Memo to Al Davis: How To Save the Oakland Raiders in Six Easy Steps

Mike SommersContributor IDecember 31, 2008

After this crazy season of ups and downs for the NFL teams, there is one team that is poised to make a huge turnaround for 2009.

Yes folks I am (as usual) talking about the Oakland Raiders.

This is a team filled with talent and youth (just ask the Broncos, Jets, and Buccaneers). Lets get right to the point...

Below are listed the six easy steps for the Raiders return to success:

  1. Re-sign the interim head coach Tom Cable to a two-year deal. There are many benefits to leaving Tom Cable as the head coach. He has the players confidence, it would allow for some much needed continuity, he is a life long Raider fan and he only wants best for the TEAM. If Al Davis fired Tom Cable, that would be a giant step backwards. The ONLY to recover from such a disastrous move would be to hire a top notch, well respected "Super Coach" and nothing less, and we know that isn't going to happen.
  2. Hire a General Manager now. There are many contracts and signings that need dealt with. Al needs someone to help keep him from throwing money at the wrong people (see Javon Walker, Kwame Harris etc.). This will also allow Tom Cable to focus on who he wants not so much how to get them ($$).
  3. Re-sign Nnamdi Asomugha and Shane Lechler. These are two of the best players on the team if not in the whole NFL at their positions. They not only suit up every day and give 100 percent, they are also classy individuals in the face of adversity. Besides, how do you replace the best corner and punter in the game. No need to take a step backwards with the talent, or risk getting another DeAngelo Hall right?
  4. Replace the Defensive Coordinator Rob me of a win Ryan. His contract is up (thankfully) and it is time to bring in the right, aggressive, fly to the ball, blitz happy Defensive Coordinator available. With the list of NFL coaches that have been fired, placing the right guy on the Raiders defensive side should be e easy.
  5. Replace the Offensive Coordinator Greg Knapp. Hell, he was benched many games ago for his play calling. It is time to replace him with the right Offensive Coordinator. In this position we could also look at the many available NFL coaches that were fired from head coaching. Preferably, we could acquire one that is known for his quarterback coaching skills. Russell has a lot of talent, he just needs the right guidance and coaching.
  6. Let Tom Cable hire the new Offensive Line coach. Tom knows the zone blocking scheme very well and will choose the right person to fill the shoes he vacated when he was promoted to head coach.  

Let's face it, the Raiders need some new coaching personnel. The time is right to get the right people to lead this team.

The steps above not only build the Raiders smoothly but also avoid the tragedy of another head coaching change. They also allow Tom Cable to focus. Cable can focus on player attitude, shedding the losing stigma, getting back to "Raiders" style of football (can we get mean again.... PLEASE), and putting us back to the top of the AFC West.

As a matter of fact, can it get any better for the Raiders in the AFC West.

San Diegos' Norv Turner is retained as head coach.

Denvers' head coach Mike Shanahan is fired.

And Kansas Citys' head coach Herm Edwards is retained as head coach.

That my friends is all good news for the Raider Nation. If Al Davis could follow the six easy steps above, the 2009 Oakland Raiders would be a dominant, respected team once again. AMEN

The San Clemente Kid