to stop the pass (any pass), the reluctance to run the ball with the AFC’s leading rusher, stupid play calling, stupid time management, penalties, penalties, penalties) everything points to a coach who just isn’t getting the job done.

We had Chad Pennington, Belichick, and the rest of the East in a headlock with the most talented team in the league (seven Pro Bowlers).

My little sister would have had a problem screwing this one up.  You know how, for the past month, you were thinking, “This can’t really be happening?”  So was the front office.

Of course they fired him at the first opportunity. He’s been ineffective since he sat down for Thanksgiving dinner.

So Bill Cowher was going to come in and be interviewed, then he wasn’t, then he was again, and now he’s not. Again. Who knows what’s going on with this one?

Bill Parcells will probably duck out of Miami and it makes sense if only for the Marbury-themed paychecks he’ll be getting. Why not get paid millions not to work and get paid millions to work at the same time?

Same amount of work, twice the cash.  Double dipping is as American as “cheese food” and just as tasty.  Last time I checked, Parcells is an American.

Mike Shanahan got canned, which I love, because I hate the Broncos and I really hate Jay Cutler.

For Shanahan to have gotten fired, it means the Broncos must have really screwed up… and boy did they. Shanny is a great coach but also a dirty one.

Remember those Broncos players flopping against the Jets every time our offense got some momentum?  Shanahan coaches to win and it’s not always pretty. Belicheat vs. Shanahan twice a year?  There’s going to be some busted knees if this one happens.

We need a coach, and the list of prospects is getting longer by the day.

Ideally, here’s what I’d like to see happen: Parcells leaves Miami, grabs Romeo Crennel as his defensive coordinator, and gives Jerry Jones the finger on his way into town.  Then he fixes our secondary and lights a fire under Favre’s ass. 

For my two cents, Favre can’t be blamed until his receivers stop letting balls fly through their hands.

I’ve lost so much respect for Laveranues Coles this season.  Favre threw way too many interceptions, but he never gave up on a single play.  Unfortunately, his team often did.

The good news is, by firing Mangini, “Next Year” has already begun for Jets fans.  So much is up in the air, and speaking of balls in the air, our secondary needs some serious off-season attention.  Here we go again…

Happy New Year to All!!!

To Be Continued…