Tottenham Transfers: 4 Wingers Spurs Should Sign to Play Opposite Gareth Bale

Ryan Day@theryanedwardCorrespondent IDecember 20, 2011

Tottenham Transfers: 4 Wingers Spurs Should Sign to Play Opposite Gareth Bale

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    With a 1-0 win last weekend over Sunderland, Tottenham separated themselves even further from Chelsea and Arsenal and took hold of third place in the league table.

    It's been a rare season for the North London club, as Spurs fans have seen their club ascend to the point of being a legitimate challenge for either of the Manchester teams capturing a league title. 

    Emmanuel Adebayor, who's on loan from Manchester City, has been having a career year, scoring eight goals in the team's first 15 games. Rafael Van der Vaart, who's been with the team since 2010, is on pace to have his best season since 2007-08.

    But it's Gareth Bale who has really come into his own.

    This season, Bale has scored five goals and assisted on four others. But it's his speed that puts opposing defenses on their heels. And it's his skill that sets up players like Adebayor and Van der Vaart.

    One of the priorities for Tottenham during the winter transfer window is to now find a winger who can play opposite Bale.

    Harry Redknapp needs to capitalize on the fact that Bale is so good that teams have started to double-team him.

    Bale told the Daily Mail that the double-teaming tactic is "kind of a compliment. If they are developing tactics to try to stop me, it shows that I’m doing well. But it is annoying."

    With all the attention that Bale is getting, Tottenham needs another winger so that opposing defenses are forced to balance their tactics. But who should that winger be?

    Join me as I give you five of the wingers that should be on Tottenham's winter transfer window wish list.

David Hoilett (Blackburn Rovers)

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    This one's too easy—Hoilett is a rare talent on a bad team that isn't getting any better.

    Blackburn is 19th on the league table and has earned only two wins in the first 15 matches, good for worst in the league. And, they just lost to lowly West Bromwich.

    Harry Redknapp needs to pluck this talent as soon as possible and thank his lucky stars that such a player wasn't courted in the summer by one of the Manchester clubs or Chelsea.

Arjen Robben (Bayern Munich)

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    Robben is a relatively young talent who has flourished in some of the biggest clubs in the world. Just check out his résumé—PSV, Chelsea, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich...

    But does Robben want to return to the Premiership?

    His stay at Chelsea was marked by injuries and on-the-field incidents with opposing players. He has hinted at a possible move out of Germany, and he still has a soft spot for Chelsea fans.

    But will Tottenham fans across town be able to persuade him to come to White Hart Lane?

Martin Harnik (VfB Stuttgart)

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    Martin Harnik may not have the notoriety of many other players in the Bundesliga, but his performance has been just as strong as Bale's.

    A speedy winger for VfB Stuttgart, Harnik has scored six goals and assisted on three more so far this season.

    VfB Stuttgart is currently 8th on the league table and is a long shot to qualify for next year's Europa League.

    Can Tottenham snatch him with the promise of Champions League appearances next season?

Susaeta (Athletic Bilbao)

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    Susaeta may not have the stats, but anyone who's seen the young winger from La Liga play knows that he can be an asset at White Hart Lane.

    He's been a regular on the pitch for Athletic Bilbao since he was 19 years old. He's fast, he's skilled with the ball and he knows how to cross to the middle of the field with precision and power. He's one of the main reasons that Athletic Bilbao has scored 23 goals so far this season (fifth-most in the league).

    Despite their ability to score goals, Athletic Bilbao is 9th in the league table. Everyone wants to play for a winner, and Redknapp might be able to get the Spanish star for a relatively inexpensive price.