Arsenal FC: Winners and Losers in the Major 2011 Transfers out

Blake HickmanContributor IIIDecember 18, 2011

Arsenal FC: Winners and Losers in the Major 2011 Transfers out

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    In the summer of 2011 Arsenal made five major permanent transfers out of the squad, with Gael Clichy, Emmanuel Eboue, Samir Nasri, Armand Traore and Cesc Fabregas all leaving.

    Within this article we will rate the transfers of these players and decide who the major winners and losers in Arsenal’s 2011 transfers out are.

Gael Clichy

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    Gael Clichy left Arsenal in the summer of 2011 to join Manchester City, a team about whom he had formerly made the comment that “I really believe if you are a player who thinks only about money then you could end up at Manchester City.”

    For Manchester City this season, Clichy has made 11 league and seven cup appearances for the current Premier League leaders, picking up a yellow and a red card. Splitting time at left back with Aleksandar Kolarav, he has been a decent signing for Manchester City, and at only $7 million for his transfer, he would seem a bargain by City’s standards.

    Andre Santos, the player signed to replace Clichy for Arsenal, would seem to be a solid signing for Arsenal. Santos is developing every match and is much more productive on the attack than Gael Clichy ever was, though he is worse on defense than Clichy.

    Winner—Draw: Gael Clichy has done well for Manchester City, but Andre Santos has also done well for Arsenal. So neither team comes out on top.

Emmanuel Eboue

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    The humorous Ivorian jokester was brought to Arsenal to replace fellow African right-back Lauren, though he himself was soon sharing time at the right-back slot with Bacary Sagna and was eventually relegated to the bench as Sagna improved with each season and Eboue’s defensive shortcomings were revealed. 

    Emmanuel Eboue made the move to Turkish side Galatasaray in an attempt to find more consistent playing time. With Galatasaray, Eboue has made 13 appearances and scored two goals this season.

    His replacement as second-string right-back for Arsenal is the talented young Finnish right-back Carl Jenkinson, who was thrust into the spotlight at Arsenal earlier than expected following an injury to starter Bacary Sagna. Jenkinson has done well, though, and was showing improvement with each match before also picking up an injury.

    Winner—Arsenal: Eboue was a bit part player and had fallen out of both the managers' and the Arsenal fans' favor before being sold off to the Turkish league. His replacement is young and talented enough to develop and learn under Bacary Sagna before eventually replacing him.

Samir Nasri

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    The talented French midfielder left Arsenal for Manchester City for around £25 million after refusing to sign a new contract with Arsenal. On the back of his first truly outstanding season for Arsenal, Samir Nasri immediately sought to move on and use Arsenal as a stepping stone.

    Having played 17 total matches for Manchester City this season, he has scored three goals and made six assists. He currently has been a bit of a bench player as Coach Roberto Mancini has found it hard to fit Nasri into his starting 11 and has stated about Nasri that “I would like him to play better because he is a top player. His mind at the moment—his confidence—is maybe not very good.”

    Gervinho was signed for around £10 million by Arsenal as Nasri’s replacement on the left wing of the Arsenal attack. Gervinho has played in 19 matches for Arsenal, scoring three goals with seven assists so far this season.

    Winner—Arsenal: Arsenal made around £15 million on the deal with Samir Nasri leaving for £25 million and Gervinho coming in for only £10 million. Unlike Nasri having failed to lock down a starting-11 spot with Manchester City, Gervinho is the undisputed starter on the left wing of Arsenal. With the same number of goals as Nasri and an extra assist to his credit, Gervinho looks to be the more productive signing.

Armand Traore

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    Signed by Queen’s Park Rangers from Arsenal, Armand Traore was the third-choice left-back for Arsenal. After an unsuccessful loan spell with Juventus and a series of poor performances for Arsenal, Traore was moved off to QPR.

    While a player with great potential, Traore had few opportunities with Arsenal since Gael Clichy and Kieran Gibbs were ahead of him in the pecking order.  Having made 11 appearances for QPR this season, Traore finally seems to have found a home.

    Winner—Draw: A third-string bit player for Arsenal, they got rid of some dead weight while Queen’s Park has received a decent left-back to help them attempt to stay in the Premier League.

Cesc Fabregas

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    The subject of one of the longest transfer sagas in world football, Cesc Fabregas, one of the best central midfielders in the world, finally transferred to his hometown club FC Barcelona for a fee of £29 million in the summer transfer window of 2011.

    This transfer came after Cesc Fabregas had spent eight years playing for Arsenal. He was a fan favorite throughout his time at Arsenal, and though he left earlier than most Gunners’ fans would have wanted, he did not depart on bad terms, having made over 300 appearances for Arsenal.

    He has had a flying start to his FC Barcelona career, scoring 10 goals and making six assists. His replacement at Arsenal has been fellow Spaniard Mikel Arteta who arrived for around £10 million. With three goals and two assists, Arteta has been a good signing for the Arsenal midfield, but he is no Fabregas.

    Winner—FC Barcelona: Arsenal may have made a great financial profit on the Cesc Fabregas deal, having bought him from Barcelona for £2 million and selling him back to Barcelona for nearly £30 million, but they are the clear loser in this situation with a great player just entering his prime leaving for a European rival.

    Mikel Arteta is a good player and Aaron Ramsey may step up into the Fabregas role, but no player can replace Cesc Fabregas.