Patriots vs. Broncos Video: Monkey Riding Dog Provides Comic Relief at Mile High

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIDecember 18, 2011

The Tebow circus has gone to a new level. Now the show includes animals. This bizarre video from the halftime show of the Patriots and Broncos game features a monkey, (sorry, I don't know the exact species) riding a dog.

So beyond the unexpected offensive explosion, we also get silly animal tricks in the Mile High city.

The Broncos fans may need to draw on experiences like this to gain enjoyment from this week of football. The Patriots attack has proven too explosive for the Broncos vaunted defense.

The Pats shook off a fast start from the Broncos offense, including a dynamic run for a TD by Tebow in the first quarter.


The Broncos have shot themselves in the foot time after time today. They have victimized themselves with fumbles and penalties and the Broncos are looking at a 18 point deficit heading into the fourth quarter. The miscues started early, a botched snapped on the extra point attempt after Tebow's run, was a symbol of what has hampered the team all day.

This margin may even be out of the reach of the long and capable arms of Tim Tebow.

If Tebow can bring the Broncos back in this game, his legend will grow even more. A loss for the Broncos at this point, can be ill afforded, as the Raiders and Chargers are still in striking distance; but the pressure to pull out these close victories week in and week out is a ton for a football team.


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